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What's The Problem With The Leafs' PK? (Part 1)

Comparing the Leafs' penalty kill with a statistical equivalent in Minnesota's penalty kill. How is one successful and the other awful?

DET/TOR Winter Classic Confirmed


Bob McKenzie revealed tonight that the DET/TOR Winter Classic (and thus 24/7) is being finalized and will be officially announced in the near future.


Is Hitting Leaving The Game?

Brian Burke lamented the death of hitting in today's press conference about Colton Orr's waiving. Is he right?

Super Shot Search


Commenter theninjagreg over at Pension Plan Puppets has updated his Super Shot Search app, allowing users to create charts of the shots against a particular goalie. I figured this would be interesting to fans of Gabe's work. The link here is to Tim Thomas' chart from last season. Have at it!


The Curious Case Of Dan Bylsma And Michel Therrien

I don't recall who, but one of the hockey stats guys recently made a remark on Twitter that went along the lines of "Who was the last coach to be fired with a high PDO?" The idea behind that...


Measuring Puck Possession - vs New York Rangers - 05/12/11

This post marks the conclusion of my real-time Puck Possession tracking series. I intended to do it for 10 games, and I've now finished the 10 game stretch, so I think I'm going to wrap it up to...


Measuring Puck Possession - vs Boston - 30/11/11 & 03/12/2011

The latest installment of my puck possession series here at Pension Plan Puppets looks at the two games the Toronto Maple Leafs played against the Boston Bruins this week. The Leafs fared pretty...


Measuring Puck Possession - vs Anaheim - 27/11/11

Continuing my series measuring puck possession in the offensive zone, I've now compiled the numbers for Toronto's game against the Anaheim [Mighty] Ducks from last night. If you're not familiar...


Measuring Puck Possession - vs Washington & Tampa Bay - 19/11/11 & 22-11-2011

Time of possession stats for the Leafs' 7-1 routs of Washington and Tampa Bay


Measuring Puck Possession - vs Nashville - 17/11/11

Tracking time of possession in the Leafs-Predators game and comparing it to Fenwick and Corsi.


Measuring Puck Possession - Leafs vs Coyotes

A one game experiment in tracking whether Corsi and Fenwick track along with time of possession on attack.


Giving a Value to Fronting

The Maple Leafs' defence has come under a lot of criticism lately for "fronting".  Fronting is a defensive strategy where the defencemen will stand in front of forwards, attempting to block shots...


Fantasy Hockey thread

Since there seems to be a fair number of people around here who want to join a fantasy hockey league, I figured I'd go ahead and make one.  Before I go ahead and do that, though, I figured I might...


Hockey Is Deterministic And Luck-Based

The topic of "luck" in hockey comes up fairly frequently when we discuss that sport, and any time it does it is subject to various forms of criticism. I've also personally used the term "natural...


Uneven Divisions Produce Uneven Results

A number of sources have indicated that the NHL may be switching to a 4 division, 2 conference set-up starting in the 2012-2013 hockey season.  This would almost certainly results in two 8 team...


An Expanded Look At "First Liners"

Jonathan Willis' recent post on what kind of point totals we should expect out of first liners has generated a lot of discussion.  Willis asserts that 50-60 points is an average amount for a first...


MGK - Who Leads Whom?

How does the MacArthur - Grabovski - Kulemin line fit together?


Money Per Minute: How Efficient Are Leaf Salaries?

One of the ways that we try to determine player value in relation to how good or efficient a player's contract is, is to calculate how much money a player was spent per point of production that we...


Can the Leafs find a better 1C than Grabbo?

  There's long been an assertion in Leafland that our team needs to add a #1 centre. Early in the year, when Tyler Bozak was an unproven rookie playing alongside Phil Kessel and Kris Versteeg, and...


How Does Our Top 6 Stack Up?

Steve Burtch often talks about how good the Leafs top forwards are, and I don't remember the comment exactly, but something he said in the Dustin Brown/Kulemin thread yesterday got me thinking,...


Should the Leafs worry about bonuses?

How does the bonus system work and what impact will it have on Tyler Bozak, Luke Schenn, and Carl Gunnarsson.


What production can we expect from Kadri

I've been wondering lately what level of production we might reasonably be able to expect out of Nazem Kadri in the next couple of years.  The expection since he's been drafted seems to have been...


How Important Is Drafting?

It seems like we get dragged down in a lot of talk about how important lottery picks and ELCs are, but I think we mostly agree that it's pretty difficult to plan around those.  So I decided to look...

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