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Being a Jaguar fan is the most important thing in my life. Kind of pathetic, huh?

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The Jaguars Best Offseason

The Jaguars have had good offseasons and bad offseasons, as well. Which was the best ever? The player acquisitions in 1996 transformed the team into a four-year playoff contender. Could it happen again?


Jaguars Fan Bracket

The JagsFan Bracket of Jaguars twitter accounts was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. AND PEOPLE LOVED IT! It started as a joke and a dare and turned into something kind of big....

Jaguars Hall of Shame

I wish Gregg Williams was never associated with the Jaguars. Wait, there's a whole team of these guys?

Jaguars Mailbag with Darth Vader

Darth Vader answers questions about his favorite NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In memoriam: Jacksonville Jaguars 2013

"We lost many talented football players this season, and Jeremy Mincey." We remember... Music: "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn (1942)

A Golden Opportunity for the Jaguars

This game won't be competitive. That's what the odds-makers tell you, at least. Don't believe it. There will be competition on that field Sunday and it could make a big difference for the Jaguars.


Jaguars: Happy Thoughts

via Things were feeling pretty down around Duval today. A lot of negativity. So much in fact that this happened: You guys broke @DownerJagFan #Jaguars — Thomas...


The Jaguars lost 28 - 2. It doesn't matter. This is Duval. Music: Duval, Duval (feat. Thrill da Player & Bonafide from Grits)


Song of the JagWhyer: A Poem

This one is inspired by Edna S. Vincent Millay's poem Thursday. Song of the JagWhyer by DownerJagFan And if I loved you Sunday, Well, what is that to you? I do not love you...

Chiefs vs Jaguars: Off the Field

These teams took different paths to the 2013 NFL season. Sunday's game will highlight the contrasting philosophies of there organizations.


Buy Your Shield!

You can do this Jaguars fans. Make a dream become a reality. Carpe diem. This is your chance. All I want is to see something in Everbank Field that exists NOWHERE ELSE! Back in the spring, when...

Shad Khan Believes in Jacksonville

Some people don't want to believe that Jaguars owner Shad Khan is committed to the city of Jacksonville. Here's why I believe in Khan.

Fight Card! Preseason Week 1: Jaguars vs Dolphins


This fight card for Friday's game is perfect for Shark Week. (via @banditref )

Jaguars Preseason: 5 Things I will NOT Learn

We all want to watch the preseason games, but don't expect to learn much.

We Are the Old-Timers

What do Jaguars things have to be proud of? A lot. We've seen it all. No I mean really. We've seen everything.

Jaguars Selling Hope

The fans are excited about this Jaguars team again without much on-the-field evidence to back it up. What's providing the hope?

Jaguars Quarterback Controversy? ...Meh

Nobody really cares who wins the Jaguars' quarterback battle, do they?

VIDEO: Shad Khan, Super Owner

"The man of the hour / Has an air of great power / The dudes have envied him for so long."


Shahid Khan

The Jaguars announcement of renovations to EverBank Field this week was met with great excitement. Shad Khan drops millions more on the stadium, is working in concert with city leadership, and...

I'm sensitive and you're wrong

Just because I'm sensitive doesn't mean that you are not wrong about the Jaguars.


The Metamorphosis

I guess I'm a sucker for a challenge. Looking through the comments on the BCC story Jaguars Claim Mike Kafka, I saw the following from JPQ!: I hope DownerJag's next literary post is a Jaguar...

Redefining the Jaguars

Think about your favorite plays in Jaguars history. Did you list any pass plays? For too long, the Jaguars have been defined as a boring team a great running backs. With Cecil Shorts III developing into a big-play receiver, that is changing.

Jaxson DeVille Goes Hard


I caught Jaxson DeVille doing a keg stand at the Bold City Brigade & Boselli Foundation charity event at Intuition Ale Works on 6/1/13.

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