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Yet another example that the Chicago White Sox just don't get it.

Derrick Rose Says He "Had To Be Selfish"…and He’s Right


Here’s a story we all forgot about in the wake of the Aaron Hernandez mess. Remember Derrick Rose, and his knee injury? Remember how many people were on his case because he wouldn’t play even after doctors cleared him?

A Dubsism Breakdown of the Celtics’ Hiring Of Brad Stevens


A few weeks ago, when the Boston Celtics surprised the basketball world by hiring Butler University head coach Brad Stevens, a lot of people didn’t understand this move. That’s why we he here at Dubsism took some time to really dig into what happened here.

SBM Exclusive Feature – Tales of Depression and Sorrow: The Chicago Cubs


Face it Twins' fans...there are teams out there who have it worse...

SBM Exclusive Feature: What We Know Now – Ten Things Soccer Needs To Do To Gain Popularity in America


Now that we are into the off-season for the "real" soccer leagues, it is time to give the American Major League Soccer some tips so it can actually become a "major" league.

The 2013 Dubsism All-Star Break Baseball "Sucks/Doesn’t Suck" Rankings


For me, the All-Star break has always represented the "far turn" in the horse race that is the Major League Baseball season. This is the point when general managers acting as jockeys must decide whether they are contenders or pretenders; whether to go to the whip (trade for talent to augment a "stretch run") or "wait for next year" (have a fire sale). Not to mention, this another great opportunity to see how wrong we really were from the pre-season predictions. And let’s be honest…we were wrong on a lot of stuff.

Before We Get Carried Away…The Miami Heat Are Not The NBA’s Newest Dynasty


Despite what ESPN would like you to think, the Miami Heat are not a dynasty, and they likely won't last long enough to become one.

Dubsism’s 15 All-Time Hockey Enforcers and Their Fictional Cop Counterparts


There’s an art to sheer bad-assery; the trouble in hockey is that bad-assery is really limited to the realm of the skull-buster. But when it comes to some of my favorite television and movie cops, the art of being a bad-ass has so much more license; but make no mistake, it is bad-assery nevertheless.

Your Stanley Cup Champion Chicago BlackHawks: Where We Were Right And Wrong, and What the Future Holds


Back in March, fellow SportsBlogMovement member Ryan Meehan and I did a Blast-Cast about the Chicago BlackHawks in which the premise was the team which wins the President’s Cup rarely wins the Stanley Cup. Yeah, about that…

The Dubscast, Volume 2: The Los Angeles Lakers Need To Forget About Phil Jackson


The Lakers have three major problems, and Jackson can't fix any of them. It's time to move on, people.

RIP, Dr. Jerry Buss


Dr. Jerry Buss, the long-time owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, died this morning at the age of 79. Many people know Buss from his days as the owner of one of the premier sports franchise ion the planet, but those same people never realized what a fascinating guy Buss was.

Sports Doppelgangers - Mike Scioscia and Rush Limbaugh

Sports Blog Movement has an exclusive feature of several sports look-alikes. Check it out today.

How This Isn’t An Out-Take From "Slap Shot" Is Beyond Me


A high-school goalie in?Minnesota had a unique way of expressing he was no longer interested in being part of the team.

The Post-Mortem on the Lakers/Phil Jackson Debacle


Now that the Los Angeles Lakers have hired a new coach, we can take an exhaustive look at what really happened in what has become a complete train wreck.

No Wonder Everybody Thinks Laker Fans are Dipshits


The good people over at Deadspin were kind enough to point this out; there’s so much wrong here I’m not even going to start listing them.

Six Important Facts About The National Hockey League And Its Stupid Lockout


As you may have noticed, the National Hockey League is currently not available for our viewing pleasure. This is largely because NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has a fundamental misunderstanding of what the business of sports is all about. After reading this piece, you will have more of an understanding of this business than Bettman does. Then again, you could pop a pimple and understand more than Bettman does.

By Putting Joe Mauer on Waivers, The Minnesota Twins Prove They Are Completely Clueless


I understand the idea of attempting a salary dump, but this is really bad timing.

A Dubsism Breakdown of SportsChump’s Ten Perfectly Valid Reasons To Hate The Los Angeles Lakers


Naturally, this all stems from the Dwight Howard trade. Tthe Chump saw fit to launch a Scud Missile directly into the heart of Downtown Dubsylvania with what he considers ten perfectly valid reasons to hate the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Official Dubsism Breakdown of the Dwight Howard Trade


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, you know that Dwight Howard is a now a Los Angeles Laker thanks to a monstrous, four team deal involving both players and draft picks. This was such a complex deal which obviously took so much time to construct that we here at Dubsism took some time to deconstruct it so you can try to make some sense of this tectonic shift in the basketball world.

The Dubsism Report on the Freeh Report and The Post-Mortem on the Penn State Scandal


The Freeh Report is being taken as the gospel on what happened. There's a lot that is correct, a lot that is incorrect, and a lot that was completely omitted. Here's is an exhaustive breakdown of the Freeh Report. Since this what what the NCAA used as justification for its "unprecedented" action, it time to thoroughly examine the Freeh Report.


What is Wrong With Tim Lincecum?

This started as a comment on Grant's Bisbee's piece of a few days ago on the same subject, but it took on a life of its own...Either way you slice it, the dominant Tim Lincecum that won two Cy...

There Are Still Plenty of Dan Patrick-Adjacent Seats Left On Your Los Angeles Kings’ Bandwagon


Here's a primer of the three basic eras of Los Angeles Kings history and some basic facts on the current team for you band-wagoners coming on board...

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