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Look Forward, But Remember the Past


The Lions are steeped in tradition, just like most other storied franchises out there. Problem is, most of that tradition we would all assume leave behind. The new staff, Schwartz and Mayhew more specifically, has talked at length about wanting to move or look forward and not to dwell on the past.

Best Case or Worst Case = Basket Case


The Lions of 2009 could be anywhere from a true-blue contender to a bona-fide joke. Where you think we might fall into place within that very wide margin is simply a guess based on your personal views of the off-season moves. Truth be told, this is probably the most unpredictable team put forth in Lions history.

"Madden"-ing Time of Year


Disclaimer:  I'll personally concede that this isn't my greatest literary work, but it's tough coming up with relevant material during the doldrums of July.  So the disclaimer here is that I'll try...

Stafford on NFL Total Access Tonight


I know this is late notice, but Matt Stafford will be an in-studio guest on NFL Total Access on the NFL Network tonight at 7:00pm.  Replay of the program is at 10:00pm. Quick add-on...  Here's a l...


Primary Concerns for the Secondary

My primary concern for the 2009 Lions (at least defensively) is the shape of the secondary. A close second for me would be the defensive line, and to be fair, I feel that the line's pressure (or lack thereof) directly affects the secondary.

Prisco's Take on Lions' QB Race


This story is probably not for those of you in Culpepper's corner, but an interesting read nonetheless. Full article from here

Character Dynamics and Dynamic Characters


At the risk of sounding annually redundant, I'd like to start by making the statement: there is something different and special about this year's Detroit Lions. Many of us sense it.

Taking Notice


Its seems that we are not the only ones taking notice of the changes that have taken place this year at Allen Park. Pat Kirwan wrote an optimistic piece over on, praising Jim Schwartz among other things.

Foote to Visit Lions Wednesday


Per the Free Press, it appears that Larry Foote will indeed meet with the Lions on Wednesday


Mocking the Mockers *2nd Post*

I thought I would re-post this piece that I wrote in early February that I alluded to in the fanpost under this one.  With so many new faces on the site since then, I thought it might be a good...


Post-Draft Perspective

Now that we've all had a few hours to digest the rollercoaster ride that was the 2009 draft, I'd like to offer up my perspective on the Lion's draft.  Like most of you, I thought many of these...

Not All Losses Are Created Equal


We Lions fans have been subjected to more than our fair share of losses over the years.  You'd think that we would be used to losing by now.  But some losses are much tougher than others.  From the...


State up at the half

I'm sure some of you are watching the Mich St. game as well. If not... State up by 2 at the half!

When The Going Gets Tough…


Does the lack of Lion's free agent signing really tell the whole story? Mayhew's approach finally appears to be the right one.

When The Clock Strikes Midnight


The next several days will be extremely telling with respect to the draft and the overall make-up of the 2009 roster. How free agency will change the look of the draft.


The Fantasy Life

Disclaimer:  This post is not for the faint of heart.  I put it in the fanpost section because it is VERY long and detailed, so if your not into those types of reads, don't read it.  Please... no...

Interesting Stats


Mike O'Hara had some interesting stats on his blog site that should help ease the minds of those who are overly concerned that the Lions will take a quarterback with the first overall pick.  He had...

Wild Card


What does Lion's management intend to do with Drew Stanton? Is he the wild card they are holding for leverage in the draft?

Mocking The Mockers


How much faith do you have in the "professional mock draftniks" out there? A fan's look at the misinformation floating around in the world of mock drafts.

O'Hara Endorsing Stafford?


In case you guys haven't seen this article by Mike O'Hara on his new site, where he is semi-promoting Matthew Stafford as the first overall pick.  He has some interesting comments on the other...


What Are Your Expectations?

Okay, so this has been a really bad year for us Lions fans.  Yeah, that’s probably an understatement.  It’s rock bottom and simply can’t get any worse.  But now we are on the cusp of the off-season...


Schwartz Is The Key

A lot of people seem to be up in arms over the recent hires to the Lion’s staff, with Cunningham and Slowik.  Both are viewed as has-beens and not mentioned in the same breath as terms like “fresh...


Quarterbacks: Front & (Under) Center

I can’t help but speculate at this time of year what the next season’s roster will look like.  Obviously, the quarterback position is on my mind.  Isn’t it always?  You guys probably think I’m a...


Bowles Meets The Media

Speaking on defense... Todd Bowles had a second interview and met with the media today.  Here's a snippet posted by Killer over at MLive... Bowles also said that he would like to change Detroit's...


Change Of Heart… Sort Of

Hopefully, you all got to sit and watch the excellent slate of divisional round games this weekend like I did.  There were some great matchups, huge upsets and some scintillating rematches.  As I...


Let’s Have It Out!

I figured I’d try to get everyone all riled up and let us all blow off a little steam here.  It’s been a long season and I think that we owe it to ourselves to use up a little of that pent up...


16 Points

Just a little tidbit... If the Lions give up 16 points to Green Bay on Sunday, they will move into second place all-time in the category of most points given up in a single season.  The '66 Giants...


What's A Fan To Do?

The proclamations are bold.  Some of you have already made them on this website.  People are swearing off the Lions for good this time.  With the recent news that Old Man Ford is keeping Mayhew,...


Football Talk

As I finished watching the Lions tie the '76 Bucs for the worst start to an NFL season, I was thinking how long it's been since I really got to "talk football".  Sure, we all have the typical water...


A Very Patriotic Scenario

We've beat the GM/Coach discussion into the ground already, but I couldn't help but stir the pot one more time.  If any of you have read some of my past posts, you know that I would love to see...

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