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When's the next GSoM night?


Hey folks, I seem to recall that one of the mods mentioned something about 4 GSOM nights per season? Well, we're more than 1/4 through the season, we got a nice home stretch coming up...what gives?


Why Monta and Steph can both be "the man"

  via assets.sbnation.com via t0.gstatic.com   One of the things that I appreciate the most about the GSOM community is the exposure to an expanded knowledge base. Meaning, not only do I...

Nice article on Vlad Rad


Not a whole lot of good news so far for the Warriors this year. One of the few smiles that we have been awarded this year started when Vlad hit a 3 to force overtime against the Kings. The article talks about how Smart has believed in Vlad. And I guess this kinda makes sense to me. He is really the only veteran on the team. Full circle for me and Vlad, I derided him (along with so many others) but am now very thankful for his contributions

Bwah ha ha - Vlad Rad crushed by national media


Not that I'm a huge fan of them, but Ball Don't Lie (the yahoo blog) has a pretty hillarious piece clowning Vlad Rad for trying to talk to the team about effort ...solid read but mostly (not that I hate him as a person) it is oddly satisfying to me to see Vlad called out for all of his years of lackluster effort perhaps my favorite gem: "Perhaps he's actually been a demon in practice during all these years and hasn't been active in games because he's all tuckered out."

VladRad calls a team meeting after practice, cusses at the team!?


Interesting to say the least: "Vladimir Radmanovic surprised everyone when he asked to address his teammates after Monday's practice and then promptly initiated an expletive-filled rant imploring the group to continue to work hard." Are we really that devoid of leadership? Not sure how much weight his voice carries with the team, but I'm glad to see somebody is fired up...Especially because we are about to go out and get crushed by the Mavs and more good news from the article: "Amundson is expected back any day now, and Udoh is practicing without many restrictions."


This team has been built down the road. It’s one year, two years from now that we’re concerned about. - Larry Riley

via assets.sbnation.com (thanks Tony.psd!!!! Great art my man!!) Pretty interesting article of a Riley interview http://bleacherreport.com/tb/b7r4H On the expectations of the new owners: M...


Magic want to trade for...Monta Ellis

NO THANKS! Unless of course, you are offering Dwight Just wanted to get this up for discussion. Obviously, there is no way I would part with Monta for any combination of those guys (maybe some...


Trading for Ramon Sessions?

via www.tiricosuave.com Hey folks, Warriors fan here... We are looking pretty sad at our backup PG spot, so I have a couple of questions for you: 1.) Would the Cavs part with Sessions? 2.)...

Lacob defends hiring of son


yeah, I'm ok with this...sounds like this is going to be a family business, and he wants to start getting the next generation ready. The job title sounds a little alarming, but the kid's day-to-day responsibilities sound fairly entry-level "Is this a good thing to do? It's a complicated question," Joe Lacob said. "But I intend to be in this business for a long time, and I intend to have him involved if he wants to be involved."


Keith Smart gives an indication of why Vlad plays and not BWright or Adrien?

via t2.gstatic.com Interesting story from SF Gate (actually a story about Gadzuric)  As a coach, you need to know exactly what you're going to get from a player every single dayRead more: h...

Scared of the Heat yet?


Sure, I know it's only preseason, and yes, they did play smoke the Pistons But they are looking scary good, even without D Wade! They are going to be a dynasty. It really doesn't matter who else plays on that team, ther big 3 are just going to be over-powering

For GSOM opening night contest; free throw advice from the experts


I was tempted to keep this to myself, but in the interest of the common good... So anyways, read up, get some practice, and be prepared to lose to me

You (yes you) can tweet for the Warriors, get insider access


Not much of a twitter fan myself, but this seems like a golden opportunity for some of the GSOM community members. Just don't forget about me when you're famous


Build-Your-Own Warriors "Big 3"

Alright folks, I'm sick and tired of hearing all of the trade talk that gets us nowhere special. Can we please talk about your fantasies? I'm talking, like, video games and fantasy league stuff...


Warriors on the hunt for Amundson

Warriors, Hornets, Pacers in Amundson hunt  <-- click on link for ESPN blog story Foul on Frye, nice stuff by Lou!   Good news fans, looks like the Warriors are actively pursuing the most...


Curry's USA performance vs. France

Is Curry going to get cut, like his newly developed arms? Well, in spite of a fairly average performance vs. France, I say no. Coach played him a fair amount but clearly sees him as a bench...


The rise of the Super Teams

 I am interested to hear what everyone else thinks about the rise of the "Super team." Also, what is the most logical path for the Warriors to form a Super team of our own? I know Jordan and Magic...


Are the Warriors big enough to compete with the elite teams?

I say yes! Look at our front line as compared to the league average (sorry, I couldn't find the average weight): position name weight height  avg for position height PG Curry ...


Who's the next Warrior to go?

Oof, this has been a tougher off-season than usual for Warriors fans. Or has it? Are we getting better? Either way, it's pretty clear that we are not done making moves. With the departure of Buke,...

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