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Restore Clarendon Numbering to the UCLA Football Uniforms!


The vast majority of the thousands of dedicated UCLA football are all in agreement that we want to see the Clarendon font used on all UCLA football uniforms. Aesthetically, they are superior to the generic block numbering witnessed on almost every college football uniform. Clarendon is unique to UCLA, and pays a tasteful homage to the great UCLA football teams of the past. UCLA football has positioned itself for what promises to be years of unprecedented success. Through Jim Mora and his tireless staff, we've been exposed to levels of excellence that have been absent from the UCLA football program for quite some time. The most important aspect of the "BruinRevolution" has been the arrival of limitless expectations and in only his second season Jim Mora has the coaching staff, players, and fans focused on not accepting anything less than a national championship #OPERATIONNATTY--a championship that would be our first since the Heisman trophy winning Gary Beban led Bruins in 1954. And if you are dead-set on accomplishing the games ultimate prize and capturing what UCLA football was able to in 1954, then why not implement the same Clarendon font used by the team that won the Bruins first and only football national championship to date? What was the only football uniform to sell-out at the UCLA student store and online retailers last season? None other than the universally beloved "L.A. Nights" uni's that happened to feature the sexy Clarendon font. Clarendon is UCLA football heritage and making the switch back should be a no-brainer, especially considering that Coach Jim Mora tweeted his love for the font championed by thousands of UCLA football fans.

My extremely UCLA biased bracket...


Yes, this is the opposite mentality that the NCAA committee has towards our Bruins. However, Bruinsnation needs to set aside their differences of opinions towards the coaching staff, athletic department, and players, and rally behind the fact that we all share the same passion for UCLA basketball and desperately want them to succeed! This bracket represents the kind of possessed self-delusion we need to make a surprise run at banner number twelve. Yes, the NCAA and the national media has treated us as outsiders, but let's use it as fuel and channel it to become OUTLIERS! Yes, there has only been 3 #6 seeds to advance to the final four, with only one winning it all (1988 Kansas Jayhawks). But, come on. Don't let the low seed fool you. This team has a #1 seed star in Shabazz! For the next couple of weeks (hopefully) let us unite Bruin fans and then worry about the postseason itinerary when it arrives. We are going to need excessive 8claps for these 6wins people! Go Bruins.



C'mon Bruinsnation. I get most of my Bruin fix on BRO (would strongly recommend subscribing), but I thought someone would have posted these. C'mon Bruinsnation! Any info anyone?

PHOTOS: From Our Student Store - A Glimpse of UCLA's Alternate Football Unis

Firstly, I have no doubt that the authentic on-field version of the uniform is going to look sharp; however, the replica's sold in the store are probably the lowest quality jersey I have ever seen...

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