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Attended TTU at the end of Jerry Moore's tenure, for the entirety of David McWilliams' stay and the beginning of the Spike Dykes era. TTU was not even on my radar when I left HS, but circumstances brought me that way and I ended up absolutely loving every minute of it. I grew up in Beaumont and had a great life there. Dallas was the one city in TX that I swore I would never live in. It's not as bad as I had imagined. I've lived there for 10 years now and I am in no particular hurry to move. I would however, move to Austin in a heartbeat if future circumstances allow for it. I am partial to margarita's, single barrel bourbons, dark mexican beers and good wines. Unless they aren't available and then I'll take what ever is available. I don't think you can love TTU unless you love road trips. I like a good road trip to this day and try to make it through Lubbock at least once a year, usually on the way to New Mexico.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF Texas Tech Red Raiders
  • NCAAB Texas Tech Red Raiders
  • NHL Dallas Stars
User Blog

Rex Dockery Field at the Liberty Bowl


The Liberty Bowl Field has been rededicated to Rex Dockery Field

Texas Tech's 1st Masked Rider Has Passed Away


Joe Kirk Fulton has passed away at 81.

College Football News Big 12 Schedules and Picks


Can't say that I agree with how they picked Tech, but it will have to be settled on the field no matter what they say anyway. Tech may be known as an Air Raid mecca, but I'd argue we have a longer record of being the team that proves preseason prognosticators wrong.

Billy Joe Toliver wins American Century


Chalk one up for a good guy and a great Red Raider!

The reaction, if Clemson decides they are examining their options.


Courtesy of Tuxedo Yoda - a very Funny use of gifs to portray immediate impact, should Clemson say they are looking at options after tonights meeting.


Lamar Going Dancing.

Lamar won the Southland conference and the Southland Conference Tournament and is going to the NCAA Tournament. Pat Knights Cardinals went 6-0 since his rant on the seniors a few weeks back. While...

Craig James - And so it begins.


Craig James was interviewed and was asked and subsequently acknowledged that he received some payments from boosters while at SMU. While he was vague and downplayed the amounts - this is probably the first salvo in his introduction to politics. I am certain that it won't stop at this. No word on the 5 hookers.

A&M sends letter to Big 12 - Announcing plans to Depart Big 12


According to the NYTimes - A&M has sent a formal letter to the Big 12 telling them it is a done deal. The announcement is expected to be tomorrow. Time for all of the speculation on what's going to happen next to finally come to a head. Let's get this party started!


Longhornnetwork.com - Don't go there.

Saw Sports Center tonight and they are really pushing the Longhorn Network. They recommend going to Longhornnetwork.com to find your local provider. I could be wrong, but I'm willing to bet that...

Scott Smith gets a little love as a Pro Prospect


Just came across this and thought it worth sharing. Hope he's all grown up by the time conference play starts.....

Big 12 AD's Vote to Ban High School Games on Longhorn Network for at Least 1 Year


I guess this represents a stand by the non-UT AD's. This holds the conference together for at least another year barring some new developments. It's nice to see a backbone emerging among the Hornless 9, it will be a valuable asset going forward. I think that the NCAA will end up coming to the the same conclusion and likely as a permanent rule.

PAC 12 Inks Monster Deal


We knew it was coming. I'm not sure if my gut is correct, but the amount did shock me at a gut level. Can a renegotiation of our Tier 1 rights be far away? I now leave it to our resident experts to deftly decipher what this means in the big picture.


Is there any hope of forgiveness for Adam James?

This is meant to follow-up the open letter by crossfire1407 to Mssr. James.  To be clear: I am not a fan of, or apologist for, Adam James. I believe Adam has earned the scorn he is receiving and I...

Tech Campus Photo Book


ttured: please accept my apologies if you didn't want to have this posted here. (couldn't imagine, but just in case) Wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to see the coffee table style photography book put together by ttured. It is a really nice collection of campus photos and IMO would make a nice compliment to the Strive For Honor book already sitting on my coffee table. You can click on the link above to get to the book and preview on line. If you haven't been to his website, I second what Seth has said in the past - it is really worth your time. (And if you want to see all of his pictures - it will take some time!) His sight is called Totally Texas Tech and can be found here: http://ttured.blogspot.com/

Somebody Thinks We're Tier 1


From US News and World Reports 2011 College Rankings: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/lubbock-tx/texas-tech-university-3644 Actually first saw this here: http://austintexasdwiattorneys.org/best-university-in-texas-list-university-in-texas.html I know it doesn't do flip for our goal of achieving state money, but I like seeing us referred to as Tier 1 - even if we only rank as #159.

It's Official - TCU to the Big East


So, how can this effect Tech going forward? Were they ever going to be part of a revamped Big 12 anyway? Will this precipitate further moves by other conferences? Certainly, the already slim pickings for the Big 12 for re-expansion are getting slimmer. Is there another shoe just hanging out there ready to drop? We all knew that things would probably keep shifting in relatively quick fashion, but is there anything obvious that might go down in the near future? I'm still a tad nervous about our future with this whole thing.

Demarcus Ware likes Brandon Williams


Nice to hear that Williams is making it happen.

BON Talks Tech Recruiting


Nice reflection of what others are seeing the new coaching crew do. Like the last line - "Aggie beware"


A Question of Demographics and Realignment.

Somewhere on a recent post here on DTN someone mentioned that they wondered why no one ever talks about the Texas Tech tv market outside of Lubbock when our name gets kicked around in the...


Jamar Wall a Cowboy!

Now - if the Cowboys would only pick up Brandon Carter with their next pick - I'd call it a solid draft. He's been sitting there as the next best Guard all day surely someone will snag him. Still...

Latest from ESPN on Leach saga.




Get a load of this SB Nation Story

Sorry that I am unable to make this an active link - It's not because I went to Tech, regardless of how backwards our admin may make my degree look - it's that I am at work and don't have time to...


Vol Navy has Given a Symbol for the Revolution!

He points out that our Double T upside down looks like someone giving the finger. I say we all show the finger to our admin by flying the Double T upside down!!! Let's get that going before the...


I Just Boycotted Pedro's Tamales

I just sent an e-mail to Pedros Tamales to let them know I am boycotting them as they support Don Williams blog site.I advised I am very upset in the manner he is portraying the Leach story and his...

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