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Jackson NOT happy after Warriors loss at Phoenix


Marcus Thompson with some interesting points, but this is what got my attention: Jackson on Curry: "Gambling. He’s got to be smarter. You’re a key player and you pick up an early foul or two fouls and you have to make the adjustment. You can’t pick up another one, and he’s done that and it’s hurt us." seems like Steph and Monta both have a history of making those stupid little reaching fouls. I think it was a broadcaster during halftime mentioned the importance of "making your fouls count"....that is, fine, Nash beat you, don't pick up a little tic-tac foul, give a good hard swipe right when the other guy gathers for his shot, make them worry a little about getting smacked hard on the hand - nothin dirty, just a good hard nose foul....Just like Jackson used to take but I think Jackson may be starting to realize how far away this team is from being honestly considered as a playoff team

The return of Jeremy Lin


Looks like our boy Lin will be getting some time tonight!! Knicks are in need at the point (their rookie hurt his knee last game, and only other PGs on their roster are BDiddy and Bibby)

Rockets sign Jeff Adrien


I always liked him....thought he coulda been our poor man's Chuck Hayes maybe the Rockets are thinking the same thing?

Jackson thinks Klay is ready to play right away


pretty solid endorsement from coach Jackson: Said Jackson: "Klay Thompson will play right away," Jackson said. "He’s that good." what do you say GSoM? any early thoughts on Klay? (I haven't seen him play yet)

Stephen Jackson says the best things


If you are like me, you need something to take your mind off of the "Big Splash" signing (I assume this is also Kwame's default new nickname) here's my favorite from Jax, "If I’m shot, I’ma get stitched and play the next game. I got hit by a car and played two days later."

To be clear, Dallas has NO cap space. Mavs are trying to those contracts --- Fernandez and Brewer...


To be clear, Dallas has NO cap space. Mavs are trying to those contracts --- Fernandez and Brewer --- off the roster.


Warriors officials not planning to make major roster changes


Hard to tell how much of this is actual. I mean, no major trades leaves us squarely in the Jeff Foster FA price range ""What's the likelihood the roster will be near the same with some additions on opening day? Very likely," Riley said. The statement seemed to indicate Jackson will be working with the same incomplete roster as Keith Smart." yay Warr-eeee-ors

Marc Spears – Consequences and Repercussions


audio of Spears breaking it down for about 17 minutes. Talks about next steps, timing, if it was fair that the players didn't actually ever get to vote on the proposed deal. Guy sounds pretty depressed. Talks about a discussion he had with Steph Curry (@around 13:15 mark). Essentially says that Steph estimated he would be ok financially for about a year and a half if the lockout continues. Actually makes me real glad Reggie took the deal overseas...but makes me wonder about Udoh (recall that he recently got taken for over a quarter mil) Another good point towards the end (right at the last minute) about the strong draft class that will be coming in and how they will take away some minutes from some of the older, marginal players. So, maybe Radmanovic just retired

take it or leave it? Players say "leave it"


Pretty much expected, but looks like the players are going to tell the owners to shove their most recent offer "After meeting with player representatives of 29 of the NBA’s 30 teams, Players Association officials reiterated their refusal to accept the league’s latest labor proposal with the hope the sides can resume negotiations ahead of the owners’ Wednesday evening deadline."

NBA TV to air "Run TMC: The Power of Three" Oct. 25th @4:30


well...there's no new basketball coming on, but for those of you burning cash on NBA TV, you at least get this!! (from SF Gate) NBA TV will air a 30-minute special entitled "Run TMC: The Power of Three" several times beginning next week. The initial airing is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. The program focuses on Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin, the former Golden State Warriors’ players who were collectively dubbed "Run TMC." During the early 1990s, they formed the highest-scoring trio in the NBA.

Grant Hill and the Miami Heat have a "mutual interest" in each other?


Not sure if this is old news among the BSOTS faithful, but I'm curious what you all think about this. "I’ve been told a few times this summer that Grant Hill wants to join a contender, and that there’s mutual interest in Miami." Is Grant Hill gone, and if he leaves, does that mean Steve goes too and the rebuild is officially on? Or do you think Sarver will clutch Nash till the last minute? Out of all the guys in the NBA, I can't think of two dudes who I would rather have earn a ring next year than those two

Kawakami on Jerry West and his upcoming book


West: love him, hate him? Regardless though, big names tend to come with big egos...I still think West is a really nice addition to our front office. Here's some excerpts for Tim's post: "It’s incredible how many (or ALL?) the seminal figures in NBA history that West has competed with, competed furiously against, acquired or advised, from Chamberlain to Red Auerbach to Pat Riley to Magic Johnson to Michael Jordan to David Stern to Kobe Bryant and everyone else. There are compelling anecdotes and stories about of these guys in this book, by the way. * And I wonder if Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, who just brought West into the Warriors’ front office, understand the volcanic ups and downs that come with West–it sure will make things more interesting, and better, and more volcanic in there, that’s for sure."

Reggie Williams working out, generally looking hella smooth


Trying to Find Time by Cane Produced by Lou Burna I like it (the song...not the lockout!)

Jeremy Lin featured in Nike Sportswear spot


pretty cool format, Jeremy is talking in the background ...also (spoiler alert), it appears as if he is good at ping pong

Steph Curry to play in Vegas "league"


Pretty interesting! I linked to another story awhile back about something similar, but this does look like a legit NBA-alternative (well...at least NBA talent). Man, this lockout sucks Dudley said the field of players will include Stephen Curry(notes), Chauncey Billups(notes), Al Harrington(notes), John Wall(notes), Zach Randolph(notes), Stephen Jackson(notes), Tayshaun Prince(notes), Jermaine O'Neal(notes), Austin Daye(notes), DeMar DeRozan(notes), Kyle Lowry(notes), Eric Maynor(notes) and J.J. Hickson(notes). Dudley said he is trying to recruit teammates Channing Frye(notes), Josh Childress(notes) and Aaron Brooks(notes) to also play in the officiated series. "You get an actual game feel," Dudley said, comparing it to other summer leagues that don't have NBA big men. "Instead of having to finish in the lane against LeBron James(notes), I'll be finishing against Jermaine O'Neal."

interesting story written by a guy who played in the NBA and overseas


This guy kinda reminded me of Reggie (or at least - I could imagine Reggie going through some of the same stuff) After reading this, I now understand why a player owned (co-op) league would never work. Nor can I imagine most NBA players embracing the overseas league lifestyle (unless they HAD to)

Z Bo - "I need it for my cataracts"


pretty good write-up from BDL...and remember that Randolph is NOT charged with any crime - sounds like he throws a helluva party though Question: who would you rather have, David Lee, or Z Bo?

Las Vegas Pro League = viable alternative?


this story came out and it got me to thinking, what if the NBA players formed a co-op league - where the players are the owners. There is a long and illustrious history of worker cooperatives, but could it work? Could it replace the NBA? The article concludes by saying that the Vegas league would not be able to replace nightly NBA hoops, but I kinda disagree. Since it doesn't look like the owners are going to budge much, it makes me wonder exactly how much pain the players are really willing to endure... If you were Odom, and the owners proposal dropped your salary by 70% (from $8.9 million to $2.6 million next season, according to the article), I would think that you might honestly hesitate - I mean, how many games in an alternative league (I would assume the venues would be smaller) would it take for Odom to exceed earning of $2.6 million?

Warriors Greats of the 1960s and 70s (photo gallery)


Not a ton of pics (only 16 of them) but some really cool little tid bits of info in each caption like this one: "Feb. 20, 1963: Imagine you're playing against the Philadelphia or San Francisco Warriors between 1959 to 1965, and Wilt Chamberlain comes down the court. He's as tall as anyone you've ever seen, runs like a guard and the basketball looks like a grapefruit in his giant hand. In this photo, taken during Chamberlain's first season in San Francisco, the center ignores the futile swipes of Lakers Jim Krebs (32) and Rudy LaRusso (35) during a game at the Cow Palace. Chamberlain's worst year was in 1963-64, when he averaged a pedestrian 36.9 points. He was traded for three people I've never heard of a year later"

NBA takes legal action against locked-out players


"The NBA filed two claims against the NBAPA on Tuesday— an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board and a lawsuit in federal district court in New York. The NBA accused the players of being uncooperative in negotiations toward a new collective bargaining agreement by making "more than two dozen" threats to dissolve their union and sue the league under antitrust laws to secure more favorable terms in a new CBA" The NBA’s lawsuit is essentially preventative legal medicine. It seeks a declaration from the court that the lockout does not violate antitrust laws, in case the union breaks up to file an antitrust lawsuit. It also cites legal backing for the lockout itself, invoking Depression-era legislation known as the Norris-LaGuardia Act designed to prevent court intervention in a labor dispute. Finally, the league’s lawsuit also makes an attempt to secure support for massive salary reform should the union dissolve. The NBA asked the court to declare that such a decertification would in turn void all existing player contracts because they’re guided by the union’s involvement in the old CBA. Without a union and a collective bargaining relationship, the league argued, the terms and conditions of those previously negotiated contracts would not apply.

end the lockout by de-certifying the players union?


Personally, I'm not putting much faith in negotiation at this point (maybe it will work in November, but right now, there is just zero conversation What do you folks think? Should the players de-certify and take the battle to court? Or stay on their current course? On thing in the article that I agree with strongly: it does not seem like the players union has much of a strategy at this point [why can't I block quote this?] "Essentially, it’s come down to this: Hunter is still selling diplomacy, but the agents want to commence fighting. No one expects the league to seriously negotiate issues until they fear the courts could rule against them. The owners want what they want – hard cap, rollback on salaries and guaranteed profits – and they aren’t interested in compromises. The longer the union waits to decertify and file an antitrust suit, the less chance there is of getting a reasonable agreement and saving the season. "Until now," one prominent agent told Yahoo! Sports, "the union’s strategy has been basically hoping [NBA commissioner] David Stern wakes up one morning in a good mood, and decides he wants to cut a fair deal for the players." The way the agents see it, Hunter can stay in an advisory role after decertification the way that DeMaurice Smith did with the NFL players union. But decertification does cut into his power, his influence and his role in the process. And that’s true for the executive board of the players association, including president Derek Fisher(notes). Sooner than later, powerbrokers Arn Tellem, Mark Bartelstein, Bill Duffy, Andy Miller and others want a stronger, more direct hand in the fight."

WTF?! I found Thunder, our old mascot, he works for the Wizards now...how is this possible


WTF?! I found Thunder, our old mascot, he works for the Wizards now...how is this possible


The case for David Lee at Center

  via t2.gstatic.com   Yo Dave, what's your best position? via media.silive.com I was thinking about this over the weekend, and then read this article today.   Look, I know that a...

Black Holes by position


Dang, we got a guy on the list at every position besides C

Roy says he's ready to return


Wow dude, seriously?! What is his rush? The guy had surgery on both knees only 3 weeks ago, and he is already looking to get back on the court? I'm no doctor, but sounds like you might want to ease back into excercise a little more slowly. I have had Arthoscopic work done on one knee, and while I know each one is different, this seems just insanely short recovery time

another article on clutchness - this one analyzes Monta


Would love to hear some additional insight into this Monta looks like his assists go waaaay down, but his his percentage is pretty close to what he normally shoots (lloks like he loses 1.5% accuracy in "The Clutch"

New trainer helping with Curry's ankle


Just so simple...I'm so glad we have a new training staff. This article just confirmed all of my worst fears What's that, your ankle is all messed up? Don't worry, we'll work out really hard all the time to make it stronger...nah, trust me, it's good for a hurt ankle Here's a good quote from the article: "CURRY: "Our new athletic trainer Troy is bringing new ideas to how to treat it and kind of keeping it consistent. Not saying the old stuff didn’t work. But sometimes a different approach can maybe spark recovery. It’s just consistency, trying to make sure I stay on my routine every practice day and get my ankle rehab done. … We’re allowing it to heal a little longer. In between games, not really killing my ankle and kind of fatiguing it out. Instead, if we have a break in between, we’re making sure in those days I’m just icing and staying off of it. That’s a pretty good way to recover instead of strengthening it really hard in between."

Clips leading scorer maybe out past the All-Star break


Could this be the break the Dubs have been looking for? I think this means that the Dubs can really focus on the teams in front of them in the standings. Unless the Clips can recover, there is really (hopefully) no need for the Warriors to look back over their shoulder

D_league showcase: Jeff Adrien and Joe Alexander lookin good! Plus, some other guy who seems like a bigger SG


We have an open roster spot now (sorry Carney) and unless we make a trade, I hope we go into the D-League to get some help. Although these guys are both PFs, I bet either could play the 3 for us....And yeah, I know this is against D-League opposition, but whatever Sorry, Can't figure out how to block quote, but here are the details: "Jeff Adrien, PF, Rio Grande Valley Vipers -- Adrien's performance Monday night wasn't replicated for the rest of the Showcase. A 6-foot-7 power forward who played earlier this season with the Iowa Energy, Adrien erupted for 30 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks in a two-point victory over the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. In his next game, a blowout victory over the Erie BayHawks on Versus TV, Adrien scored 20 points and grabbed 16 rebounds while blocking four shots despite his shorter-than-average stature. As one scout mentioned, he's a man among boys in the D-League." "Joe Alexander, PF, Texas Legends -- Alexander came into the Showcase needing to prove he was a better player than the one that flamed out in the NBA in just two seasons after being selected with the eighth overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. In two games at the Showcase, with scouts and executives from many NBA teams in attendance, Alexander was able to put together two solid performances. In his first game, against the New Mexico Thunderbirds, the 24-year-old scored 21 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and blocked six shots while playing 45 minutes. In Thursday's contest against the Iowa Energy, Alexander scored 18 points, grabbed 11 rebounds, dished eight assists and added two blocks in a 119-114 victory." and I have no idea who this guy is, just passing it along because he would fill a team need: "Othyus Jeffers, SG/SF, Iowa Energy -- Jeffers has been on the cusp of a call-up for the past two years and even finished last season with the Utah Jazz, yet he found himself in the D-League to begin this year yet again. If NBA scouts took stock in his performance over the past week, though, the physical wing might soon be headed back to the big leagues. On Monday, the 6-foot-5 Jeffers scored 27 points and grabbed 17 rebounds in a hard-fought 95-93 victory over the Utah Flash. Though the Energy weren't able to win again Thursday, Jeffers' performance wasn't the problem as he had 25 points, six rebounds, five steals and three assists"


Thoughts on this team approaching the trading deadline

  Here's the article: The home stand, the trade deadline, and the curse of low expectations The NBA trade deadline looms: February 24th. Less than two weeks away, and the Dubs will be...

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