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Skippy's thoughts


Phil Anderson on Australian riders, how the Giro is better than the Tour, and the 'platinum jersey'.

Living and riding in LA


Interesting Global Mail article


Vacansoleil: it should be hard

Interesting article today in The Roar about the Tour Down Under's flat parcours. The author sat in the Vacansoleil team car and heard some of the following from Michel Cornelisse: If I designed...


Grinta appreciation post

There have been posts praising Thomas Voeckler and Jonathon Hivert in recent days, and no doubt now there will be several that praise the born-again attacking spirit of Andy Schleck, pulling one...

O/T: World Cup final sea-creature oracles


Paul the psychic octopus has had his turn. Fie on him. One of the Australian news sites decided to see what the result of the final will be. Other sea-creatures duly pressed into service. Entertaining, if stupid.

This is why it isn't funny to joke about knocking cyclists over


I'm sure it was a hell of a laugh at the time. Bloody hilarious. Just in jest, of course; nothing serious.

2010 World's course


I hadn't seen this posted, though it might have been in my time away. if so, apologies. If not, read on. Wade from Cycling Tips ( rides a lap of the 2010 course in Geelong with Koen de Kort, Kris de Tymmsy and Tiffany Cromwell, and films it. It might not be the sprinter's paradise it was forecast to be. Your thoughts welcome. PS. The site is excellent. There are some fantastic recent shots of the TDU, which I recommend you browse through, as well as other good articles.

O/T: Snow


For those who are feeling cold right now, this might brighten you up. A film, from 1963, all 7 1/2 minutes of it. I think it's brilliant.

O/T: Did someone say 'pie-eating competition'?


Controversy reigns in the world of pies. 'Twas ever thus.

Race radios: discuss. NY Velocity pro rider survey


The NY Velocity boys talk to Michael Barry, David Zabriskie, Mike Creed and Lucas Euser about race radios. Interesting read. And DZ is off the chain.


Why not me? Mikel Astarloza

Mikel, not Miguel.  Why not?   Why he will win Name a race that Mikel Astarloza has won… Can’t think of it? Exactly.  If ever there’s a fellow who’ll slip under the radar, he’s your man.  Like...

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