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Yahoo's Dr. Saturday is impressed by Winston's Third Base Throw


Jameis Winston, based solely on his spring game performance and third base throw against Clemson, is now a dark horse Heisman candidate.

Florida State in discussions with Georgia for a 2016 neutral site game in Atlanta


The Orlando Sentinel's Coley Harvey spoke with FSU AD Randy Spetman on Wednesday the 15th. Spetman confirmed that FSU and UGA were in discussions, but an agreement was conditional on future SEC schedule matters. More specifically, the pending SEC vote on an eight or nine game SEC conference schedule. The issue should be settled by the end of May, when the SEC will vote on future conference scheduling during their spring meetings. According to the article, the game could likely be played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, and be part of the Chic-fil-A Kickoff Classic.

Yahoo's Mike Huguenin: 2012 Must-See Games


I linked this for two reasons. The first being that Florida State is listed twice. Once against Clemson in week four, and once against Virginia Tech in week eleven. The second reason is because, in both weeks, Huguenin doesn't list any other games those weeks with the "also of note" descriptor. Its not really a factor against Virginia Tech, since that game is being played on a Thursday. But I have mentioned this before. I believed the odds were very slim that the media would be drawn towards any other games in week four. Aside from a few decent Pac-12 matches, there isn't much else going on. So with that in mind, the odds are fairly good we'll be in a nationwide prime-time slot against Clemson. The odds are better if Clemson somehow beats Auburn in week one.


Nole Your Opponents' Schedules

The 2012 Florida State Seminoles are already heavily favored to win the ACC Atlantic, the Atlantic Coast Conference, and are considered by some to be contenders for the BCS National Title. To do...

Pictured: Last night's Olympic trials, where Ryan Lochte (Gata) defeated Michael Phelps (rear) in...


Pictured: Last night's Olympic trials, where Ryan Lochte (Gata) defeated Michael Phelps (rear) in the men's 400m IM. Are you ready for a fun and interesting twist to 2012 Olympic swimming? Lochte is wearing his colors. Phelps is coached by Bob Bowman, who will also be an assistant coach for the Olympic team. Bowman swam for Florida State from 1983 to 1985. So obviously, if you're a true patriot, you'll hope that Phelps secures his spot on the 2012 Olympic team and whoops this Lochte kid into submission.

SEC Network and Expansion


Multiple outlets are reporting that the SEC is "weeks away" from ending negotiations with its TV partners (CBS/ESPN) for a new deal. According to the link, however, CBS doesn't see much value in the addition of TAnM and Mizzou, and may not increase 1st tier payouts as much as hoped. To counter, the SEC is attempting to start The SEC Network. As of now, the partner in the network has not been selected, nor have ownership rights or payouts or any such details been publicly discussed. Additional information can be found here. You can count on the SEC to attempt to drive its 3rd tier profits with the SEC Network as high as possible, however, based on this story in the USA Today. The Pac-12 Network will be launched this August, and is already slated for distribution in 40 million homes. According to the article, thats 10 million MORE than BTN. So the Pac is projecting upwards of $30 million or more per school per year, once the bugs have been worked out of the network. Compare that to projections for the SEC without a network, where generous estimates see an annual payout of around $25 million per school. And thats assuming that CBS is willing to pay more without getting more content. Which they apparently are not. If you take all this and compare it to the $20 million per year deal that the Big XII will apparently get WITHOUT Florida State and Clemson or Miami, you have to imagine that the deal would climb WITH the additions once they're official. Couple the addition of the east coast television markets with the re-formulated Big XII title game and you're pretty close to $25 mil per year. If the Big XII expands to 14 with Miami and Georgia Tech, $25 million would have to be the absolute lowest projection for the new deal. So... If a 12 team Pac and 12 or 14 team Big XII is paid more than the SEC, and a small handful of ACC teams become available due to FSU's defection to the Big XII, do you think the SEC will hold at 14?

Lady Noles Soccer win the ACC Tourney


Congrats to our Noles! FSU defeated Wake Forest with a 1-1 regulation tie and a 3-1 penalty kick win.


The 3rd Quarter: Is FSU Still a Second Half Team? (UPDATED)

Longtime fans of Florida State might fondly recall the days where FSU would enter the locker room at halftime, losing to (insert university name here) by (insert score).  And you would feel badly...

Ad in the FSView


Fellow TNers... I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of all the negative trash going on around Twitter. First was all that garbage during OU week. Now, following the loss at Wake Forest, all our beloved athletes shut down their Twitter accounts (and many of their Facebook accounts) to cut themselves off from a small handful of ignorant so-called fans. The fact that the players felt they had to go that far disgusts me. These young men VONLUNTEERED to wear the Garnet and Gold for Florida State. They could have gone to any number of schools and gotten a quality education while playing football, but they chose us. And for that reason alone, we should support them in all they do throughout their lives. Sadly, we can no longer counter the garbage that was tweeted to our 'Noles due to the cutoff. But I still feel a need to find them and let them know that they ARE, in fact, appreciated for everything that they do. So I contacted the advertising department at the FSView to inquire about rates for taking out an advert. If we so desired, we could sign it on behalf of Tomahawk Nation (with Bud's approval, of course) or use individual names if the group is small enough. But I feel this is something very important that must be done. Our guys can't be feeling very good about themselves at all right now. I want them to know we still appreciate all that they do. EDIT 1: I got an email from FSView staff. The minimum cost is $180.05 for a BnW ad fitting roughly 3.28" x 6.25". The maximum cost is $2061.65 for a full page color ad. (Yikes.) Some more... appropriate... prices: Half-page - BnW $893.33, color $1168.33. 1/3 page BnW $595.55, color $810.55. 1/4 page BnW $443.20, color $603.20. EDIT 2: A PayPal account might be the easiest way to collect funds for the ad, but there is a cost. PayPal charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. (Ex: $3.20 charge on a $100 donation.) That cost isn't particularly high, but it is there. If there is an interest, we can choose someone to create and manage the account. (I volunteer, btw.) My wife is a graphic designer, so we can create an ad amongst ourselves and decide what we like free of charge. That cost, therefore, should not be factored in. Just the cost of printing the ad. All ads must be submitted by 5 pm one week prior to printing. So this won't get out anytime soon. Let me know what you think.

Remember earlier discussions on why Doak doesn't always sell out?


The Oklahoman's Travis Haney wrote this article about his experience traveling to Tallahassee for this week's game. From now on, if anyone references Doak's low attendance figures, cite this article. Enough said.

Difficult to travel to Tallahassee? Say it isn't so.


The Oklahoman's beat writer, Travis Haney, wrote this article. Remember a couple of months back, when we last had this discussion? OU fans here on CnC appeared a little shocked that Doak wasn't sold out on a regular basis. We told you "Well, wait till you come down here..." And here it is, written up for you, by you (well, one of you), for you to read and enjoy. FSU fans traveling from other points of the nation might not have a difficult time flying in for Duke or Wake Forest, but for Florida or Miami? Any other marquis game? Shell out almost 1500 bucks or forget about it. Then there is the rental car mess and the obligatory two night stay in a 400 dollar per night hotel room... I am sure that OU appreciates every one of your fans that made this trip this weekend. But for the record, so do the local hotels, rental car companies, airlines, etc. But don't get me wrong here. I would love for attendance at FSU games to be much higher. But when some of us pop up and say that sometimes you just can't afford to go, now you have a better understanding of what we're talking about.

The CnC release of OU's depth chart


For anyone who may be interested, here is the week one depth chart for the opener vs. Tulsa. There may may not be tweaks from this to the FSU game, but maybe not much since there is no second game from which to judge. Points of interest to note: - OL Depth: The OL has graded very well by reviews, but I am surprised at the lack of depth on the right side. Last spring, starting RT Jarvis Jones ruptured his patella tendon. He likely won't return until after FSU. We MIGHT see this unit shuffle after Tulsa since the two-deep at RT are both redshirt freshmen. Both backups at RG are either RS or true freshmen. Now I know guys would get moved around if there is injury, but still... - Kenny Stills and sophomore Trey Franks have bumped DeJuan Miller at WR. Never mind that Stills is nursing a hamstring injury. He was suspended for game 1. - OU is still sorting out the RB situation. Two starters are listed. (Clay and Whaley.) - DE Ronnell "The Hammer" Lewis is listed as a starter. His status (academics) has yet to be determined. - I told you that Oklahoma was feeling thin at linebacker. Michigan "transfer" and true freshman Kellen Jones is listed as co-backup at MLB with Jaydan Bird. Wort is the starter. Also, there are only two upperclassmen listed in the LB depth chart. None are starters. Oklahoma will miss Travis Lewis. Badly. - Its somewhat odd that the CnC crowd are "surprised" Jamell Fleming would start over Gabe Lynn at CB. Fleming was all conference. Seriously. No contest.

The Brent Musburger Drinking Game


I found this while doing some random surfing. I thought it would be appropriate for the pending FSU vs OU contest. Too bad I don't have any Nole buddies in the area to dub as "The Pardner."

Clemson WR Joe Craig to miss 3 games


Craig was indefinately suspended over the summer after hitting a female track athlete, his girlfriend at the time. He will now miss Troy, Wofford, and Auburn, and return in time to play the Noles. Craig is a RS freshman, and an all-state track champion.

Oklahoma adds LB Kellen Jones to roster


Despite proclaiming crazy depth at the position in recent weeks, the Sooners decided to add another LB who was (at one point) signed by and enrolled at the University of Michigan. 2010 recruit Kellen Jones was announced by ESPN's Big 12 blog to be enrolled at the university and is expected to join the team. No specific time frame was disclosed. The blog continues to say that Jones is not expected to lose eligibility, despite having signed the LOI with Michigan and, at least according to quotes by Michigan coach Brady Hoke, was at one point enrolled. (...Wolverines coach Brady Hoke was informing the masses that Jones was "no longer enrolled at the University of Michigan" during Big Ten Media Days.) Kellen Jones (St. Pius X, Houston TX) was rated as the no. 35 OLB (3* grade 79) by ESPN and the no. 29 ILB (3*) by Rivals. My .02: This doesn't really strike me as the kind of athlete OU would use a scholarship on. During the 2010 recruiting process, he never got an offer from OU. As a kid in Texas, its difficult for me to imagine he was overlooked. (Offers from Arizona, Arkansas, Boise State, Colorado, Missouri, Stanford, and Texas A&M among others.) He is projected to be available immediately but probably won't start due to "depth" at the position. I say it in quotes because I have to imagine that depth is somewhat lacking right now for OU to accept this kid. They don't want him, but perhaps they need him? Here is an article for reference from Crimson and Creme Machine. They dismiss concerns but also talk about a couple of guys they figure will be dismissed or DQd shortly. In summary, I think OU is a little more worried than they are letting on. Please discuss.

Rivals Unit Rankings Continue: FSU, 2nd Best Special Teams Unit


Rivals.com is giving Florida State even more love. In case you missed it... Nation's 4th best secondary. Nation's best defensive line. Now here is what I don't get. Rivals ranks OU's ST as 5th in the nation. Um... Jimmy Stevens can't hit over 50 yards. Period. Last year's 40-49 performance was a fluke compared to prior years. OU sampled two other kickers this off-season in hopes of improving. Then there is this... "OU will have a new kick returner this season. The Sooners' punt coverage unit was excellent but the kickoff coverage was atrocious, with a nation's-high four TDs allowed." So then how, exactly, is this the fifth best unit in the land? Debate and discuss.

Rivals Unit Rankings Continue: FSU, 4th Best Secondary


The folks at Rivals.com believe that our unit is more effective than all others, save LSU, Penn State, and Alabama. In that order. And in case you missed it, Florida State also has Rivals' best defensive line in the country. The secondary rankings also list Virginia Tech (8th) and Oklahoma (10th). Discuss.


If FSU loses to OU: Our chances on the national stage.

Matt Hinton, otherwise known as "Dr. Saturday" to Yahoo! readers, released a stinging article on FSU vs. OU yesterday.  (Here is a link to the article.)  It starts off, interestingly enough, in our...

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