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Notes from my first Jazz game

Wow. NBA games are fun!!!! That's what I found out tonight, as I donned my Utah Jazz gear and took off for the Palace of Auburn hills with my stepdad, Ken, the man who had so graciously got me...


The Invasion of Utah (You're Invited)

Hey SLC Dunkers, I wanted to finally bring up a topic that's been on my back burner for a while. I, like a healthy amount of other Dunkers I've been surprised to find, am not from Utah. ...


Utah Jazz !Thematic! Geography Quiz

I was a Geography major for a good part of college, but was a lover of maps long before that. In particular, I always enjoyed the roads/highways system, and the ways that city layouts looked. ...


What's your dream 1st possession of the season

I can't wait for the 2013-14 NBA season to start. I've never been more excited, not just about the Jazz team itself, but about being a Jazz fan amongst fans. We've got a couple of years now in...


Thought Thippy Thappy Zippy Zappy Thing

And now, a rare talkative thought reflection from your friendly neighborhood Mid-South dwelling Jazz compatriot. I believe I'm seeing a pattern with the front office - a pattern that explains the M...


More night articles?

To Brian, MRW, the rest of the staff, and the Rumblers community: I'm writing tonight to voice a respectful, earnest opinion about the timing of the articles that hit the front page. Our writers...


Rebuttal: 3rd Down Long Passes Weren't A Bad Idea

I'm writing here just to respond to a lot of the rhetoric against the deep passes this week on third down. At first, I agreed with the criticism, but I've watched as it's evolved into this...

Hitler Reacts to his Lakers Being Swept by the Mavericks


For those of who you have seen this Hitler meme/series of videos, this is a hilarious must. For those of you who haven't, the part of you that takes glee in hating the Lakers demonstratively wants you to watch.

200 Best Paying Sports Teams in the World - ESPN Magazine


The Bills are good for #141, and 26th out of 32 among NFL teams. Interestingly, while most NFL teams make sense in this list, not all would fit where you thought...


What's the Story? Jazz Simply Playing Together

I haven't done a FanPost in a while, and I've been humming to put together some thoughts on our beloved Jazz and contribute them to the site. So I thumbed through some stats to see what I could...


Welcome, Shawne Merriman!

We, the fans, are pumped.  We watched you become one of the very best, in a very short time, in San Diego. We know you have detractors, people who say you can't do it anymore. We, the fans, say,...


We Need to Hit Rock Bottom

I feel very strongly as a fan that the 7-9 and 6-10 seasons of the past decade have hurt our team.  When coupled with a largely ineffective draft class (paging Mr. Modrak), our 7-9 and 6-10 seasons...


The Illogic of our Intentional Safety

Okay, now that I am removed from the emotional high and low of the game thread, I am going to attempt to construct a rational basis based on the situation that happened at the end of the 4th...


What other teams do Rumblers bleed for?

We all love our Bills.  But I am curious, since we are a varied community of Bills fans, we are also sports fans.  As such, I am curious as to what our secondary teams are.  Many of us have a...


Bills might be interested in Tyler Thigpen

There are a lot of Bills fans, myself included, that would like to see Tyler Thigpen in a Buffalo uniform as a potential fit, at least a contender, for our starting quarterback gig.  Thigpen's...


Potential defensive subpackage: the 4-2-5

Donte Whitner and Bryan Scott are injured, and for the moment, the Bills have quality depth.  When they return, however, a logjam at the safety position will ensue.  Scott is a bonafide run stopper...


Do you have a Bills/NFL connection story?

I roomed with a guy in college who played kicker for Texarkana High School (Texas side).  The quarterback on my roommate's team was a guy from Arkansas named Ryan Mallett.  He ended up going to...


Bills' Fans: On the Eve of 2009

When the Buffalo Bills began the Dick Jauron era, hopes were high, but cautious.  Now, on the eve of the 2009 season, many of the same hopes have become flat and cynical.  Pessimissts predict a...

SI ranks NFL's backup QBs 1-32


SI ranks the NFL's 32 backup quarterbacks. Ryan Fitzpatrick comes in 19th out of 32. That's about where I'd put him.


Time to Draw the Line

I'm generally a Bills optimist. I have the team making the playoffs each year, albeit at a wild card position. So that got me thinking, why don't I feel the Bills can compete with New England in...


Poll: Roscoe, Hardy, or Johnson?

Even if the Bills hadn't acquired T.O. this week, their wide receiver position was loaded with players who each have a difficult time climbing up the depth chart. With the addition of Owens, our WR...

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