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Why Derrick Rose Will Repeat As League MVP

This upcoming season (assuming their is one) might be Derrick Rose's best chance to win a back to back Most Valuable Player award while still playing in an era of 'in their prime' LeBron James and...


Western Conference Finals: Game 2 Sauce

     So in my absence a strange thing developed here in BaB; everyone starting hating Russell Westbrook. And to be honest, I do not quite get it.      Sure, he looks like of like a beaver and a...


NBA Playoffs Thread 05/13/11; It's all about Sam Young!

     Memphis Grizzlies basketball in May? You got it! So get your General Greivis Vasquez jerseys ready and get ready reminisce about your favorite Darrell Arthur moment! You know you love Z-Bo;...


Around the NBA Thread 04/06; Don't Fear the Deer. They Suck.

     Yep, no need to rely on these hornless hosers who visit South Beach to take on the absolutely, positively clutch LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Fortunately we also have the tie breaker in...


Around the NBA Thread 04/03; The Race For... Well, Everything!

     A couple of weeks ago no one would have thought that the first overall seed would be on the line. Well, it is! Despite a Monday setback against the Sixers, the Bulls are doing their part and...


Around the NBA Thread 03/27; The Road to #1 Continues

     Good morning! Are you still on Cloud 9 after that epic Derrick Rose 4th quarter performance? I know you are. I am too. Still, other teams relevant to the top spot in the East play tonight as...


Around the NBA Thread 03/23; Memphis at Boston, Miami at Detroit

     As Bulls fandom approaches a fever pitch, we are reminded that the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference is not just dependent on Chicago victories (though it is the most important part.) The...


Around the NBA Thread 03/20; Sizing Up the Competition for JL3 and El Pargo!

     Yep, they are back. Mr. Free Throw and Mr. Brick Shot are back in the Red and Black. So which teams will give this dynamic backcourt duo the most trouble? Well...      If they have to deal...


Around the NBA Thread 03/19; Good Games on Tap plus Celtics vs. Hornets

     This has been one of the laziest Saturday's I've ever had. Between watching Gintama and studying Chinese I've surfed the web and just lied in bed all day. Now I'm watching the Clippers host...

Asik Gets It... Except When He Doesn't Want To


"With us, he's been fine. His teammates understand him, he understands us. Except, sometimes with criticism he doesn't understand. But everything else he understands." Genius.


Around the NBA Thread 03/16; The Unofficial Pacers v. Celtics Game Thread!

     Seeing as their is no 'E' in 'Rajon Rondo' there will be no opportunity to type and E with a 3 when he makes a 3-point shot. Of course, he will not be making any 3 point shots to begin with so...


Around the NBA Thread 03/08; No More Tears in Miami

      I took yesterday off and found myself watching 'Problem Child' on Encore not once, but twice. I've always been a fan of John Ritter and any show or movie starring a devilish child is fun to...


Around the NBA Thread 03/05; 3OT... thriller?

Yes, I say 'thriller?' with that question mark because no one really cares about what New Jersey and Toronto are doing. Still, triple over time is always exciting. Demar DeRozan is really starting...


Around the NBA Thread 02/27; OKC vs. Lakers, Heat vs. Knicks

This Melo/Amar'e Sunday Conversation looks worse than pulling teeth. I love how the union of a potential #7 seed is worth having a conversation about. Of course, it is New York and blah blah blah....


Around the NBA Thread 02/25; The Battle for L.A.

In a land dominated by the fake Michael Jordan, a young, redheaded weirdo returned from a serious knee injury and showed the world what the slam dunk is all about. The City of Angels will never be...


Around the NBA Thread 02/16; Don't Think We'll Be Closing the Gap Today

With Miami visiting the Raptors and Boston hosting New Jersey I imagine the Bulls will be 2.5 back heading into tomorrow potential NBA Finals matchup (yeah, I said it!) against the Spurs. So all we...

(+ESPN too) CBSSports.com: Contenders and Pretenders for East and MVP


Update: http://espn.go.com/nba/notebook/_/page/Awards-110215/nba-awards-watch First is the MVP discussion. Here is the East picture: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/22748484/27518923 Hooray for Bulls love!


Around the NBA Thread 02/14; Can the Lakers Soften Up Charlotte?

Let's hope that is not even necessary. It's not like the Bobcats just whipped Chicago; and if I am not mistaken the second lost was without both Boozer and Noah. Things will be different this time...


Around the NBA Thread 2/13; Boston, Miami, JVG and Mark Jackson

Kill me, kill me now. I woke up only 10 minutes ago and both JVG and Mark Jackson are killing me. They are sucking the life from this game. Not that I am excited about seeing LeRod face off against...


Around the NBA Thread 02/11; Golden Children, Past and Present

They are not facing one another and neither are exactly All-Star caliber players (in our minds) but both are in action tonight. Who am I talking about? I think you know who. Last year's Golden...


Around the NBA Thread 02/10; Boston vs. L.A. blah blah blah

If you're not a Laker fan, Celtics fan or self-proclaimed basketball purist then this is probably not as interesting as the media would like it to be. And why should it be? The Lakers don't want to...


Around the NBA Thread 02/05; 2 hours before game time.

So let's talk NBA. Wall is fast but out of control. Looks like he just got hurt in an unrelated fashion though... and it looked really bad. Sometimes when it looks bad it ends up being not so bad,...


The NBA All-Star Game Draft!

Because I do not not watch hockey (nor will I ever seeing as I think it's the worst professional sport this country has) I was unaware that they actually did an All-Star Game draft featuring...


Around the NBA Thread 1/30; The NBA on ABC Returns

Unfortunately we all get the pleasure of enduring 101 KG quotes and interviews. I remember when I used to like him back when he was in Minnesota. Then he went to Boston and everyone got to find out...

Rose getting Woj'ed... in a good way though.


Nice Rose-praising article by Adrian Wojnarowski, courtesy of Yahoo! sports. I knew Woj missed trashing James. :)


Around the NBA Thread 01/02/11; Watch NBA Or Griffin Will Dunk On Your Newborn Child!

Much like he just did on the Oop from Davis. Oh no! We missed the Landry Fields show! I guess it's not really worth mentioning but the Bulls are now up 8 in the division. I know I know, it probably...


Around the NBA Thread 12/29; 22 teams in action, but the Bulls MUST play on Holidays.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's? If they have to play on Valentine's Day too I might just cry. Well, putting that aside, Blake the Quake gets his chance to posterize Memo (I...

Rose Doesn't Feel the Mystique of the Garden


Everything he says is just right to me. :) Courtesy ESPNChicago's Nick Friedell.


Around the NBA Thread 12/5; Point Guards, Blake the Quake and You Know Who In N.Y.!

I'm mostly making this because I'm bored of the same ol' Bulls arguments currently going on in multiple threads but also because there is some nice action going on. A pretty healthy Oklahoma City...


Around the NBA Thread 11/30; Landry Fields in ACTION!!

Rondo strikes back against the Cavs, Iggy vs. Roy (sounds almost like a court case) Howard eats Wallace for lunch and of course... LANDRY FIELDS!!!! He's the next Golden Boy Nico Batum, after all. ...

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