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I knew their would be Panther fans clamoring for Clausen before too long.  I just didn't expect it to be after only TWO preseason games.  You would think that Moore would at least get the...


Expect Panthers Robinson to start at RG vs Ravens

A look at whether Duke Robinson will start at RG against the Ravens


Everette Brown is not all Finesse, ya'll

I was reviewing some game tape of Everette Brown from last season, and one thing stuck out in particular: The guy has some power. The game that really caught my eye was the second Tampa game (in...

Panthers 9th Rated Team "In the Trenches."


As you can see in the table on the right side of this link, the Panthers are the only team with a straight 'A' for their offensive line. That puts them tops in the league. But, as many have pointed out, the question marks on the D-Line (C- or tied for 31st) drags their overall rating down to 9th.

Florio Strikes Again


More half-butted vomit inducing dribble for your reading pleasure.

Panthers Sign Brandon LaFell


The Panthers signed WR Brandon LaFell, a third-round draft choice out of LSU. Its presumably a four year deal with a signing bonus slightly over $800,000.

Panthers Preseason Breakdown by


This is one of the more polished breakdowns I've seen by a national media outlet. Complete with projected depth chart.


The Darkhorse for the Panthers #2 Receiver Spot...Charly Martin

A closer look at Charly Martin and his quest to earn a Panthers roster spot


Gary Barnidge on Football Outsider's top 10 NFL Prospect List

Barnidge comes in at number 10: "10. Gary Barnidge, TE, Carolina Panthers For seven years now, the Panthers have failed to find a pass-catcher at tight end who could follow in the footsteps of...


Charles Johnson and Geoff Schwartz Among Top 25 Potenital Suprise Breakout Players

Football Outsiders has compiled a list of 25 likely breakout candidates.  These players were not highly touted guys coming out of college, so the list includes guys who might not have been expected...

ESPN's Matt Williamson Believes DT is Panther's Weakness


As someone we all miss dearly used to say: THIS. I've been barking up this tree all offseason. Williamson says it best in above article.


A Breakdown of the Carolina Panther's Linebacking Corp

This is a excerpt from a Matt Williamson article on ESPN.  He is discussing what he believes to be several of the more intriguing linebacking corps in the league.  See his take on the Carolina...

Steve Smith Breaks Arm...Again


Uhh, not awesome...But he should be back by Week 1 of the regular season.

Armanti Edwards is Explosive


The video quality is not great, but watch the whole video, or just fast-forward to 1:48...look at the burst. If you haven't had a chance to see Armanti play--brace yourself. If Jeff Davidson can find a way to get him the ball, he should have no problem making an immediate impact.

Three More Rookies Signed


Hardy, Pugh, and McClain have signed their contracts. I saw an interesting blog entry from Steve Reed on Hardy...apparently he was beating the rest of the D-lineman by 15-20 yards in all the 100 yards gassers the Panthers were doing at the close of OTAs. Hardy even put in a few extra sprints with the WRs and DBs, and was finishing in front of a few of those guys, too. Reed thinks Hardy has flashed the kind of athleticism that might make you forget about, well, that other guy.

Panthers 30th in Team Rankings


Only the Rams and Bills are below the Panthers on this list. That's right, the Raiders, Browns, Lions, Chiefs, and Bucs are better teams than your Carolina Panthers. Apparently, at some point in time, Jerry Richardson took a pee in Steve Wyche's cornflakes.


Peppers absence may have profound effect, statistics show.

Now we all now how the Peppers saga ended.  He wanted out.  After supposedly turning down several long-term offers from Carolina, he got his wish, and swiftly jumped at the fattest contract he...

NFC South chat and some Moore vs Clausen


Love the question from Scott that was answered at 1:40PM.... Scott from Clayton, NC writes: "Matt Moore finished the year great last year. He started a little nervous, but once he settled down, looked awesome. He was making great throws, smart decisions, and had to defenses starting to stay honest. Carolina backed off the passing game in both wins of the Vikings and the Giants. They barely threw the ball in the second half of the Giants game and let JStew run it because they were so far ahead. Why is everyone so against Matt Moore and up for Clausen?" Pat Yasinskas answers: "Name recognition? Hey, I think Moore's earned a shot and Panthers will give him a shot. If he has good preseason, he'll open as the starter and can keep the job as long as he plays well." No, Pat did not BOLD the "name recognition" part--I did. I think he hit it on the head with that...."I know who Jimmy Clausen is. He must be the better player!" says the casual NFL fan.

DeAngelo Williams Talks about a Contract Extension


The part I respect most: "But Williams' attitude is simple: He's going to honor the contract he signed." What a concept!

Funniest Headline. Ever.


Wow is all I have to say. Wow.

Panthers very, very young and inexperienced


The average age of the roster is currently 24.56 years. The Panthers have to be one of the youngest, if not the youngest team in the league. NOTE: This average was calculated without the ages of our "specialists." Food for thought, nothing more.


Let's play a game

Yeah, I know that's kinda creepy.  All I need is one of those voice-scrambler thingys and it would be terrifying. But seriously, I promise I'll get to the point, after wasting another 2.7641...

Marty Hurney interviewed on WFNZ


This interview was more informative than the post-draft press conference...the guys at WFNZ were not throwing him soft balls.

Panthers draft grade a B-, then given stern warning...


Perhaps the most telling quote: "Bottom Line: Added some quality players and lots of guys you've heard of, but this team could be in major trouble along the defensive line due to its draft approach." I have to agree. Say what you want about the guys at the DT position, but the only thing they have proven is that they are no strangers to injured reserve. For years the Panthers have been able to mask their deficiencies on the D-line because Julius Peppers commanded double teams. With Pep gone, and no one but a bunch of "guys" on the D-line, who is going to consistently get to the QB? Who is going to keep centers and guards off of Jon Beason? Who is going to penetrate the A-gaps and blow up plays in the backfield? For me, too many questions remain along the defensive line. Without question, the direction of the Panthers will change due to the decisions made during this year's draft. 5 of the 10 players added are pieces to the passing-game puzzle. In my mind, this will only further mask defensive deficiencies--by adding weapons in the passing-game, and choosing to not address needs in the interior of the D-line. This traditionalist prefers the hard-hat approach that John Fox brought to Carolina after an abysmal 1-15 season (a season in which we emphasized the passing-game). This approach, more specifically, is to run the ball and stop the run. If the first three games of the 2009 season proved anything, it was that our D-line WITH an All-Pro DE, was the worst unit against the run in the entire league. So if stopping the run is not a priority, let's hope this emphasis on adding weapons in the passing-game does not completely obscure our "hard-hat" identity. OC Jeff Davidson has been known to lose games with his play-calling (pass-happy Dallas and Buffalo games come to mind). With two top 5 backs, does this draft signify the unwillingness to view them both as long-term Panthers. I sincerely hope not.


What do these selections say to Matt Moore?

So what does this guy have to do?  He had to sit behind Jake to watch 18 game-killing interceptions, and only got to play because Jake's throwing hand was injured, and Josh McCown was on IR after...

John Henderson, former Jax DT, is a free-agent


It would be silly to not at least kick the tires. If he still wants to play, one of the best landing spots would be in Carolina.


Oh, to have the 17th overall pick tonight...

There has already been a bit of speculation as to whom the Panthers would be interested in IF they still held their first round pick, which was traded to the 49ers for a second and fourth rounder. I...

Panthers DFL in sacks while blitzing on 3rd down


Last year on 3rd down, while sending 5 or more rushers, the Panthers only recorded 1 sack. That ties them for the fewest in the NFL with St Louis and Jacksonville, according to Pat Yasinskas, ESPN's NFC South writer. This stat is a little concerning. With the loss of Julius Peppers, their finest rushing end, and Damione Lewis, their finest rushing tackle, the Panthers will need to create pressure by blitzing. Trying to rely on only the front four, as John Fox likes to do, is not going to put enough pressure on opposing quarterbacks. This number has to go up significantly if the Panther's defense plans on getting off the field at some point.


Teddy Ginn to Carolina?

The big news today is that Brandon Marshall has been traded to Miami for two 2nd round picks.  This leaves little room for former first-rounder Ted Ginn, and it has been leaked that the Dolphins...

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