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The crux of the matter

"Anger is fine. It's apathy that proves fatal. The NBA still doesn't get it. It's a popular product, but it isn't a passionate one. If it's around, fine. But take it away and watch how quickly folks realize how easily they can live without it. It's because the NBA is more about the star than the sport." This is exactly how I feel. I miss basketball right now because I believe that there's something special to Love, Rubio, and Williams and I want to see it. Having said that, it's not like the NBA ever really 'owns' the sports landscape until after New Year's (after football) and before March Madness. Football owns the fall and weekends, baseball the spring and summer, and the NBA whatever gaps are left over. Perhaps that's why a few high profile NBA players seem intent on disrupting negotiations until they get what they want - it's about them afterall, and not the sport.

Wolves add stats guy to FO


I'm hearing Adelman's son R.J. is not going to be an assistant coach, but rather a player personnel guy who will bring a lot of the same statistical analysis -- the same kind of stuff featured in the new film Moneyball (but without Brad Pitt) -- to the process that the Rockets use under their GM, Daryl Morey. So rejoice, you basketball geeks who clamored for the Wolves to hire Rockets VP of basketball ops Sam Hinkie from Morey's staff instead of David Kahn two-plus years ago! ...Anyway, for those of you were skeptical that Rick Adelman would ever take this job and wondered on the blog what role he'd have in player personnel decisions if he really did...well, here's your answer.


Guess who will be playing a lot?

(Well, when they finally start playing, but I digress)   The answer? Anthony Tolliver. Reasons below the fold.


Sneakily important...

I know some will say this should be a fanshot, but I think it's important. What is discussed below highlights one of the ways in which the NBA lockout greatly differs from the NFL lockout. The NBA,...

Adelman's staff


From JerryZ: Rick Adelman hasn't arrived in Minnesota yet, but his coaching staff is starting to take shape: Portland assistant Bill Bayno is expected to join him with the Wolves. Bayno, 49, is a former UNLV and Loyola Marymount head coach who was a longtime assistant for John Calipari at Massachusetts and has served two stints as a scout, player personnel coach and assistant coach for the Trail Blazers.

Zach Harper on Rick Adelman, Wolves


... So why did Rick come to Minnesota? The prevailing notion throughout this entire coaching search process has been Adelman wanting to coach a contender. Including the Jazz and Bobcats who changed coaches in the middle of last season only to hire their full-time coach going forward at that time, there have been nine head coaching changes recently. The other seven teams are the Wolves, Pistons, Warriors, Rockets, Raptors, Pacers and Lakers. Of the coaching positions that were available, only the Lakers were contenders looking for a new head coach. For whatever reason, the Lakers and Adelman never got serious with each other and Rick seemed intent on waiting out a year and seeing if any other title contending teams would become available to him and allow him to go after that elusive cap to a Hall of Fame career. So why come to arguably the worst team in the NBA from last season? Are he and Kevin Love so close that he felt like this was the way to potentially end his career? Is the money simply too good to pass up? Does he love Nikola Pekovic’s quirks as much as we do? Is Rubio’s hair that hypnotizing? Maybe the answer is yes to all of these questions, but maybe the answer lies a little closer to what transpired 1900 miles away in the late 1990s...

On Flynn; Adelman on Beasley?

From the Rockets' SB blog: "Of the four draft busts of 2009 on this roster (Thabeet, Hill, Williams, Flynn) which do you think has the greatest chance of turning it around? Tom: Shocker alert to all of the T-Will apologists, but something tells me it's going to be Flynn... ...The Kurt Rambis experiment in Minnesota was a disaster, and perhaps nobody was hurt by the stint more than Flynn. He's not built for the triangle offense. That's been his story since his rookie season. I don't know if Houston is going to be where he makes his mark, but if given the opportunity, I think he's got a chance to be a very good backup, if not a capable starter down the road. He was a winner in college from the get-go and possesses a knack for scoring and playmaking. Perhaps the same can be said for Williams, but the difference is that Flynn's a guy whom you can point to and say, "I know exactly what I want him to do for me in this lineup." He has a defined role. Those types of players last longer in the league. You know what you're getting right away. On top of that, with Flynn, you don't have to re-arrange your approach the minute he takes the floor." And does this apply to Beasley? "Bear with me - this is an admittedly weird analogy. If you take your hands and face them towards each other horizontally, it's easy to slide the fingers of one hand in between the fingers of the other. I view Terrence Williams' talent and makeup as two separate hands, each consisting of really nice, yet uneven fingers that simply bump into each other when attempting to mesh together. Williams can do plenty of everything, but his skillsets don't match up. He can pass, but he's not a point guard. He's got good size for a shooting guard, but he can't shoot. He is explosive and athletic, but at the wrong times. For now, he is role-less: the easiest way for him to produce at this point would be for him to land on a bad team in need of a dominant ballhandler. Houston isn't one of those teams. We'll see if Williams can work his way into the rotation with a new coach, but I have a hunch that Rick Adelman called this one from the beginning. There's no denying the talent; it's the role-filling ability that is the issue. You can't go from zero to hero as a ballhander: if he can't be effective without dominating the ball, he won't have a chance. Beasley's obviously a little different than Terrence Williams as a player, but the question of a misfit between talent and makeup leading to no clearly defined role? That sounds more true than less true. If Adelman is coach, my prediction now is that the best five are going to start, regardless of where they were picked.

What really matters

Hey gang, A lot of wind being expelled lately by myself and others over whether Kahn is a doofus, whether Rambis is an incompetent nayboob, and so on and so forth. A ton of media members,...

An argument as simple as the man it's panning

He said he wants his next coach to encourage an "up-tempo'' style of play. That is silly, because last year Rambis' Timberwolves ranked first in the NBA in pace of play, according to ESPN's John Hollinger, and demonstrated what happens when a poor team plays fast. It loses 65 games. - Jim Souhan [This team is not as 'poor' as Souhan suggests, but it was that poorly coached. Consider: Playing fast doesn't mean you can't win: http://bkref.com/tiny/ZbVpp Playing slow is no better predictor: http://bkref.com/tiny/ouwXj One thing that is true is that defense (http://bkref.com/tiny/S77tF) matters more to winning than offense...or does it? (http://bkref.com/tiny/8gCd7)

Interesting take on Rambis and Kahn


I don't typically expect to read this from mainstream media, but there's a lot more to this story than what we've been told (Rambis is the victim here). An excerpt: Still, Kahn wasn't 100-percent sure he wanted to fire Rambis. What he wanted was for the coach to come to the realization that he needed to change. The young Wolves needed more positive input. They needed a leader with a little fire. They needed to see a guy in their corner willing to go to the mat for them during basketball games. So Kahn asked Rambis to perform a written exercise. Maybe you could even call it a homework assignment. He asked Rambis to put down on paper how he planned to do things differently in 2011-2012. What will he change? How will his approach differ? This is when the real trouble started. This request was made on a Monday. Kahn asked that the report be turned in that Friday so he could digest it over the weekend. Friday came and went. So did the next Friday and the next. Kahn called to inquire as to the whereabouts of the report. He got a: Yeah, it's coming. While there was an uproar over Rambis "twisting in the wind," Kahn was waiting on the report to see if Rambis was in any way salvageable. Eventually, the document arrived. I don't know what it said, but clearly it didn't change anyone's mind. It if had, Rambis would have received that vote of confidence.


Reason for hope

Sometimes you come across some info that really sums things up nicely. Let me present something I found that does just that. Why it gives me hope for next year follows. Last year... ...we were not...

Position versatility when you're winning

I thought this was interesting. When you're winning, versatility becomes a reason why you're going to be good. When you're losing (like us), it becomes a reason why you'll never turn the corner. Maybe the 'truth' lies somewhere in the middle - you need talent to win, both on the court and on the bench (players and coaches). "Last Thursday night, however, Jackson's surprising selection sparked so much confusion that it clouded most of our minds and prevented many of us from being able to make sense of how Jackson fits. "Jackson, the 6-foot-3 point guard out of Boston College, originally was viewed as a replacement to current backup Eric Maynor. That notion was quickly shot down by team management. And the more you think about it the more sense it makes. "Because Jackson's game is much closer to Westbrook's than Maynor's. "Call up any Internet clip of Jackson, and you'll see him soaring through the air for highlight dunks, flying through the lane for rebounds point guards have no business getting and virtually getting to any spot he wants on the court. "Sound familiar? "But even Thunder GM Sam Presti's stated motive for selecting Jackson seemed to be only a surface level explanation. Presti talked about how Jackson adds depth to the program. How his skills, given ample time and development, could really benefit the team."

Box? What Box? - or Kahn don't know sh#t about drafting

This post has a very precise origin: This is the first time in the Wolves' draft history they own a pick as high as No. 2. Even with Kahn's drafting record -- seven first-round picks and little...

Rubio arriving in Minnesota


Wow. Cannot remember the last time a MN sports figure arrived with so much fanfare...oh wait, Favre last year. But seriously, when's the last time there's been this much interest in a Wolves player?


Box? What Box - or "The Mighty Ducks weren't the Mighty Ducks because they had Lebron"

  First off, mad props to vj for the Rubio write-up. That's some national caliber writing and analysis. Seriously. We are very fortunate to have such high level fan contributions on this site. I...


Box? What Box - or "I hope Ricky didn't get Darko'd"

Hey party people, It's that time again. I've been thinking about the Wolves, bummed out by how big of a mess they are, and all in all seeking to look at my views of them in different lights that...

McHale to coach Rockets?


The Houston Chronicle's web site is reporting that former Timberwolves coach and general manager Kevin McHale has been offered the Houston Rockets' head coaching job. McHale was chosen over Boston assistant Lawrence Frank and Dallas assistant Dwane Casey, another former Wolves head coach, after meeting with Rockets owner Leslie Alexander on Wednesday to complete the interview process, according to chron.com.


Box? What Box - or "Mein POBO! I can walk!"

I've got my evil, mad scientist hat on today when considering the Wolves, twisting my usual thinking around and asking myself, 'What if we decided to build around Michael Beasley?' Well, what if we...


Why not?

Here's the question I'm wondering why we're not talking about more: "Why aren't we drafting Derrick Williams?"


Dr. Wolfenstein's Monster

via www.solarnavigator.net   CHAPTER ONE: My dear friends, perhaps it is fitting that I am writing this on Easter - the day of resurrection. I myself am no stranger to resurrection, having...

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