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E:60 Stephen Curry (Full Segment HD)


Cool profile of Steph's journey from baby face to baby-faced assassin...

Video About Getting Over Andris Biedrins


This video really highlights what Biedrins has represented. I was a HUGE fan of Biedrins. And then, disaster struck. I don't know exactly what went wrong with Beans - maybe it was the hair, maybe it was Nellie, maybe it was the abdominal injury... I still wear his jersey to basketball every week.

David Lee has minor surgery


Well...crap. As I recall, Lee was fully healed prior to last season and "as healthy as he's ever been" He didn't look right all season last year and yet we are just now taking surgical intervention?? I mean, this has to be the injury from the Denver series right??

It's a crap shoot! Re-picking the past 20 drafts


Just because I know we are all going crazy waiting for news on draft day. This Grantland article does a good job of showing why Minny may be opting for "retooling" with established players, rather than going for a rebuild via a ton of draft picks.

We know they can get a deal done featuring Klay Thompson, but what kind of deal?


Fantastic article by TK! Nuanced look at the intricacies of various permutations of potential trades.


Kerr speaks with Bogut about "triangle-facilitator type of role"


Two different stories, one visit.

"He actually brought an iPad along to lunch and showed me actually clips of Luc Longley playing that similar type role, triangle-facilitator type of role and wanted me to be a bit more aggressive offensively and run through me a little more, so that’s always good to hear," Bogut told the station.

Actual plays!!

Then there's this other link (pretty cool embedded link within as well - Bogut on Aussie radio)

"I’ve kind of taken a backseat offensively the last couple years, and that’s not a bad thing because we do have two of the best shooters in the league that are great scorers," Bogut said, "So I’d like to get that back. I think I can do a little more offensively, but if my team needs me to play D and rebound, I’ll do that."

Bottom line for me?

I don't think Bogut ever had a ton of love for Jackson, but more importantly I think that Bogut has become comfortable enough with his role as primary defensive anchor to begin to try and get back some of his offensive game. Ever since Nellie ball, I've had an excruciating yearning for excellent two-way players. Makes me happy to see this point of emphasis from Bogut!

Steph Curry vs Kimmel


hahaha!! that charging call was a FLOP! C'mon Kimmel, you're better than that!

Stephen Curry talks coaching change, keeping Klay Thompson


Hey look guys! There's actually some new stuff! Man, this offseason is already taking too long!!)

Dubs SF Arena update


Sorta...not much new news. The cost of the piers continues to rise. The price tag is officially a billion dollars. We are starting to see the issues becoming a little more specific though, cost of the piers, and then environmental impact report stuff like traffic and view obstruction... "A year ago, the Warriors projected the cost of repairing the piers at $100 million. A Port of San Francisco memo indicated that figure had risen to $130 million as of July and could reach $170 million. While the team might not ultimately pay that much, it's got to get a deal nailed down with the city before it can move forward." "The framework of a deal outlined a year ago calls for the city to reimburse the team up to $120 million for rebuilding the pier, which the city would continue to own and lease to the team for 66 years." "Opponents of the proposed location at Piers 30-32, two conjoined city-owned piers just south of the Bay Bridge, say the proposed 125-foot-high venue, which is expected to draw 2 million people a year to games, concerts and other events, will obstruct views and create a traffic and transit nightmare."



As of the time of this posting, Warriors basketball starts in 13 days, 3hours, and 21 minutes!!! For all of us addicts out there, here's a good place to clock watch!

Barnes coming off the bench to start the season


basically inferring that since Barnes is out, he wont be able to fight for that starting spot. I'm cool with it either way, but since there's a dearth of actual basketball news, I thought I'd go ahead and post it. What do you think? Agree/disagree? Do you even care?

Steph's house


He put it up on the market, kinda cool to check out.

Steph Curry Workin out


Pretty cool look at Steph getting ready!! I'm so fricken excited for this season, I'm dancing around like a Turiaf

Dubs fan rally at Oracle tonight - tonight, Wed. may 22


Sounds pretty cool! Tour the locker room, shoot free throws, get slightly less ripped off on overpriced stuff! I'm a definite maybe; who's in!?

Festus gets hazed...who's next?


yup, it's a bleacher report link...don't judge me

David Lee suspended, David West gets away with one


Just one game (same as Hibbert), Klay and Steph get fined...lame

Show and tell with NBA's new advanced stat feature


pretty cool. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I thought some of the geeks around here might have a nerdgasm over this tool.

great article on the Dubs team this year


this has been one of my favorite seasons ever, and we are barely half way through it. Great write-up about our locker room culture, from our gentle treatment of our rookies to the camaraderie that seems to be a hallmark of this team

First round of all star voting is in


Is it ok for me to be outraged yet? Jermey Lin? Omer Asik? Rubio???? ...maybe Lee gets in again as an injury replacement for Dirk? ...or Steph for Rubio

Project schedule for new arena


I'm no expert, but I have helped write a fair number of environmental impact reports..their timeline for completion seems pretty aggressive to me! but still, if you are interested and available, there are a few proposed meeting dates for those who may want to participate in the public process here

Reggie Williams: "@treykerby: Same as everyday -- to not have my face eaten by a man tweaking on...


Reggie Williams: "@treykerby: Same as everyday -- to not have my face eaten by a man tweaking on bath salts. RT @reggiew55: What's your goal for today ?" Lol, I sure do miss Mr. Potato Head!!!!


Owning pessimism – Why it doesn’t make you a bad person


hey folks, Been a while since I came through these parts (what with all the crappy basketball, and my new baby)...but I just read this article about the Bucks and thought I'd share it with you all. It's really tough to be a fan of a crappy franchise, we have lots of similarity with the Bucks IMO, and the author does a great job of summing up the love/hate nature of Dubs fan reality Hope you are all doing good as we limp towards another crappy ending to a crappy season. Somehow, I'm still relatively excited about next season though ; )

Brandan Wright's Unexpected Emergence


crap...another ex-Dub doing pretty well.. I would have loved to keep broken wing, but am glad he is thriving From the article: "In Dallas’ last two games, both against the Houston Rockets, he has been dominant: 14 points, six rebounds and seven blocks on 7-9 shooting on March 24 and 13 points and seven rebounds on 6-7 shooting on March 27." ...and... "His per-36 minutes averages (15.6 points, 7.5 rebounds and 3.4 blocks on 62% shooting) have been stellar all season" I mean honestly, how superior is David Lee to this guy?

Lacob says they would have traded either Monta or Steph, but "it had to be" Ellis to get Bogut


uh-oh...let the Monta versus Steph war never die!! Joe Lacob: It was incredibly difficult to trade him, but he’s the piece it had to be to get Andrew Bogut. We would have traded either (Curry or Ellis) to take the next step for this franchise." Ok, ok, maybe we don't need to reinvigorate the war, I mean, Steph has been injured a lot, and Bucks don't need a PG...but still, WOW...seems a little bit of a bad PR move to admit that you would have dealt your starting PG

with Sacramento approving new stadium plans, Oakland starts their push to keep the Warriors


ok, it's just $3.5 million on plans for a new stadium, hotels, conference center, shopping, entertainment and other amenities (nightclubs, obviously) in the 750-acre area around the Coliseum But, I think Oakland sees that they are going to lose all their sports teams if they don't do something...is it too late though? I feel like Lacob and company have already decided that they are headed to SF

Warriors might sit Stephen Curry tonight...longer?


couldn't make it through practice (or the team pulled him out, it's not really clear from the article). Either way though, sounds like Steph is definitely out for tonight...I wonder how much longer though... "...head coach Mark Jackson said. "We're going to make sure that there's no further damage. We're going to wait until he's 100 percent."" Also sounds like the doc who did the ankle surgery reviewed the most recent MRI and says that the surgery "held" From Steph: "I'm still pain free and have full motion in the surgical portion" Early game today (4pm bay area time)

Ish Smith already gets another chance


looks like the Magic picked him up...I think he may actually get some decent minutes over there. VanGundy should like his D

Curry says ankle doesn't respond well after games


damn, we are pushing it still...hopefully he's young enough to completely get over this, but I'm worried this problem will never go away. Glad to see his new ankle brace last game, we gotta keep him on the court...."averaging 19 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds over his past four games."

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