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"I love this place.....I've got a spot already picked out where I want 'em to put me when I die - up there on that ole hill near the stadium. I want to be there so I can hear all them people cheering my Tigers on Saturdays…then I won't have to go Heaven; I'll already be there." -Frank Howard

Ban the Woohoo, burn the purple unis, and no mopeds for football players.

Clemson Alum '03
Ph.D. - LSU 2009

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User Blog

Big Boy Football: Roster Management 2014

A lot of people are going to react poorly to articles on this subject because they feel that anyone who chooses Clemson should be given his four years to play and make a difference, or that...

Dabo is John Cooper

If you don't want to see an article that is unpleasant, you better stop reading.

Tigers Cruise to 10th Win Over Citadel

Not a whole lot to say about a game that was hardly more than a glorified scrimmage and a tuneup before Sakerlina. Clemson punted on the first drive and took care of business thereafter on Senior...

GameThread: The Citadel @ Clemson

It'll be the last day in the Valley for several guys, hopefully they'll go out with a loud bang and we can play backups for most of this game in preparation for next week against the Chickens. I...

Game Film Review: Georgia Tech


Veer pitches are basically the belly option. ESPN Play-by-play CU at 35 - IZ for 12..ZR keep for 5...Quick pass to Bryant for 8...Boyd threw an Out, Sammy never broke...QB draw for 9...QB Power...


For 2.5 quarters the defense played really well and the offense lit up the GT secondary to build a lead that the Bumblebees could not surmount and the Tigers finished off the ACC schedule with a...

GameThread: Ga Tech @ Clemson

Stopping the triple is never easy, and its a true test of how disciplined the defense has become. We've gone over how to handle the option here many times. Rule 1: Stop the Dive. Rule 2: Hit the...

Clemson Announces James Clements as President

By a unanimous vote, the Board approved West Virginia's President James Clements as our own next University President, replacing James Barker. Clements has been the WVU President since 2009 and is...

Game Film Review: Virginia


Not going to do a full PBP on the defensive side later in this game, because we really tightened up during the 2nd quarter. Also not going garbage time with the backup offense. ESPN play-by-play C...

Tigers Devour Virginia 59-10

The Tigers were shaky for about 1.5 quarters but took care of business against the fighting Pergolas. Anytime you put up 90 plays and 600+ yards of offense and hold the other team to 10 points is a...

GameThread: Clemson vs The White Meat

Virginia has stepped up their recruiting according to the services, but when I watched them this week I didn't see much aside from some TEs and the LBs and one DE Eli Harold. The QB has potential...

Game Film Review: Maryland


Clemson's defense did a pretty good job today so I see no need to give the same depth on each play, so I'll just comment on longer drives or good/bad plays. ESPN Play-by-play MD at 19 - Couple of...

Clemson Releases Facility Renderings

Note that these are pre-concept approvals, not the finished renderings. The first on deck is the Tiger Field renovation and expansion behind the 1st base side of the stadium, which we've already...

Lackluster Performance in College Park

You'd think 40-27 with a ton of yards would mean that this team played well. Stats lie, we didn't.

GameThread: Clemson @ Maryland

We'll see if this team wants to improve and get better today.

Tigers Fail Midterm Exam

I called this a midterm exam, and we flunked it. People will say we "pulled a Clemson" and that is not true, we weren't favored tonight and this is a good football team we faced. We just made too...

Board Approves Rebuild of Littlejohn

Clemson will be redoing our basketball facility for the '16-17 season.

Game Film Review: Boston College @ Clemson


ESPN Play-by-Play CU from 25 - My film misses the first 4 plays thanks to Texas. WR screen to AH for 7...IZ for 1...Direct snap to Hot Rod on IZ for 1...4th & 1, Power for 2. They stop that...

Defense Saves Tigers against BC

Clemson escaped. We played like hot garbage and still won, and both Chad Morris and Robbie Caldwell should walk over and kiss Brent Venables for saving any hope of a national title. The biggest...

GameThread: Boston College @ Clemson

Judging from what I've seen on BC, they look like a team that's adjusting to a new coaching staff. They're up and down every week, but they are getting better as a team. Realistically I think they...

Game Film Review: Syracuse


We review the tape on how the Tigers trounce the Orangemen pretty damn soundly.

OL Patrick DeStefano Forced to Give up Football

Clemson Redshirt Freshman Patrick DeStefano, from Dorman HS in Spartanburg, has given up football due to a nerve issue in his shoulder. The reserve lineman has had this issue for several years now,...

Tigers Curbstomp Orangemen

Turns out the heat did kill one team in the Dome today, and Scott Shafer more than anyone else.

GameThread: Clemson @ Syracuse

The only way Clemson loses is if we beat ourselves. Cuse doesn't have much talent anywhere on the roster. I'm hoping to see The Chad force the run game more today and continued improvement from...

Combo Forward Donte Grantham Commits to Clemson

3/4-player Donte Grantham (6'8 200), from Hargrave Military, committed to Clemson today over Michigan, giving Brad Brownell his best commitment since coming to Clemson University. His lead...

The Brat: Chronicling the Rise of Steve Spurrier


This one and part 2, linked at the bottom, are worth the read.

Game Film Review: Wake Forest @ Clemson


Obviously there is no need for a full review on this one, we dominated them and I don't do much with garbage time, and especially not with this color commentary guy. He makes me want to scream...

Steve Spurrier Completely Toasted on his Coach's Show


I'm an expert on being drunk, this man is sloshed.

Tigers Dominate Deacs 56-7

Finally a game where we looked something like what we should today in Tigertown. Clemson jumped up quickly and aside from a set of drives in the late 1st/early 2nd we looked good on offense. The...

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