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Fantasy Football Week 16: 49ers vs. Cardinals


It's the final week of fantasy football! Those relying on a 49er or a Cardinal to carry them to a championship aren't looking forward to a defensive matchup, but with so much on the line you can rest assure that the starters won't be pulled early.

Fantasy Football Week 16 Preview: 49ers & Falcons


Monday night's game between the 49ers & Falcons is loaded with would be fantasy stars who dissappointed this season, but there are a few guys who can still help you win that title.

Fantasy Football Preview Week 15: 49ers vs. Bucs

The 49ers are starting to get hot at the right time in both reality and fantasy football. The next test awaits in Tampa Bay where the defense is still playing hard. Both offenses have a few fantasy stars that can help can help you to the next round.

Fantasy football Week 14 Primer: 49ers vs Seahawks


If you are reading this, you must be in the fantasy football playoffs. Congratulations, you now have a fighting chance at a championship. Here is a preview of the players in the 49er vs. Seahawks game that may be able to help you in the first round.

Fantasy Football Week 13 Preview: 49ers vs. Rams


Week 13's game between the Rams and 49ers isn't exactly a clash of fantasy superstars. The good news is the Niners offense is getting healthy and Frank Gore went for 150 yards rushing against the Rams earlier in the season. Here is a quick breakdown.

Fantasy Football Preview: 49ers vs Washington


The 49er offense isn't playing so well, but neither is Washington. There are several fantasy football stars to keep an eye on Monday night. Here is a quick look at who to start and who to sit.

Fantasy football Week 11 Preview: 49ers vs. Saints


The 49ers look to get their offense back on track Sunday in a tough matchup against the Saints. We know New Orleans has plenty of fantasy options, but who can you trust on the 49ers other than Frank Gore?

Fantasy Football Week 10: 49ers vs. Panthers


Two of the better defenses meet in week 10 when the 49ers take on the Panthers. In a game with little shootout potential and two tough run defenses, it will be interesting to see which fantasy football star can still put up quality numbers on Sunday.

Fantasy Football Preview Week 8: 49ers vs. Jaguars


The 49er Fantasy Four look to keep things rolling against the Jaguars in London in week 8. With so many teams on bye there are several players in this contest worth looking at for your fantasy football roster. Here is a breakdown of key players.

Fantasy Football Week 7: 49ers vs. Titans


Kaepernick threw 2 TDS, Gore broke 100 and Davis set a record in week 6. Will the good times continue for more than Frank Gore or will the Tennessee Titans put an end to Kaepernick/Davis connection?

Fantasy Football Preview: 49ers vs. Cardinals


If you have Gore on your fantasy football roster you are happy. If you drafted Kaepernick...not so much. The 49ers continue to focus on the run and that may be the approach until they are forced to do otherwise. That day may come on Sunday.

Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Texans vs. 49ers


Two top level defenses collide in San Francisco Sunday. It doesn't appear to be a great night for fantasy football, but there are several players you are probably starting despite the matchup. We take a look at what to expect from the fantasy stars.

Fantasy Football Start/Sit, Week 4: 49ers vs. Rams


The 49ers get an early start when they play the Rams on Thursday night. Can they get back on track after a string of disappointing games? The Rams provide a great opportunity, but aren't pushovers. Here's a fantasy football preview for this contest.

Fantasy Football Sit/Start, Week 3: Cots vs. 49ers


The fantasy football stars in San Francisco look to get back on track against the Indianapolis Colts. Will Kaepernick bounce back? Can Trent Richardson make a worthwhile debut? Here is how things should breakdown week 3.

49er Fantasy Football Preview Week 2: Seahawks


The 49ers were one of the highest scoring fantasy offenses in week 1. Week 2 may be a different story as the team travels to Seattle to face the Seahawk defense. Here is a breakdown of the key players from a fantasy football perspective.

49ers vs. Packers Fantasy Football Week 1 Preview


Week 1 brings a familiar face to San Francisco. The Niners played the Packers twice last year, winning both contests. Each yielded several useful fantasy performances on both teams. Here is a quick preview of what to expect in 2013 version.

49er Fantasy Football Preview: Anquan Boldin


When it comes time to draft your 3rd or 4th wide receiver you could go with young guys who could break out or with a reliable veteran. This preview focuses on how Anquan Boldin plays into the WR3 picture.

49er Fantasy Football Preview: 49er Team Defense


San Francisco is going to be one of the first team defenses drafted in fantasy football. The question is exactly how early do you need to pull the trigger to get a top tier defense/special teams unit?

49er Fantasy Football Preview: Colin Kaepernick


The bad news - most of us are going to miss out on drafting a top 5 fantasy football quarterback this year. The good news – there are plenty of QBs with top 5 potential available in later rounds. San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick falls into this group

49er Fantasy Football Preview 2013: Vernon Davis


Fantasy football season is here! Each week we'll take a look at the San Francisco 49ers and their fantasy assets. This week we discuss Vernon Davis and if he can once again be a fantasy stud.

49er Fantasy Football Preview 2013: Frank Gore


Fantasy football season is here! Each week we'll take a look at the San Francisco 49ers and their fantasy assets. First, we compare Frank Gore to other running backs with a similar average draft position.

The 2012 49ers Fantasty Football Wrap Up


The 49ers didn't boast any elite fantasy football talent in 2012, but the stage is set for that to change in 2013. Here is a final breakdown of the key fantasy players in San Francisco and a prediction where they are drafted in 2013.

Cardinals vs. 49ers Fantasy Football Preview


There isn't much fantasy relevance in this week 17 contest, but there are gems to be found. In this article we breakdown the key players on both teams.

49ers vs. Seahawks Fantasy Football Preview


Debating on starting a 49er or Seahawk in the fantasy football championship? I'm sorry, but here is a breakdown of the key players in this match-up.

49ers vs Patriots Week 15 Fantasy Football Preview


Are you still playing a meaningful fantasy football game? Odds are you a few Patriots and may a 49er on your roster. Prepare for your week 15 playoff battle with this preview of Sunday night's game.

Dolphins vs 49ers Week 14 Fantasy Football Preview


Are you counting on a player from one of these teams for a fantasy football victory? That is an ugly situation my friend, but here are a few tips to help you get that playoff win.

49ers vs. Rams Week 13 fantasy preview


Fantasy football is not for the weary especially if you are relying on a 49er or Ram to get into the playoffs. There were a few surprises in the last game, but can you trust anyone beyond Kaepernick and Gore?

Week 12 Fantasy Football Preview: 49ers vs Saints


This is one of the few 49er matchups where you can feel safe playing all your fantasy stars on both teams. Here is what to expect from Brees, Graham, Davis, Kaepernick and Crabtree this week

Week 11 Fantasy Football Preview: 49ers vs Bears


Monday night's game between the 49ers and Bears will feature several fantasy stars going up against the league's best defenses. If you own Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall or Frank Gore do you start your stud or find a better matchup?

49ers vs. Rams Week 10 Fantasy Football Preview


Neither the 49ers or the Rams have much to offer this week for fantasy teams, but there are a few gems to be found. This article looks at 3 players to start and 3 to sit week 10.

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