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Masters 45+ for road and cross, expert for mb, living outside of Boston.

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Cafe Bookshelf: History of Le Tour in bite sized bits

Title: Blazing Saddles: The Cruel and Unusual History of the Tour de FranceAuthor: Matt RendellPublisher: Velo PressYear: 2010Pages: 304Order: HEREWhat is it? A short history of every TDF through...


5 quick observances from Stage 3

(All made while folding laundry)


Who else LOVES their PdC gear?

Although I received my stuff from Mark last week, work and my existing kit rotation kept me from debuting the official PdC bibs and short sleeved jersey until last night. And what a fine night it...


New Women's Team

How can you not like Team Peanut Butter & Co?


If you could be any type of rider......

what kind would you be? For the purpose of the discussion, these are the rules (and yes, this isn't Nam Smokey, there are rules):  You can assume the persona of a pro cyclist, but not a specific...


My new favorite rider

NYT has a great article about Danny MacAskill. Who you say? This guy. And before you even start the article, I'd recommend watching the video.


Looking for a good LBS in West LA

That's Los Angeles, not Louisiana. Anyhoo, got a friend of a friend who is looking for a jack of all trades bike that he can start riding with his daughter, and eventually in the woods and...


Looking for a part

I need an Ultegra rear deraulier for my cross bike, as I crashed in my last race this morning and put mine into the spokes. Not a pretty sight. On the upside, offseason started 20 minutes early. A...


Friday O/T

Today's Topic - Movie roles


A working class Pro's view of Cyclocross

I wish this story had gone deeper into his training and preparation, but you get the gist. A true picture of someone racing for love over money.

Vuelta Final TT Live Thread Ctd.


Jens falling down on the job.....again


Kohl's Manager confirms bribing doping labs

Well, it's definitely a good way to find out what the limits are.


Urgent Part Need! Any and all suggestions welcome.

  My 9 speed Shimano DA rear shifter recently gave up the ghost and I need a replacement. At some point this winter I'll be getting a new shifter groupo, most likely SRAM. But for the next 3-4...

Tour Stage 3, Live Thread #3


Pay attention people!


I have a strong feeling how Versus coverage is going to go

I just went to set up my DVR for the Tour and what should greet me? Until approximately 2am EST tomorrow, Vs has something Lance related every hour on the hour. For the next 8 hours it might as...


So who's having the better Giro: Basso or Armstrong?

On one side you have a 31 yr old formerly suspended Giro champ, who's sitting in 5th place, 3.19 off the pace, but who has looked frisky at times over the last 3-4 stages. On the other you have a...

Giro d'Italia Stage 14 - 2nd Live Thread


Wander over whenever you feel like it or we hit 300 on the old post. Whichever.

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad... LIVE!! Thread 1


I am wide awake, fully caffeinated, and ready to rock. Consider the following as today's prologue. I defy you to watch it and not get even more excited than you already were.

ToC Stage 5 Live Thread


ATOC stage 5 live!


I love the ToC.....but,

There are a few things that have been irritating me since the start that I have to get off my chest 1) The first half of Saturday's show being dedicated to Lance. I don't have a problem...


Cyclocross Worlds - Elite Men's results

Today was the Niels Albert Show. After letting the Dutch set the pace for half a lap, Albert lit things up and only Zdenek Stybar of the Czech Republic tried to latch on. He got close (8 seconds)...


My Bike Riding Minister

Full disclosure - I am not a church goer nor particularly religious. I know it works for a lot of people and I'm totally cool with that, I'm just not one of them. When I was getting married 5 years...

Christmas Eve Open Thread - Talk amongst yourselves


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Kwanza to all. If I've left out any holidays just chime in. Personally all I want for Christmas is the ability to reference and watch (on-line of course)...


Because YOU asked for it

Ok, that's a lie. A couple of people (Jens and Nikki) asked for some cross pictures from a race I did at the end of September, and since it was rainy, muddy, and my wife was good enough to attend...


World Cup Cross Coverage

Cycling.TV is finally working like it's supposed to, meaning I'm actually able to view it. Today's WC race is from Pijnacker, Holland. The women just finshed up, with German Hanka Kupfernagel...

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