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Fangraphs has some very nice things to say about the Myers/Shields trade


This specifically: "That said, they got so much future value back that it’s impossible to not like this deal for Tampa Bay, and there’s a strong chance that Myers will end the season as their starting right fielder anyway. They have the starting pitching depth to survive Shields’ loss, and getting a premium young hitting prospect like Myers for two years of a pitcher who was starting to price himself out of their budget was a huge win for Tampa. When you add in Odorizzi and the two lottery tickets, this is the kind of trade that should allow the Rays to remain competitive for several more years, and that justifies the present day downgrade."

MLB Power Rankings

Tony Reagins: Look, I gotta be honest with you, the Vernon Wells trade didn't work out like we had hoped. Now Bourjos is hurt ... it's a mess. What are you looking to get in return for Francoeur and Melky? Dayton Moore: Not for sale! Tony Reagins: Oh, come on. Just one of them. We have prospects. There's this 20-year-old kid who was just up. Fast as the wind. Name is Mike Tr ... Dayton Moore: Not for sale! Nosiree! Can't do it! They're really, really good! Tony Reagins: I wasn't saying our prospects for both of those guys. What about just one of them, you pick which one? Dayton Moore: Not for sale! Can't do it! Tony Reagins: Look, anything you want! Look over the rosters! Anything! Dayton Moore: Not for sale! Well, unless you have a catcher to trade. Jeff Mathis? What about Jeff Mathis? Tony Reagins: Now you're just mocking me. Forget it. I thought we could work something out, and you're being an ass. Dayton Moore: Next time don't call up and ask for my best players, and I won't ask for yours!
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