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Kennedy on 2013 ROY candidates - early, I know ------- Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers...

Kennedy on 2013 ROY candidates - early, I know ------- Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers – Lillard exploded onto the scene in Las Vegas, averaging a league-high 26.5 points along with 5.3 assists and four rebounds. He was by far the most impressive rookie and showed how he was able to climb draft boards and make executives fall in love with his game over the last year. Lillard was able to score at will in college and summer league despite the fact that defenses were sending double teams at him and gameplanning to slow him down. In Portland, he’ll be playing alongside veterans like LaMarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum, which should shift attention away from him and allow him to be more of a facilitator. The Blazers have made it clear that Lillard will start for them and they see him as their point guard of the future. Sometimes this award goes to the player who gets the most minutes and has the ball in his hands the most. This year, that player is Lillard and if his performance in Las Vegas was any indication, he’ll make the Rookie of the Year race interesting. Alex Kennedy on 20123 ROY candidates

Someone may get Stiemsma from C's, out from under MN.

I really doubt it's us, but with it would be a bit amusing for us to stick it to MN again... "Restricted free-agent center Greg Stiemsma has received an offer from a new suitor, according to a league source. The Celtics extended a $1.05 million qualifying offer to Stiemsma before the free-agency period, while the Timberwolves have expressed consistent interest in the 6-foot-11 big man this offseason. But while Stiemsma's camp awaits an offer sheet from Minnesota, it appears a third team has entered the fray. "

"Yeah, I'm opting out," Crawford told "After talking with my agent, it was a no-brainer....

"Yeah, I'm opting out," Crawford told "After talking with my agent, it was a no-brainer. The whole plan all along was to secure a one-year deal so I could hit the market again this offseason.

Article: Blazers embrace options potential plethora of picks provide

A nice article by Scott Howard-Cooper. "The May 30 lottery will be a moment of great clarity. First, the Blazers will find out the availability of the Nets pick acquired in the Wallace deal. If it lands fourth or lower, the Trail Blazers take possession. If it's in the top three, New Jersey retains the selection, it moves to top-two protected in 2013, protected only for No. 1 in 2014 and unprotected after that."

Wow, D'Antoni resigns?

Blazers site says Oden out for the rest of the '11-'12 season

Guess he had ANOTHER microfracture surgery "Initially, Greg was undergoing a procedure similar to the one he had a couple of weeks ago to have debris cleared from his right knee," said Acting General Manager Chad Buchanan. "However, once the doctors were inside Greg's left knee, they unfortunately found articular surface damage and determined microfracture was necessary."

AWoj: Aldridge an All Star

"Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge has been selected to the Western Conference All-Star team, league sources tell Y!"

Jaynes tribute to Duckworth

I thought this was fitting with the current Smackdown involving Duck.

Austin Link of writes about teams that would benefit from a shortened season on...

Austin Link of writes about teams that would benefit from a shortened season on ESPN Insider. -------------------------- The Trail Blazers are a solid team that challenged the eventual champion Mavericks in the first round of the 2011 playoffs. Yet they haven't yet lived up to the promise they showed a few years ago, largely because of injury trouble. There's no guarantee that the Blazers will get both Oden and Brandon Roy fully healthy, but if they do, they could become an elite team. Portland was also home to probably the best historical analogy here: Bill Walton. Walton got healthy for just under two seasons, and gave the Blazers an NBA championship during that time. Unfortunately his healthy stint ended 60 games into his second season, taking the Blazers' hopes of a repeat with it. In a shorter season, though, 60 games might have been enough for Walton to win Portland another ring. -------------------------- Link also writes that Blazers center Greg Oden would have "just about a 5 percent chance" of making it through an 82 game season without injury while he would have "conservatively" a 16 percent chance of making it through a 50 game season. Obviously, Oden is not on schedule to play an 82-game season. ed: bumped to front page, note added. -- Ben

Jaynes posts a video of how to stop Nowitzki

Pretty good break down of the game. The secret to stopping Dirk starts at about the 3 minute mark. Basically - Let him shoot from the left side, shoot over his left shoulder. Here's the direct video on YouTube.

Quick: Brandon Roy In Behind the Locker Room Door

Jason Quick of The Oregonian with a behind the scenes look at Brandon Roy's big Thursday from start to finish... ----------------------- This wasn't the first time Roy and I have been down this road. Earlier this season in Memphis, he vented about the makeup of the team, essentially calling out Andre Miller as a bad fit. It resulted in McMillan calling me the next day to hear the entire interview, and finally, it resulted in Roy apologizing to the team in, of all places, Dallas. So on Tuesday, when Roy let loose, he knew what he was doing. I think there is a certain trust factor that has developed over the years. "After I said it, I was like, 'Oh, that's probably going to be a big deal tomorrow,'" Roy admitted Friday. "Maybe even halfway through saying it. But I was like, all right, well, I've already said this much. But I knew pretty quickly that it was going to be a big deal. "But sometimes great things come out of difficult situations," Roy said. "It was a difficult situation, but after saying it, it was like, I can't change it, but now the hope is to look back and say, 'Wow, we did this after that.' And that's kind of the goal and hope that the mentality of the team is like, OK it was tough, there was some adversity, but let's try to make something good out of it." ----------------------- ed: bumped to front page

Channing Frye endorses Brandon on Twitter


Hoops & Hops mini Beer-fest at the RG tonight.

Anyone going to the Hoops & Hops beer event, pre-game? It's in the little pub before the game, where Cucina Cucina used to be. $10 for ten tickets for STH, $15 for ten tickets otherwise.  If you...

Hahn - Knicks unlikely to get Rudy

Rudy is in New York tonight, just not on the team he was looking for. Hahn says a few things implying Paul Allen is being stubborn about keeping Rudy - that he said no to a deal this summer.

Quick: Roy wants the ball a lot more

Don't know if Miller was interviewed on the same day, but there is a quote from Andre. Sorry if this is a repost. Didn't see it.

NBA issues Warning, RE: CP3

"NBA says penalties for any contact w/Paul or reps about trade NOT authorized by Hornets could include loss of picks/fines up to $5 million " Just filed to NBA issues memo warning all teams about illegal contact w/Hornets guard Chris Paul or his reps. Link forthcoming -Marc Stein, ESPN, Twitter. UPDATE: Article on ESPN UPDATE #2: Ken Berger article about too little, too late.

Cho article by Brian Smith

Some of it is the same old stuff, but they do mention the things Nate and Cho have in their past.... The one thing I wonder about....what was the deal for a "big name" that made Nate notice Cho?

Jazz Press Conference for Bell

Looks like it's official, Matthews is not being matched.

Marc Stein: Salary Cap Number Is $58.04 Million

Officially salary cap number is $58,044,000, up from $57.7 million last season. Luxury tax line rises to $70.3 million, up from $69.9 million. ----------------------------------- Note: Cap number is roughly $2 million above projections. Blazers remain well over the cap and are in the vicinity of the luxury tax line. The team's mid-level exception will reportedly be worth $5.77 million. This announcement gives motivated buyers like Miami even more money to play with. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

Berger at CBS, RE: Ferry

Ferry is expected to turn down the chance to be the GM here.

Thunder's Brooks named COY

Macmillan came in 3rd with nine 1st place, nine 2nd place, and 35 3rd place votes.

Tribune: Pendergraph a "quality kid"

Nice article. KP even manages to squeeze in a 'culture' reference.

Tribune: Enjoy Rudy while you can

Probably not much of a surprise, but Rudy reportedly wants out. Whether via trade or buyout, he is not happy with his role. Reading thru the article, one of his main gripes is with Nate.

Penn fired without cause - Columbian article

From Brian Smith at the Columbian. Interesting. It contradicts the 'philosophical differences' reason. Penn will still be paid by the team.

Iverson to retire?

Yeah, its Stephen A Smith saying it, but still..... wonder how long that'll last?

Miller article on Yahoo

And so it starts. It's not much, but there's a bit if griping. Sorry if it's been posted. I did a quick search and didn't find it up already.

Quick Chat at O-Live

Pretty much what you would expect, but it still was fun to listen to.

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