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Hi all, I lurk a lot and occasionally post, but I have an appeal to make to the HH community! My first true love has always been and always will be our Angels, but as I realized I lacked the talent for baseball, I moved into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Besides, on a night like tonight where I am stuck on the East Coast and don't get to watch Dream Weaver pitch against the Royals, I couldn't string together a coherent thought about baseball anyhow :( So, my appeal to you, HH community is this: Please support the UFC fighter Mark Hunt for a heavyweight title shot on Twitter using the hashtag #RallyForMarkHunt and if you want to be really aggressive, I'm told you should include @danawhite If it will make up for my request, let me know if you want to see the vid of me losing my first fight :/ If I can find/get some Angels swag to wear on my shorts next time, I will!


What about John Lannan?

According to a recent MLBTR article (Look! I made a hyperlink!) the Nationals are aggressively shopping John Lannan. In a further update (here) it looks like they locked down Edwin Jackson. This...


Potential non-major free agent signings?

Hi all. Been lurking for awhile now, and occasionally making a post here and there. I figured that my loyal following of two or three people who had accidentally read one of my posts might miss...


The Angels Sticky Outfield Situation

In my meandering around the internet, I came across a MLBTradeRumors article that briefly speculated on potentially available center fielders, and to my surprise I saw our very own Torii Hunter...


A fun diversion. No doom and gloom here!

To begin...Howdy everyone! Let me start by apologizing if I have placed this in the wrong setting (Sorry Rev, longtime reader, infrequent poster...).  Right now that my obligatory apology is out of...


NOT a crazy trade idea.

But rather, a solicitation of one and an appeal to the communal wisdom of Angel's fandom.  Putting it nicely, I think that even the most diehard fan of our Halos can agree that this 2010...


Potential trade?

Please bear with me, this is my first post but I've been reading for awhile.  Amidst all the other talk about big name big money free agents and trades, what about Mark Reynolds?  I could...

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