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Twitter me @dreadsmcm
● Official MCM Poster Person Guy
● I go by DD 'round these parts. The inspiration for the name Dynamic Dreadlocks came from former Titans RB Chris Johnson
● My Homeland is MCM (www.musiccitymiracles.com)
● Ruston DGAF

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  • NFL Tennessee Titans
  • NCAAF Tennessee Volunteers
  • NCAAB Tennessee Volunteers
  • Soccer #USA
  • The Championship Naters gon' Nate
User Blog

AFC South Position Group Comparisons: WRs

Earlier this month or whenever I wasn't being lazy I began a series on comparing the respective position groups for the AFC South. Today (well, technically tonight, because I'm writing this at...


AFC South Position Group Comparisons: QBs

Earlier last week I began a series on comparing the respective position groups for the AFC South. Today (well, technically tonight, because I'm writing this late at night) I will be writing up...


AFC South Position Group Comparisons: TEs

Earlier this week I began a series on comparing the respective position groups for the AFC South. Today I will be writing up about the TEs that call the AFC South home. Previous entries: RBs ...


AFC South Position Group Comparisons: RBs

Hello. My name is Dynamic Dreadlocks, but you can call me Dr. DD. I plan on starting a weekly fanpost that will compare each AFC South team's position groups. Some weeks I might write multiple...


DD's Un-Expert Opinion on Some of this Draft's QBs

The Tennessee Titans are going to add a QB at some point in the upcoming draft. Whether that QB comes in the 1st round or the 7th round, nobody knows. There's several candidates I wouldn't mind...


What Irrational Move Would You Make?

Today I am going to channel my inner "jlomas" and say some crazy speculative type things. Only, that's the point of this fanpost. I was thinking about what crazy things I wouldn't mind seeing...


The Offseason of DD, #5

Right now I am too lazy/tired to link the previous posts I've made, and they all suck so there's no point in doing that anyway. I'm just gonna jump right in to this post, I'm going to type out my...


The Offseason of DD, #4

It's that time of the week again, time for the worst fanpost of the week, The Offseason of DD! You can find the others here (not sure why you'd want to read them, they all suck): #1 #2 #3 -...


The Offseason of DD, #3

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week's installment of "The Offseason of DD". As has been stated, this will be a random post that has nothing to do with anything in particular, just something...


The Offseason of DD - 2nd Installment

I will be starting a weekly offseason random-fanpost type thing. It will be exactly as I said, random. I'll leave the good Titans analysis and writing for the experts like "Xanpham" and such. F...


Jake Locker

Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker Jake...


MNF Open Thread

Join me in discussion of anything you want to talk about, or particularly this MNF game between Carolina and New England. Steve Smith just got into a scuffle with Aqib Talib. I will admit, I...


The "Ask Titans Fans, or just ignore us" Thread

This thread is the best ever. No seriously. I'm here, you might be here too. So it's awesome right? Maybe. I'll let you think about it while you're in the shower or something, because that's when...


The "Ask Titans Fans Stuff or Just Ignore Us Like ESPN Does" Thread

Welcome to the greatest thread of your life. Well, this probably will fall significantly short of that, but I'm here, and you might be here, so about 2.4902% of the "GOAT" thread requirement is...


Q&A with Titans fans

Greetings, Gang Green! (hooray for alliteration!) I am just your friendly neighborhood Titans fan, and obviously our two squads face each other this week. The Jets are a surprising 2-1 start...


Ask the Meth Head BESF Fan(s) Stuff

So admittedly I was rooting for the Chargers last night because the thought of the Titans having a chance to put Houston in an 0-2 hole was quite a sexy thought. Alas, the Chargers perform their...


Create a Caption: Casey Lifts, Bro. Edition

WE WIN!!!!!!1111 Welcome to 2013's installment of the Create a Caption series. Last year for one reason or another it just didn't take off and so I just kind of let it die. It went over pretty...


MCM OT Thread #1

This is a thread dedicated to anything and everything OT (or even Titans related) that you might want to talk about. You need fantasy football advice? Ask here. You just did a fantasy football...


Q&A with Titans fans

Greetings, Steelers fans and members of BTSC. The offseason is officially over, and it's time to gear our football-starved minds to the regular season, where the tally marks in the W/L column...


The Effects of the Likely Mariani vs Reynaud Decision

I posted a comment in a recent thread about the Titans updated depth chart how I wanted Marc Mariani to win the return man job and stick on the roster instead of 2012 return man Darius Reynaud, but...


Training Camp Visit, DD Style

Today was a good day. I went to Titans training camp today, and had a darn good time! Here's DD's 5 observations (offense and defense) of practice (not very in depth, go look at some tweets or...


MCM Put Your Name On It 2013

This'll be a simple fanpost, I believe it was done prior to the season starting last year as well. I'll ask a few questions below and my responses, and in the fan comments, you can post your...


Petition to Bring Back FOTUD

Greetings fellow MCMers. It is a sad time around these parts amidst the celebration of a great draft and off-season to this point. One of MCM's regulars, fanoftheunderdogs, has decided to leave...


MCM Offseason Game #3 - Create a Caption Edition Edition

I believe FOTUD won the last game (again) so ... he's banned from this contest. Maybe I'm kidding, maybe I'm not. But anyway, time to get this short lived contest going and then next week...


Offseason Game #2 - Describe a Titans Player with Pics

It's your friendly neighborhood contest creator here, DD, with the 2nd of hopefully many more contests to hold over the offseason to keep us entertained in the dead periods. First, let me say MCM...


Extreme Boredom Caused This Game: Describe an MCMer Game

I should be studying. I'm not studying. So while not studying, I decided to make a fun thread. Rules are simple. Post a picture or a GIF and we're supposed to guess who that picture would most...


My LP Field Report, MNF Edition

Tidbits from my journey to LP Field for the MNF game against the New York Jets. First up, the "Obscure and Misplaced Fans I Saw": - NFL: Packers fan, Raiders fan, Dolphins fans, Eagles fans, B...


Ask a Fearless MCMer, Part II

*****Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any trolls than may inhabit this thread during the week. I am here to have civil football conversations with fans of the Houston Texans and residents of...


Previewing Turkey Day Games, and Knowing MCM's Turkey Day Plans

Obviously this upcoming Thursday we have this holiday called Thanksgiving. It is a time to gather with friends and family and stuff as much food down your throat as possible before you succumb to...


Create a Caption - I Forgot To Do This For 2 Straight Weeks Edition

Week 10 (?) of the CaC Series thus beggineth! 1) Post a comment as your caption. (Thank you captain obvious!) 2) Pictures ARE allowed, so long as they are relevant to your caption. 3)...

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