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Hey Dave, Do you sell shirts with "Do your job" on them? Sean Payton's last words to team. I think...


Hey Dave, Do you sell shirts with "Do your job" on them? Sean Payton's last words to team. I think it might be the teams subtle way of saying "free Payton".

King Roger leaves Saints in his wake


Looks like more and more people are outraged by the NFL's injustice system. My Opinion: I don't know if the Saints players are guilty or not, but I want them to keep fighting. This system of oppression can not stand, must not stand. So I say Keep fighting, not not go gently into that good night.

NFL Exit Strategy for Saints Bountygate Mess?


Lawyer Steph Stradley raises some concerns about NFL management / mismanagement. "As a fan of the NFL, I am concerned with the procedures the NFL uses to choose particular discipline. If they use a flawed and arbitrary punishment/investigation method as it relates to the Saints, the NFL can do this to any team for whatever their pet issue du jour is."

Something a little uplifting


Something a little uplifting

New York Times: Video Is a Key Piece of Evidence in the Saints’ Bounty Scandal


"It’s just unfathomable to me that the N.F.L. would simply rely on their naked eye and their ears to determine if a player has said something," Smith said in a telephone interview Thursday. Smith hired a voice recognition expert to review and analyze the sentence. Smith said the expert had concluded that the harmonics of Hargrove’s voice did not match the voice on the tape, that Hargrove’s lips had not been visible and that the first word was not "Bobby" but instead the result of a player and coach talking at once. "No one can say beyond doubt that it’s Anthony Hargrove speaking," Smith said.

NFL uses delay tactics, Vilma left waiting for "PHASE 2"


Today, in a bold move, the commander and chief of the NFL decided to do nothing. Which irked our own Jonathan Vilma, who had been waiting all day to pounce on Commissar Goodell like a bum on a bologna sandwich. Which led to Jonathan taking to the twitters; "What's this guy waiting on? Make your ruling so we can get on with phase 2 already," Vilma wrote. Now what exactly is phase 2? best answer wins a cookie.

Malcolm Jenkins beaten on route by high schooler at camp


The NFL took the tweets from Harper and made a story out of it.


Motown Vs. The Cresent City (music)

Both of our cities have a rich music history, and are known worldwide for their music. In 2009 the New Orleans Saints fans and local artists exploded with numerous songs about the Saints. Some good...


Will Herring placed on IR

Sean Payton just announced in press conference that Will Herring was placed on IR.

I know this is a little old, but it made me LMFAO.


I know this is a little old, but it made me LMFAO.

'Dirt bags' is how Giants' Tuck describes Falcons' O-linemen


Let the mud slinging begin! Hey wait a minute, I thought the Saints were supposed to be the dirty team of the NFC South. I guess Tuck didn't get the memo. I hope the Falcons crush the Giants, we are the only ones that get to call them dirty. I consider the Falcons like a little brother to the Saints. A retarded little brother, but a brother none the less.

Esquire: The Paradox of the National Team


contrast of New Orleans vs. Atlanta by a Falcon "fan".

Payton: Drew Brees to start Sunday


"Our plan, we're playing it full speed ahead," Payton said. "I'm not announcing the starters but that's the plan,’’ Payton said. Maybe Pat Y. is jumping the gun.

2010 Chris Ivory highlights. I'm getting pumped waiting for the game Sunday, hoping to see Ivory...


2010 Chris Ivory highlights. I'm getting pumped waiting for the game Sunday, hoping to see Ivory running out the clock.


Three Words for Oakheart

In celebration of OakHeart, Bacardi's new spiced rum, we hereby introduce the OakHeart Challenge. Come up with the perfect three-word toast for Bacardi's newest creation, "Like" Bacardi on ...

Defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin's deal with New Orleans Saints was worth $4 million


Franklin's deal is worth a total of $4 million, including a $2.75 million signing bonus and a $1.25 million salary. Someone asked me on NN what the deal was when the Saints signed him, sorry it took so long to find out.

Saints pay inside out on O-line


While our o-line is grabbing headlines, ESPN gets in on the act. Nice read, but nothing most Saints fans didn't already know.

Room for Thomas in Saints' backfield


Meh, I don't like this. How can they draw this conclusion? "Pierre Thomas started the Saints' first preseason game, but he was outperformed by first-round pick Mark Ingram, who is well on his way to locking up the job as the featured back." Mark Ingram had 1, count em 1 good run against 2nd and 3rd stringers, of a team that is probably going to be a front runner in the Luck sweepstakes. He dropped a pass that had the audacity to hit him in the hands. Meh.

NT Johnson getting shot in nickle package


DT Tom Johnson said the Saints are trusting him by putting him in the nickel packages with the first team. "(DC Gregg) Williams is one of the most honest coaches I’ve ever seen," he said. "If you couldn’t do it, he’s not going to play you."

NFL Head Coaches Ratings Week 1 - National Football League - ESPN


Check out the approval ratings for all the NFL head coaches and vote too.

Darrelle Revis reaches agreement with New York Jets - ESPN New York


After a seven-month stalemate often marked by acrimony, the New York Jets and holdout cornerback Darrelle Revis agreed in principle Sunday night on a new contract, the team announced early Monday morning.

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