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A little known fact about the State of Nebraska- if you're raised there, you cannot leave without pledging lifelong allegiance to the Big Red. The only clause out of this rule is that if you choose to fly another team's flag, your first born must attend UNL.
I had grown up a Raiders fan (10 years sober of that mess) thanks in large part to my boyhood sports idol, Bo Jackson, but when I left for Australia in 2004 I took a 3 year hiatus to become a rugby league fan. When I returned in 2007 to find a sissified NFL, I was fed up with the ineptness of the Silver and Black. Besides, all hope of getting Chuckie back was gone. The Lions got my attention by drafting Suh, and I became a Lions fan when my worlds collided with 2 other team captains (Raiola & Vanden Bosch) being former Huskers.
Mine was one of the first few hockey families in Nebraska. I grew up thinking having your Grandparents host Junior A players was just something everyone did when they got old, and watched my parents valiantly attempt to start a team of our own. I was a fan of all the Midwestern NHL teams- Blackhawks, Blues, Northstars; and as a young sports fan read an SI article on rookie sensation Sergei Federov that got me interested in the Red Wings. Eventually the Stars moved to Dallas, the Hawks traded away my favorite players, and the Wings stepped up to give me a team I could consistently cheer for.
I helped my sister land a job in their Marketing department by devouring the media guide they'd sent her and quizzing her on the way to her interview, and in 2001 she repaid me by giving me the peak sporting experience a fan could have ever wanted: Hanging with the future Stanley Cup winning team in the training room as a sports chiropractic intern, breathing the same golden air as a roster that included Dominik Hasek, Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille, Chris Chelios, Sergei Fedorov, Igor Larionov, Nicklas Lidstrom, Brendan Shanahan, Steve Yzerman, Pavel Datsyuk in his rookie season (who couldn't speak a lick of English), Tomas Holmstrom, Darren McCarty, Kirk Maltby, Uwe Krupp and legendary coach Scotty Bowman in his final year behind the Red Wings' bench. The first person I saw in the locker room was Chelios, whose number I wore growing up. He offered his hand and said "Hi, my name is Chris."
Mind-blowing about sums it up.

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User Blog

Glad we didn't get Whiz after this on Mike & Mike


I was listening to Whisenhunt this morning on Mike and Mike explain what he's planning on doing to Jake Locker, and I'm suddenly very grateful he's not coaching Stafford. Essentially his philosophy is to figure out what a QB likes to do, then set the offense up around it. This is, IMO, exactly the opposite of what Stafford needs. He's been doing what he likes the last 4 years- gunslinging and focusing on CJ to bail him out. I was pretty shocked Whiz didn't say "focus on fundamentals." He also let out why Caldwell was the better hire; Whiz didn't prep for any of his interviews, and Caldwell studied the whole book before coming up to Detroit. If it's a question of who is hungrier, I think we got the right guy.

Fairley, Willy Young, & Peanut fined; Suh spared


I certainly didn't see that coming. Willie Young gets fined for his 2-point conversion hit, Nick Fairley gets docked for the takedown that set Howie's boy off, and Peanut Tillman gets an envelope for his facemask on CJ. But for some reason the league let Suh off on the sack that mistakenly earned Willie Young the facemask penalty. I guess you can't officially credit a sack after a game, and then turn around and fine a guy for it? It's equally strange because actually highlighted it as a big play (I'm not linking to the video on purpose, because I don't think it deserves to get any more traffic than it already has; google the players and the penalty, and it should come up). Maybe there's a sea change happening in the league, after all? I also saw Clay Matthews racked up his 2nd fine of the season for a hit on a QB, which for some reason makes me happy.

Howie Long: If I played today, I would either be Suh or Watt.


With all the BS surrounding Suh's fines, the man I consider one of the GOAT D-lineman says his play compares the best with either Ndamukong Suh or JJ Watt. Not sure if the commenter is actually THE Herman Moore, but the quote is pretty epic: "Howie Long was legendary for the abuse he inflicted on opposing linemen and QBs. Younger fans may find it hard to believe, but that mild-mannered fellow in the commentators chair was a monster on the field, as feared in his day as Ndamukong Suh and JJ Watt. He would be fined nearly every game in today's NFL."


Suh's $100k Fine Appeal: Over/Under

I'm really not a betting man- mostly because I always lose. But I felt it would be interesting to use this post as a way to watch what the Shield was doling out as punishments for similar and...

The Day We Cemented the Sanchize Legacy


Looks like that ankle will put Geno Smith out for a while.


Nightmare: Stafford traded to Jets

If this didn't tell me to take a break from POD... Last night I had a dream that Lions President Tom Lewand stood at the podium and told the media that it was true- part of the contract extension...

Looks like Avril's going to get a shot to start


Clemons is down, Irvin just got suspended 4 games.

Anwar: Kevin Smith not optimistic about playing time


Interesting article, but my sense is that it's been heavily spun. We only have to go back to last season to remember why we need depth at RB, and Kevin Smith has always known his role.


Tales of Epic Fandom

Pride of Detroit readers share their tales of epic fandom.

DET @ JAX TIX On Sale This Morning


Got my tix, it's going to be November... who's looking to escape the 20's and do some tailgating?

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