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Great Article

Just thought I'd give a link to a great read over on the MLive site: Should spark some intriguing chatter....   D...


Postcards from the Presser

Just listened to Schwartz's Monday morning presser on the Lion's website this afternoon and came away with a few interesting impressions.... Schwartz really seems to like Jeff Backus a lot.  He...


"Pick" Your Preference

Okay, so this might be a one-sided discussion, but is there anyone out there who would rather see the Lions get a win on Sunday versus have a shot at the number one overall pick for a second year...


Merry Christmas from DrewsLions

Not to take away from JCruize's nice message, but I too wanted to give a quick shout out to all my fellow PODers and give my best to you and your families during this holiday season. In a strange...


Lions Go Incognito?

Anyone got any thoughts on Richie Incognito, the C/G that was just cut by the St.Louis Rams today?  No doubt the guy is a bit of a headcase and was voted by The Sporting News as the 'dirtiest...

The Monday Morning Microscope: Week 14


As for yesterday's game between the Detroit Lions and Baltimore Raves... three words... "What - a - mess!"

The Monday Morning Microscope: Week 13


There’s four games left in the season for the Detroit Lions. We will have another 10+ loss season written down in the annuls of Lion’s history and another top 5 draft pick on the way to further...

The Monday Morning Microscope: Week 9


Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks - Monday Morning Microscope. Thoughts about the game.

Monday Morning Telescope: Week 8


The Detroit Lions vs St. Louis Rams and the blackout policy - not a good combination

Identity Crisis?


We saw some steady progress through the first few weeks, but the Packer's game left a big gash under an already black eye and the bye week has given the wound two weeks to fester. Knowing what we...

The Monday Morning Microscope: Week 6


The Detroit Lions lost to a good team, on the road with a lot of good players not on the field. It was a brutal and deadly cocktail right from the start. To be honest, it could have been (and maybe...

The Monday Morning Microscope: Week 5


After all, take away some of the stupid mistakes and we could have stolen one from the champs. That win would've put the new-look Lions back on the map. More about the Lions and the Steelers....

The Monday Morning Microscope: Week 4


So back to reality, eh? The Detroit Lions started by giving us one of their best offensive halves of football yesterday, but then followed it up with one of the worst second half collapses we've...

The Monday Morning Microscope: Week 3


The Detroit Lions win. As I've read through this morning's local and national articles about the Lions' win, there is one underlying theme: this win felt just as good for the players as it did for...


Star Wars: The Lions Strike Back

I posted this in one of the other threads, but I thought I'd put it all together for a quick laugh.  Think Star Wars and the Yoda / Luke scene....   Annoyed at the opeing game loss, Luke looks...

Lions Reach Sellout, Avoid Blackout


The Lions have sold out Sunday's 1pm game against the Minnesota Vikings. The Lions had until 1pm today to meet the deadline. At this point, I'm unclear if a sponsor actually stepped in and bailed...

They Are Who We Thought They Were


The comments I've read since the Detroit Lions' game have been quite disheartening to say the least. Because I think we all need a dose of positivity today, I will tackle the bad first and end with...

Perfect Situation


The Lions are just looking for a little respectability, while the Saints are looking for a Super Bowl ring. So when I ask myself how well the New Orleans game sets up Stafford for his NFL start, I...

Lions Make Final Cuts, Establish 53-Man Roster


The Lions have officially submitted and released their 53-man roster. I think most of these come as no surprise, but here is a list of the 22 players that did not make the final roster:

Pre-Official 53 Man Roster Cuts - Discussion Thread #1


Here's a front-page thread for you guys to discuss the rumor-mill with regards to todays cuts.  Either myself or Sean will be posting an official thread once the cuts are announced on the main site...


MLive Picking Up Where We Left Off

Killer Kowalski and Sean Baligian had it out over Stafford versus Culpepper on ESPN 96.1 FM today.  It got very heated... worth a listen (it's in the second half of the interview).  I actually...


See You At The Home Opener, Boys!

So I got my tickets to the home opener against the Vikings this morning!  Can't wait to see the Lions drill Brett Favre's 90 year old tush into the field turf and get their first win since the end...

Supposed Stafford Infatuation Junkie


Stafford is capable of starting this year. Will he make mistakes? You betcha. Will some of them be really bad ones? Absolutely. Is Daunte Culpepper a better quarterback at this moment in time?...

Detroit Lions vs. Cleveland Browns: Play-by-Play Analysis


Play-by-play breakdown of the Lions' second preseason game.

Tempering Expectations


There's got to be a silver lining, right? Last night's horrendous loss to Cleveland has to have some positive side to it, doesn't it? I think it does. I think it's a reminder to us all that this...


Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons: Play-by-Play Analysis

I went into this weekend thinking that after the game I just wanted to post a quick recap and give my general thoughts on the Lions versus the Falcons. So with that in mind, I grabbed a pen and...


Quick Thoughts

As I'm sitting here watching the Steelers-Cardinals game, computer in lap of course, a bunch of random thoughts are running through my mind.  Thought I'd share....

Lovin’ the Gun


There is one person in particular that we've brought on board that I am very excited about. I'm excited because I think he is exactly what the Detroit Lions need right here, right now. I don't know...

New Approach, Same Results?


Regardinf the optimism of the articles about the Detroit Lions this year, I was feeling déjà vu. I've read all of these articles before... last year. And you know what? I read them the year before...

2008 – A Retrospective


Disclaimer:  No, no, no.  I am not going to rehash the Lion's 2008 season for you.  No one needs that sort of misery brought into their lives.  Not with the dawn of a new season bringing a little...

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