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Pablo Novak is a real person

This is a town that was flooded by a nearby lake and abandoned. When the water receded, one man moved back: Pablo Novak.


Your New York Knichimeras

It is my carefully considered analysis that this team won't be able to finish the season undefeated without tapping into the advantages provided by amoral scientific procedures. So, inspired by t...

Amare in the mirror. From the fantastic Hakeem Mutombo tumblr


Amare in the mirror. From the fantastic Hakeem Mutombo tumblr


Potential bench nickname: Linsanity

D'Antoni's got the luxury of 11 guys who could get minutes, but he does not have the luxury of being patient with combinations which are not clicking right away. How quickly he finds those right...


Basketball Prospectus did math to arrive at pro comps for tomorrow's draftees

These comparisons are based on factors including height, weight, minutes per game, and percentage stats for shooting, rebounding, and defense.  Couple of the big names include Kyrie Irving to D...


I'm making up a fictional trade for Tony Parker

Tony Parker sez the Spurs can no longer compete for a championship.  There's no reason to think that means the Spurs will turn around and trade him to the Knicks, but I'll blame years of abuse from...


What would Pitino say about our team (in 15 seconds or less)

Danilo Gallinari's not walking through that door, fans.  Wilson Chandler isn't walking through that door, Ray Felton isn't walking through that door.  It's true that Timofey Mozgov and Anthony...

Landry gettin tan..dry

Dude is fuckin funny

Heat Cry After Loss to Bulls

Gotta be LeBron. Am I crazy or are the Heat the team we want in round 1?


maybe a DeJuan Blair

But more likely, an Earl Barron, or perhaps a Carl Landry.   We've still got a few moves left before Thursday.  We need more tall players on our team. We've got a few expiring deals in Buike, RMJ,...


On this day in history!!

Team USA beat Russia 4-3.  The Miracle on Ice.  Today, the BRAND NEW miracle is getting NCAA Champion and recent Dream Team participant Carmelo "MELO" Anthony and Chauncey "MR. BIG SHOT" Billups...


James Dolan is a Numbskull Idiot, However

Regardless of reactions to the latest round of trade rumors, I think we can all agree that what we want for the Knicks is to win with likable players that enhance our rooting experience.  We've all...


Melo to Jersey 4-way trade rumor

I'm sure many of us have seen this, and many of us don't give a shit about Carmelo and all of that.  But I figured Mike the Intern was gonna post about it at some point anyway if someone else...


Wonky Kinks Recur, Yo... Anagrams for Your New York Knicks

The fanbase is abuzz with the dawning of the Mo Ager Era and I thought there was no better way to celebrate than by examining some anagrams of the man's name.  I've never left "the jump" in before...


Lance Stephenson: a complete Diyock?

If you liked the Knicks 2nd round decisions before, prepare to like them even more.  The Daily News says Lance Stephenson sent his girlfriend down a flight of stairs yesterday.  Ironic that Indiana...


A thread for Jared Jeffries trade proposals.

Ok, so Osborn mentioned in a post earlier about the Knicks and Rockets kicking around a swap of Eddy Curry's contract for Jared Jeffries's weird little teeth and charge taking abilities.  So the...


Important Landry Fields Article

ALRIGHT.  This article is a pretty good look at one of our newest players.  It's got some good info and an overall positive bent about the drafting of this young man from Stanford.  It's from about...


Is Amare Stoudemire Jewish?

I guess he's been closing a lot of tweets with "shalom" so, is he?


Amare in the World Championships? Not so Fast

A story from ESPN indicates there's now a question of whether or not Amare's new contract will be insured for FIBA contests.  It may be music to the ears of some Knick fans that he won't be putting...


MoreyBall? More Like MoreyNuts!

It just got me scratching my head after they matched the offer sheet that Cleveland extended to Kyle Lowry at 3 years and 24 million plus an option year.  Kinda curious considering Lowry is their...


Deja Vu All Over Again?

Anybody else been thinking about the 2003-04 Suns?  That was the same year Phoenix traded us Anfernee Hardaway and Cezary Trybanski, plus some other guy...Yeah, you know, they're the same club...

Entire 1994 Eastern Conference Finals on Youtube

Missing your Knicks? This should keep you warm at night. The bonus here is that the play by play guy sounds identical to Dave Letterman


Anybody else prefer not to get Lebron?

I know its not a new idea or complaint, but people seem to have softened their stance on Lebron.  Personally though, this organization bowing and scraping for LBJ embarrasses me as a Knick fan. ...


Rod Thorn Retiring

Now every team with loads of cap space apart from the Knicks and Miami is in flux in the front office, on the sidelines, or both.Are the Knicks now not the most attractive team for potential free...

Kevin Pritchard finally let go in Portland

Could he possibly be someone who comes to work for Donnie Walsh?

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