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PtR's 4th-Annual Academy Awards Photoshop Preview

Welcome to our nightmares, as DrumsInTheDeep plugs Spurs players into some of this year's Oscar-nominated films. The results will amaze, appall, and deeply weird you out.

Spurs Announce 2013-14 Preseason Schedule


Games against Moscow, Coach Bud, Dwight & the Rockets, and a re-match with the Heat that several players will probably skip highlight the Spurs' Preseason schedule.

Patty Mills Exercises Player Option, Will Return

Patty, and his towel waving, will be in San Antonio for at least one more year.

Luck Be A Manu Tonight: Game 7 Odds & Prop Bets


Want to make and/or lose some money? As always, Vegas is here to help.

ONE GAME MORE, by the Original Finals Cast

The cast of the 2013 Finals has a big group number before the final intermission, as the scene changes from St. Antoine to La Côte d'Miami

Game 3 Thread PART II: The Desolation of Gary Neal

"Revenge! Revenge! The Black Mamba is dead and where are his kin that dare seek revenge? The Great Grizzly Bear is dead, and I have eaten his people like wolf among sheep. And where are his...

Kawhi Leonard is the MAN OF STEAL

"He will look like you...but he is not one of you."

Being Gregg Popovich


Coming this Summer... Ever wanted to be the coach? Now you can.

De Colo Upset With Lack of Playing Time


Well, now Nando went and did it. In an interview with the French newspaper La Voix Du Nord, he had some...ahem...interesting things to say about his role at the very end of the bench.

Tim Duncan & Tony Parker Make All-NBA Teams!


Congratulations to Tim Duncan & Tony Parker, who made the All-NBA First and Second Teams, respectively! This is Duncan's 14th selection, and Parker's 3rd.

Tim Duncan makes NBA All-Defensive Second Team


Tim Duncan has just been voted to the 2012-13 NBA All-Defensive Second Team. It's not the first team, but it is *A* team.

J.R. Wilco Interviewed (Twice!)


Yesterday morning, our fearless leader was interviewed by WGEM, "The Tri-State Area's News Leader," on their sports radio program. He talks Spurs-Lakers and what their title chances look like. Give it a listen! Also, on the Data Viz Blog, there's a fantastic article called "Working as One: The San Antonio Spurs" that he gave a couple quotes to. You can find it here!


First Day Of The Playoffs: LOSER THREAD

Well, we made it. Not in one piece (Diaw was bitten by a rattlesnake, and Jack died of dysentery), but the NBA Playoffs are finally here! We've got a full slate of games today: 2:00 CT - ABC B...

PtR's 3rd annual Academy Awards photoshop previews

It's the 3rd annual edition of DrumsInTheDeep's Oscar preview! Who'll win? Who'll lose? Who'll get photoshopped into a hilarious and embarrassing picture from a studio's promotional image?

You Can Do Better, Spurs Coyote

In the actual final installment of this series, Drums discusses how the mascot is not exempt from blame for last season's meltdown.

Pounding the £: GamesThread Day 1

It's the London Olympic GamesThread, Day 1! Discuss the spectacle (and snappy wardrobes) of the Opening Ceremonies here with your fellow £'rs.

Favorite Olympic Moments

Drums takes us on a trip down memory lane to get us ready for the Summer Games.


Euro 2012 Loser Thread

(I don't know if this should be front-paged, but it might be better if all of you just Rec it so it can live forever in the sidebar.) This is just a shot in the dark, but I would guess that Soccer...

The No One Has a Heart for a Loser Thread Loser Thread

Worst Week Ever! Heat-Celtics play Game 5 tonight, if anyone cares. I don't. I'm watching John Carter on Blu Ray, which is fantastic. Talk about whatever you want here. Wallow in misery, dare to...

Fraternizing With The Enemy: DITD & Sherman Go One More Round

Fraternizing With The Enemy: Our ongoing conversation with WTLC leads us into an inevitable playoff matchup

The last NBA team that said to itself, "We're playing for something beyond just a title here" was...


The last NBA team that said to itself, "We're playing for something beyond just a title here" was the 2001 Lakers — the best Shaq/Kobe team, as well as the last time those two guys were fully invested in each other's success. It hasn't happened since. It's happening right now, it happened at Staples Center, and it's going to keep happening through next month's Finals (and yes, they're going to win, barring an injury).

Simmons has now totally bought into the Spurs...we take over the last section of his "Playoff Eclipse" Chronicle.

More from BSPN: 5 Q's about the Spurs


Seriously, don't read this. It'll just make you mad. HOW DOES GUTIERREZ CONTINUE TO HAVE A JOB?

Hollinger: Spurs' Success Starts at the Top (Insider)


Spurs are awesome, blah blah blah, and then... "Which takes us to the curious case of the league's Executive of the Year voting, won by the Pacers' Larry Bird. No disrespect to Larry Legend, who certainly has overseen a masterful rebuilding work by the Pacers, but the fact San Antonio's R.C. Buford didn't win is a joke. One wonders what league the NBA's general managers have been watching for the past decade, one in which Buford has yet to win the award. "Buford came in second this time, with 14 of the league's 30 GMs leaving him off their ballots entirely. Which means 14 of the league's 30 GMs are either jealous, morons, or both. You look at the ballots and wonder if these guys are following their own league."

Corcoran: Sorry, skeptics--these Spurs are legit


"This should not have happened. The San Antonio Spurs should not be the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. Not with a roster that is in full-on transition mode. Not with their best player taking quarters, halves and entire nights off – not in the figurative "he's getting lazy" way either, but in the literal "he's sitting on the bench in his warmups" way. It should not be happening as Manu Ginobili's bald spot expands like the hole in the ozone layer. We are all doomed, or at least the Spurs should be. And yet they are not. "

Thunder Q&A Part IV: Where Do We Go From Here?

Thunder Q&A Part IV: Where Do We Go From Here? DrumsInTheDeep & J.A. Sherman discuss seeding

Thomsen: Youth, depth spark Spurs' success

They're not old. They're not dull. They're not done. The Spurs are suddenly and surprisingly young. They're fun, which is even more surprising. And this June they may yet win their fifth championship in 14 years, which would be an amazing achievement of resilience and renewal. Oh really?

Thunder Q&A Part III: Mid-Season Pickups

Thunder Q&A Part III: Mid-Season Pickups

Stephen Jackson, addressing SA media in full for 1st time since trade, said he cried tears of joy...


Stephen Jackson, addressing SA media in full for 1st time since trade, said he cried tears of joy when informed he was headed back to Spurs. When asked if he can recapture magic from 2003: "It's not if I can. I have to... I’m going to be my normal self. I still make love to pressure."

Jeff McDonald, who knows from vivid mental images
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