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BMO Field to undergo construction this summer?

Another development in the ongoing 'are the Argos coming' drama. Things might be happening very shortly.

MLS SuperDraft 2014: SuperLive SuperThread

Well, I guess if you can't sign yourself some international superstars, you might as well try getting some players through the draft. Follow all the SuperDraft action here.

Toronto FC hunting striker Daniele Cacia

According to a report from Italy, TFC are in talks with the Hellas Verona striker.

Defoe and Bradley: The bloody big live thread.

After all the rumours, all the 'it's done' wink winks, and all the reports as this inched towards official, Mr Leiweke finally gets his big moment. Jermain Defoe's here, we know that much, is Michael Bradley here too? Follow here throughout the day

De Ro deal done?

Negotiations seem to have gone well and the deal should be officially announced soon.

Steven Caldwell talks TFC, MLS to Sky Sports

Well, it's been a quiet few days, so here's a little something to plug the gap somewhat. Steven Caldwell's back in Britain for Christmas and went on Sky Sports show Soccer AM, talking TFC and the MLS playing experience in general. Some interesting tidbits, and also a mention of him being voted player of the year by readers of the website Waking the Red and the Red Patch Boys. Watch the full interview here.


Gilberto to TFC Press Conference. Photo Gallery

He's here. He's here. You want the photo of him holding the shirt? We've got a photo of him wearing it! And others from the press conference. All photos via Martin Bazyl photography.

(Temporarily) Out with the old. In with the new.

Couple of changes here at WTR.

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 1 - Steven Caldwell

Finally, someone who could lead and organise a defence. Quite possibly the best centre back TFC have ever had. Made in Scotland, from Girders. At number 1, it's Steven Caldwell.

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 5 - Robert Earnshaw

Lethal, then a lot less lethal = 8 goals in the season. That equals top scorer and that equals 5th place, 'the best of the rest' outside a clear top 4. At Number 5, it's Robert Earnshaw.

TFC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 7 - Alvaro Rey

He only got into the team towards the end of the season, but showed enough to suggest he could be a very good winger in this league. At number 7, it's Alvaro Rey.

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 9 - Richard Eckersley

Despite what he thinks, he is very much 'some ordinary fullback'. Sadly he's not paid like one. Injuries and contract issues meant he only got 16 games, just when his style was starting to make sense for TFC. At number 9, it's Richard Eckersley.

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 13 - Darel Russell

Another washed up guy from England, eventually revealed as a violence/goals double threat who might actually be worth keeping around. At number 13, it's Darel Russell.

Report: Jermain Defoe to join TFC in January.

The Daily Mirror is reporting that Jermain Defoe has agreed to come to Toronto, for the start of next season.

Koevermans, Thomas Released. TFC pick no-one

The MLS Waiver draft came and went today with very little activity. Only two players were picked, neither by TFC.

Toronto FC 2014 Schedule released

Well this just seems weirdly prompt and professional, but MLS released it's schedule for next season already. Not just the first kick games but the whole thing. here's what TFC have ahead of them.

Canada 0:0 Mexico. The future looks...fuzzy.

Once again, it's a bit tough to look for the positives, but another game in the bag for Canwnt, another chance for Herdman to figure things out. The result was 0-0, all that future stuff was just as unsatisfyingly unequivocal.

Canada vs Mexico: Game Thread

Another friendly for John Herdman's side, this time taking on Mexico at BC Place.

TFC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 16 - Luis Silva

A bit of a disappointment this season on the pitch, but what? We traded him? What? At number 16, it's Luis Silva.

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 17 - Jeremy Brockie

Hard working, smart running, defence pressuring, chance creating forward. Sadly, not a goal scoring one. At 17, it's Jeremy Brockie.

Canada vs Slovenia: Preview and Game Thread.

Canada's pursuit of a win in 2013 continues. Can they even get a goal?

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 23 - Terry Dunfield

Important and popular player last year, this year he got injured and the club moved on without him. No longer number 23 in your programme, but always number 23 in our hearts, at 23, it's Terry Dunfield.

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 24 - Ryan Richter

Should have been a back up, had to play a lot more than I'm sure anyone wanted, was generally unremarkable, not disastrous at the back, not threatening going forward. At 24, it's Ryan Richter.

TFC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 26 - Stefan Frei

He had a very good year, except for on the pitch, as he barely ever got there. At number 26, it's Stefan Frei

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 27 - John Bostock

A skillful young player with big name teams in his past. He looks quite good. Oh wait, no he doesn't. He was 2013's Alen Stevanovic, at number 27, it's John Bostock.

TFC Top 36 countdown: Number 28 - Danny Califf

It's another curious case, another 'what might have been' kind of article. The big off season signing, the defensive rock the foundation would be built around, quite quickly given up on, ending in a scouting role. At number 28, it's Danny Califf.

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 29 - Danny Koevermans

Engaging as ever off the pitch this year. On it? well he wasn't really there often enough to do much at all, and so after finishing 2 and 1 in the last 2 years, the defending champ falls way down the charts. At number 29, it's Danny Koevermans.

TFC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 30 - Max Urruti

37 pretty insignificant minutes, but probably the biggest storyline of the season, leaving behind many many questions. At number 30, it's Maximiliano Urruti.

TFC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 31 - Logan Emory

He only played 3 games, but we got to see the full range of his game, from competent to disastrous. At number 31, it's Logan Emory.

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