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No 3-point stance, no contact practices


To reduce the risk of concussions, the league is considering rules limiting players from wearing helmets and engaging in full contact drills in practice. It's even possible the league could ban the 3-point stance at the line of scrimmage. Remember when linemen couldn't use their hands, so they had to stand with their elbows sticking out to the side like coathangers? Me neither, but maybe someday the 3-point stance will look just as outdated to modern fans. Other rule changes that might be considered include banning the use of hands to touch the ball and changing the shape of the ball to be more round; players would be allowed to advance the ball down the field using their feet to kick the ball on each play... okay, I'm totally making that part up. For the record, I'm against concussions, and strongly in favor of Moms, flags and apple pie.

Stacy Andrews contract restructure in works?


"Andrews is scheduled to receive another $7.6 million this year, including a $4.1 million roster bonus in early April, which he would get only if he still is with the team on the 30th day of the league year (April 4). His $2.956 million salary and $500,000 workout bonus also are not guaranteed. Neither is the remaining $25.37 million in salary and bonuses in the final 4 years of his deal." This move became obvious before the end of the season. That contract is way out of line for the production Stacy gave in 2009. The problem is, who is going to step up and replace him if he won't restructure his deal and has to be cut?

2010 Eagles Schedule Strength


The Eagles schedule for 2010 is the 9th toughest in the league, based on opponents' records in 2009. "The Eagles' home schedule is particularly brutal. Only Washington (4-12) had a losing record last season, and four of the eight opponents won at least 11 games. Overall, the Eagles play only four games against teams with a losing record - Washington twice, Detroit (2-14) and Chicago (7-9)." Of course, the same was true for the Eagles 2009 schedule, based on 2008 results for their opponents. That didn't work out so well. In fact, the Eagles (especially McNabb) are now criticized for not beating anyone with a winning record in 2009 - obviously 2008 didn't carry over all that well. So I take strength-of-schedule rankings with a big grain of salt.

Banner acknowledges the gap exists


Left unsaid is what exactly the front office plans to do about it.

7 Added to HOF


The distant Eagles connection: Cris Carter didn't make it in.

14 on a scale of 10


Those are the odds of a 2011 work stoppage shutting down the NFL, according to players association head DeMaurice Smith. Incredibly, the owners negotiated TV contracts that guarantee them $5 billion in TV revenue even if the entire 2011 season is canceled - say what? - making it that much less likely they feel the need to compromise with the players association in time to avoid a lockout. (Although the $5 bil. would have to be paid back eventually.) The owners want the players to share more of the pain of stadium costs. The players want the owners to open their books and explain where the heck all the money is going. They might even want the owners to spend a bit less on coaches' salaries (what do all those assistant coaches actually do, anyway?) and marketing (dancing robots). There are plenty more issues the two sides might want to take up. ( Concussions, replacing preseason games with games that count, playing in Mexico and more. No doubt a rookie wage scale would be high on the owners' list. Can we at least get rid of the dancing robot? Not that it would be worth a lost season, but something good should come out of this mess.

Roseman officially named GM


Serious question: At what point do you start calling someone a football guy? After so many years of experience in a front office position, or only if they played the game at some point?

Westbrook, Maclin both probable for Broncos


With the Eagles expecting to have five WRs healthy - Jackson, Brown, Curtis, Maclin, Avant - plus Celek and Westbrook as options, McNabb will have plenty of weapons and the Broncos will have a lot to worry about.

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