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Russell Wilson...a good backup QB for the Panthers?


So he's realized that he is an average baseball player and has decided to try his hand in the NFL. I'm not sure where he's projected to go in the draft, if at all, but do you think it would be worth giving him a look as a long-term backup to Cam? Discuss...


DeAngelo Williams is the most explosive back in the NFL

A great metric for measuring the value of runningbacks is explosive plays. We're talking runs of over 20 yards. And believe it or not no one does it better than DeAngelo Williams. In fact, every...


What is your opinion on DC Sean McDermott?

Hey there gang. After reading Jaxon's article: Panthers 2011 Midseason Review: Defense, and after spending some time evaluating our defense on film, I have come to formulate an opinion on the job...

Caption contest. Rec your favorite comment(s)...


Caption contest. Rec your favorite comment(s)...


Breaking down the remaining 10 games on the schedule

Its been a while since I've contributed anything worthwhile here (some would say that I've yet to contribute anything worthwhile), so I thought I'd try to take an in-depth look at the rest of the...

CSR 8 Smack Talkin'


Dread Pirate Roberts VS FaceFaceMan SD Thundercats.. HO! VS J Walkers New Fangled Skanks VS Straw Hat Pirates Crashing Badgers VS The Laws of Motion pantherpride VS Squirrely Wrath Wavier Wire Warriors VS Mr. Dynamic

Legedu Naanee to wear a certain #17


Thoughts? Anyone care? I don't think Jake Delhomme was the kind of player who deserves a retired jersey, but you would have never seen the number being worn again as long as Fox was here.


How often will the Panthers use a 3-4 defense?

New Panthers HC Ron Rivera (BAMF) has coached a 4-3 defense and a 3-4 defense both  to #1 overall defensive rankings. This is impressive. So he knows, clearly, how to make both schemes work....

BAMF talks about the Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle" video


The Chicago Bears, who lost just one game that season, shot the video just hours after returning from that one loss - a Monday night game at Miami that derailed a 12-0 start. "We got back at like six o'clock in the morning, and it was downtown shortly after that. There was no way I was going to show up for that," Rivera said. "I wish I had been there. It went platinum." So BAMF has a sense of humor? I like him more every day. NOTE: The bit about the "SB Shuffle" is in the last two paragraphs.


An Early Swing at the Panthers' 2012 Madden Ratings

Hello fellow Panther and NFL fans. We are rapidly approaching the much anticipated release of the Madden ratings (and the game too, I suppose). Well, actually that may be a month or two down the...

Norwood to play at DE exclusively


It is in the last couple of paragraphs of this Smitty update by J. Person. I think this is a smart move. I'm not sure why the "linebacker" position was even tied to Eric. He's a pass-rusher, as he says. I actually really like how we have a pair of small, quick DEs and another pair of big, powerful DEs.

Our Darren Sproles


Make it happen, Marty. Top undrafted free agent signing...mark it down.

"I look at it like, if you go back in the history of football, (when) the game was started, it...


"I look at it like, if you go back in the history of football, (when) the game was started, it started up front," he said. "Some people were scared and backed up off the ball. But the real bulls stayed up front and played the game." ~Marcel Dareus

Panthers have NFL's Toughest Schedule in 2011


Thank the rest of the NFC South for this one. Odd that the team with the worst record in 2010 would have the toughest schedule in 2011. But this fan wouldn't want it any other way...Your going to have to beat the best teams to win a Super Bowl, so you might as well get some practice in the regular season.

Marcus Stroud released by Bills


Marcus Stroud's name was once synonymous with run-stopping from the DT position. Since leaving Jacksonville for a bigger paycheck, Stroud has shed 40 pounds to play DE in their 3-4 defense. Before the Bills switched to a 3-4, during his first season in Buffalo, Stroud was an early defensive MVP candidate, helping their run-defense improve from dead last to 9th, until a late-season collapse dropped them to 20th. Stroud will likely try to get back to 310-320lbs before next season, (he played at 330+ in JAX) in hopes of signing with a team running a 4-3--a scheme in which he was far more effective. Do the Panthers show any interest in one of the better interior defensive lineman available? They did not so much as kick the tires on Shaun Rodgers, but Stroud does not have the same baggage. At some point the Panthers will have to stop treating free agents like venereal diseases.


Panthers Targeting "Five to Eight" Players with No. 1 Pick

Marty Hurney made a radio appearance on Charlotte's WFNZ last week. Hurney, in his decade as an NFL general manager, has mastered the art of talking without saying anything. He was asked mostly...

South Carolina TE Saunders Ineligible for 2011 Draft


My first thought was "he's not three years removed from HS?" That's not it...his ineligibility stems from a "paper-work" issue. Not sure that he is even on the Panther's draft board because of the suspension, but he will probably be one of the few players with real potential in the Supplemental Draft.

Scott Turner pegged as Offensive Quality Control Assistant


Turner, 28, is the son of San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner. His familiarity with the Panthers' new offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski no doubt influenced this decision.

SI's Don Banks and his First Mock Draft


Banks thinks the Panthers ultimately pass on Gabbert and take Fairley. Interesting that Robert Quinn goes 6th to Cleveland (seems a bit early in light of his suspension), and that Cam Newton goes 10th to the 'Skins (two first-round Auburn QBs in seven drafts?).


A Look at the 56 Early Entries to the 2011 Draft

This year there will be a record number of underclassmen who have declared for the NFL draft. The CBA uncertainty probably contributed to the 56 early entries, as all of these young men must be... mock draft has Blaine Gabbert as the #1 selection


I can't pretend that I've seen enough of this kid to have any strong opinion about this, but purely from a reactionary standpoint, I don't like it. He can run a bit, has a good arm, has good pocket awareness, and he has prototypical size. With all that, picking Nick Fairley is much more of a sure thing. We need a sure thing, regardless of what position he plays. If a QB must be selected in this draft, wait until the third round (or later), and then bring in a veteran. Let there be a legitimate three horse race in the preseason. What are your thoughts? Discuss...

Harbaugh Signs Deal to Coach 49ers


Dear Andrew, Seriously? Pride often gets in the way of common sense.

SI's Top 10 Defensive Backs in 2011 Draft


Number one and two are CBs Prince Amukamara and Patrick Patterson, respectively. If a certain Stanford QB decides to go back to school, I'm pretty sure both of these guys will be on the Panthers' 'big-board.' Assuming Richard Marshall is not resigned, the Panthers will have a need at CB. Who, if anyone on this list, intrigues you?

Steve Smith's House is on the Market?


We know how fond Mike Florio of ProfootballTalk is about our buddy Steve Smith. I'm not sure this is legit, or just more of Florio's quest to destroy Steve's career. I for one would not be terribly surprised if this turns out to be true. But Steve; good luck selling a $2M+ house in this economic climate.

SI's top 10 Offensive Lineman Prospects


The Panthers' offensive line has laid an egg this season. Once considered a strength of the team, it now appears that its time to call in the cavalry.

Midseason MVPs for all 32 Teams


"You have to look long and hard for bright spots, but Anderson is one. In his first year as a full-time starter, he has shown a knack for making plays. " The Panthers garnered the dreaded "dead in the water" comment seen above that naturally even Buffalo, SF, and Dallas eluded. Ahh, this is me longing to be ignored. Its much better than being the only downtrodden team in the NFL in a national article.

A Stone has been Cast


Perhaps its a stone thrown with subterfuge and cunning, but... "If the saints can jump up to a huge lead early: I really hope they rest all their starters for the second half. We really can’t deal with anymore key injuries this season. Now that a few of the big playmakers are coming back, I would hate to see them get hurt against the panthers!"

With the 5th pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the Carolina Panthers select...


Physically, this guy is a beast. He looks like a LB playing corner. He will be a nice replacement for Marshall. What do you guys think? I know its a bit early to start draft talk, but talking about this season is depressing. Who do you like if we have a top 5 or 6 pick?

How was the "Panthers" nickname chosen?


"Panthers team president Mark Richardson, the son of team owner Jerry Richardson, chose the Panthers nickname because "it’s a name our family thought signifies what we thought a team should be—powerful, sleek and strong." Richardson also chose the 1995 expansion team’s color scheme of black, blue, and silver, a choice that initially came under scrutiny from NFL Properties representatives. According to one newspaper report, the concern was raised at the 1993 NFL meetings that a team nicknamed the Panthers that featured black in its color scheme would appeal to street gangs and reflect poorly on the league. " --haha, they would think of that.

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