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Why Graham is a tight end and it's bad for the NFL | from Dawgs by Nature.....A rebuttal (and local place for us CSCrs to discuss)

In the end, it was an argument over semantics not practicality. No. In the end it was an argument that tight ends in today's football are looked at as weapons in the passing game and whether or...

PS- Think the Saints nickle and dime? You're an idiot.


Somebody send this to any idiot (like ESPN,) who tries to suggest the Saints are some nickel and dimers. It's not exactly like JG isn't going to be the highest paid GE in football fairly soon.


WAG'ing the draft

WAG standing for wild ass guess. Anyway, I was replying to some comment on some article when I did what I tend to do at times....take something and go totally long-winded about it while also...

Kelvin Benjamin: DO NOT WANT(?)


I don't get how you'd think blowing off a potential employer during a job interview would be even remotely a good idea. Maybe it's best if Loomis and Payton are too tired to draft this guy.

Gerald McCoy is a good guy.


I feel kinda bad for him to have to play for some real trashbag scumbag coaches. I've never developed that division hate toward them that much. I like their fans. It's rare I run into a POS Bucs fan. I feel bad they have to deal with this. I remember seeing Tampa fan whining before the Bucs/Panthers (I'm almost positive but maybe it was Atlantis,) about the Saints flat out saying the Bucs were straight up playing dirty. As such, I hope that nameless generic homerific guy runs along this. And because you won't hear the pro's do it, I'll step in and say "We told you so...or in this case, your own stud DT is telling you just how prized unsportsmanship is to a Schiano Man." /preemptive response. Oh, the DL coach said it, not Schiano. Tell me again why you'd think such a control freak, who demands control of everything down to the thermostat and (and this kils me,) and how the building is to be cleaned, would let anyone on his staff express a single thought that Schiano wants him to?

I'm still gonna call this Satan's ###hole Stadium


Even if K-Y jelly eventually gets the naming rights.

Josh Freeman to the Vikes


Hey, he's better than Ponder or Cassel...right?

Anyone else think


Rob and Bobby are related?


The unofficial Mark Ingram complaints and grievances discussion. Rated NC-17

You know him, you likely hate him by now and chances are everyone has some venom to send to Alabam's first ever Heisman winner. On the other hand, maybe you blame the offensive line, who have been...


How exemptions to NFL PED policy work

There seems to be some confusion as to Federal law stating that employers can't penalize an employee for taking a medication prescribed by a doctor regardless of any employer ban of said...


Next idea to lift from PFT...

In the Dickerson vs. Beiber hilarity someone suggested after the Mt. Rushmore's were done, pick out each A-Team... Hannibal - Sean Payton, Face - Brees, Murdoch - Hartley and for BA....I so...

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