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Hey Otis, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse!

Hear me out on this one….. Offer:Jan Vesely + Jordan Crawford + Chris Singleton + Trevor Booker + Kevin Seraphin + Javale McGee + Rashard Lewis + 2 unprotected firstround picks For Dwight Howard,...

Yi Jianlian Injured His Right Knee Playing in China


While his team Guangdong says it's still unsure about the Yi's injury, he's expected to miss 2-4 weeks which screws his changes to get a new contract before the season starts.

Billy Hunter's letter to the players


On Monday, National Basketball Players' Association executive director Billy Hunter sent a seven-page letter to players detailing the steps that will take place leading up to an expected open of training camps on Dec. 9. In the letter, which was obtained by, Hunter also offers a detailed breakdown of the tentative labor agreement in anticipation of a vote that must occur before that time. Read more:


2012 Free Agency is going to be AWESOME!

  Lawyers are trying to end the lockout before Christmas, but what if the NBA won't re-open it’s gates untill the summer of 2012? A whole season would be lost obviously and as long as the lawsuits...

NBA Competitive Balance: Numbers Prove Spending Matters


The most interesting part to me: "The point for fans is this: The players are opposed to limits on team spending even though the players as a group are guaranteed to always get their share of total revenue. (...) Individual players might be losers in that scenario but other players would also benefit. Once the BRI agreement was reached, it stopped being about player vs. owner and become player vs. player." I'm not sure if the rank and file truelly realise this.

John Wall Working on Business Management Degree During NBA Lockout


Business management huh? Seems like John is preparing himself for the next CBA negotiations in 2017!

Kobe on Kwame


He said, 'Well, if I'm open don't throw it to me.' I was like, 'Huh?' He said, 'Don't throw it to me.' I said, 'Why not?' He said, well, 'I'm nervous. If I catch it and they foul me, I won't make the free throws.' I said, 'Hell no!'


Agents send open letter to urge players not to agree with ANY concessions

Via Michael Lee from the Washington Post.  The agents essentially advise the players to not accept anything else than the old CBA staying completely intact..... That's right. They are unreasonable...

NBA2k12 Wizards game play NEW ROAD JERSEYS check the 4:00 mark for a nice Blatche to McGee...


NBA2k12 Wizards game play NEW ROAD JERSEYS check the 4:00 mark for a nice Blatche to McGee dunk.

Wizards’ Kevin Seraphin to play in Spain


The 2010 # 17th pick signed for Caja Laboral Vitoria, rejecting an offer from his former team Cholet (France).

Is the season saved?


Derek Fisher reportedly told players to get in shape for the season

NBA2k12 Living live in the fast lane....


NBA2k12  Living live in the fast lane....

Jan Vesely fan!! How bout that for a substitution guys?


Jan Vesely fan!! How bout that for a substitution guys?


Contraction is the solution to everything

The other day I tried to rebuild the Raptors (of all teams, I know) in the NBA 2K11 franchise mode. I tried to do it as realistically as possible and failed misserably. It got me thinking about the...

Joakim Noah out ; Seraphin in??


This atleast improves his chances, lets hope he sticks and he gets a great oppertunity to improve this summer.


Questions for the futue

I'm not going to be negative anymore about Vesely. He is a Wizard now, he can do some stuff and can't do a bunch of other stuff and his girlfriend is hot.  I do have some question's and I'm...


Kanter's defense

Enes Kanter is NOT a bad defender. I see people echo each other and its annoying cause most of you haven't seen this kid play. Ever.

Gilbert Arenas player evaluation grade: F


Over on the Orlando Pinstripedpost they are not happy with our former hero. I was rather angry when the trade was made and in the heat of the moment I wanted Ernie to get fired for it. Now, I mostly agree with the article and I am hereby eating my words. I apologize Ernie. Well done.


Erik Spoelstra?

Now that the Heat failed the to win the championship, David Thorpe says he doesn't expect Erik Spoelstra to keep his job. If Pat Riley really does fire Spoelstra, should the Wizards go after...


Ted's plan, the sixth pick and how we are doing so far

  Ted’s plan is to acquire a young core, let them grow together while getting tougher in the process and finally fill in the blanc's through FA (summer of 2013)   We lucked into JW as our center...

Wizards' assets have little value for Timberwolves


Our very own 'forthepeople' posted a trade proposal over on the Canis Hoopus site to see if we could land their # 2 pick. its an eye opener to see what they think about our assets and those people have no bias for or against any of our players like we do. I recommend it to everybody Note 1: i like to frequent other team blogs to quick-scan what's going on and to me Canis Hoopis is one of the better SBNation/NBA sites around here and very active, especially considering their team's situation. Note 2: Forthepeople, you probably mentioned somewhere that you posted this on their site but i think i missed it...or didn't paid enough attention...sorry.


NCAA tournament, draft, draft draft!

  As you all know, our team is pretty much unwatchable right now. We all have our opinions on what our team needs and thanks to Rook we've got a pretty good idea of the talent available in this...

Saunders joking about 'fake injuries' McGee and Young


I don't really understand this criticizing in public. Especially concerning McGee it seems. What is it good for?

Mayo suspended for ten games after using drugs


Wow, not trading Nick for Mayo keeps looking better and better... what is this kid doing to his career?!

Varejao out for the season


No more trade talk about that.

Andray Blatche getting humiliated all over the internet


"Isn't it most damning to have a player with talent that teammates depend on and management foolishly invests in, only to have that player revert to a complete mess of laziness, arrogance, and incompetence?" Ouch.... and this isnt the only online article in wich AB gets slaughtered.... to name a few: Slam magazine Yahoo

Clutch plays against 76ers analyzed on NBA Playbook


The link above discusses Nick's game winner and the one below looks at Wall's crucial play at the end of regulation:

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