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I love basketball. I am a soft stats guy, but there is nothing wrong with a good bit of the speculation.

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A goodbye to a great community.

I have used Blogabull since I was in high school. I am now 25. This has consisted in two periods, the Baby Bulls and the Rose-Thibs era. The woman I thought I loved enough to marry took me to game...

A sweet reminder of what we missed last year


A great video showing Derrick's offensive skills. I am sure many of you have seen this all ready, yet if you haven't here is a chance. There is a second part as well. If Butler can continue his climb, Noah and Deng stay healthy, Boozer hit for par and Taj, Hinrich and Dunleavey make meaningful contributions we should have the best record in the East for the third time in four years.


Beasley is back on the market, should the Bulls take advantage?

Michael Beasley is being released by the Phoenix Suns after being caught with weed. On the one hand Beasley is an underachiever who seems to have difficulty managing his weed habit, which a...

Four million dollars short and a day late: The Bulls on OJ Mayo


Thibs waxes the poetic on OJ Mayo...the article claims that our chance at Mayo was through trades in 11'. Might this be the Org trying to obscure its own free agent ineptitude? Anyway, if we had Mayo here instead of Hinrich everyone would feel very different about the future.


Grasping the Org's logic.

Following two seasons in a row with the best record in the league makes it difficult to imagine attempting anything but retooling for another go at the title. Despite our terrible luck at the end...


The Glut of PG Free Agents: Or, why there is no reason to ever see CJ Watson in a Bulls uniform ever again

Many people have been defending CJ Watson now that the season is over. To some extent there is good reason. He is an average player in every sense. He is a fairly likeable guy and he is familiar;...

Evan Turner wants the Bulls.


I normally don't worry about these things. And I originally wanted the Knicks because it will be a more interesting series. However, please let us have the Sixers. We need to sweep them.

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