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My name is Emmett Dove, A life long dolphin fan from Virginia..I am a real life body guard for "the stars", former boxer, former VA Golden Gloves LHW Champ, I attended Harvard online University & The University of Phoenix online, I got my BA from Oklahoma State & played LB& SS, I like to play Xbox 360, gamertag Emmett Dove, play cards, watch games, meet new friends, enjoy a good Fin releated debate, etc.. Im now 33, & still hoping to see the Fins win a super bowl. I own DFE Records & DFE Productions. I have been a member of The Phinsider since 2006, first under the name, VaFinFan, then used my real name when it was switched to SBNation. I am here everyday reading, but, I don't post unless I feel as I have something good to add to the conversation and take my job as Head Of Security, very seriously! If I see a post asking for links to illegal offsite links to watch games, I will ask you to please edit it. All you need do, is if you see someone reply telling you to "email them", is just email that person. I have a great connection for Miami Dolphins Jersey's, and will give them to you at my price if I have seen you on the site for awhile.

I am a fan of baseball, I picked the Braves because we do not have any pro teams in Virginia & I have watched them my whole life, but I am more of a fan of "the players" in most all sports. The only real sport that I consider to have a top team is football which my choice is The Miami Dolphins since 1983 that I can remember!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • NCAAF Oklahoma St. Cowboys
  • NCAAB Virginia Cavaliers
  • NHL Montreal Canadiens
  • Boxing Rocky Marciano, Jack Dempsy, Mike Tyson, Sonny Liston, Cassius Clay, Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang,Primo Carnera, Pernall Whitaker, Almost anyone that has the guts to get in that ring!
  • Golf Phil Mickelson,Payne Stewart
  • NASCAR I do not like racing much even though I live in Martinsville, VA
  • MMA Chuck Norris, Yuri Boyka
  • Soccer I do not like soccer much
  • Tennis John McEnroe
  • General Virginia Squires, Martinsville Phillies,
  • Fantasy Fieldale Dolphins
User Blog

Our record is now 125-126 since Shula left & DC isnt $ anymore!

Since Don Shula retired following the 1995 season, we have went through 7 coaches (counting the interim Jim Bates) & our record under Shula was 257-133-2. Our record since is 125-126, counting...


Eating My Words Part 1: Henne Looked Great

Well, I am one of the "Henne Haters" even though I dont hate the guy.. I will say that I loved his play last night, seen him getting pissed & cursing players on the sidelines. This was a classic...


Can someone please list all the main Dolphin twitter people to follow?

I've had twitter for awhile, but where I was overseas most of the year & last year, I dont have the good ones to follow. Players, news, people here, etc: Thanks in advance! Your Fin...

Join the Dolphins Smash The Pats event on Facebook.. I made it, but dont know how to really invite...


Join the Dolphins Smash The Pats event on Facebook.. I made it, but dont know how to really invite people lol


Any Fantasy Gurus Here? Would Be A Great Weekly Column

We have everything else almost! Wouldnt it be great if we had our own "guru" that done the whole "start'em - sit'em" segment as a fanpost each week? Its a good idea IMHO. Do we have anyone like...


Phinsider Prize League Draft At 9:15pm EST

Our league will hold it's live draft at 9:15pm est, today! I hope all can attend because of the prizes, but, if you can't. Please rank your players!


Phinsider FF Prize League - 5 Spots Left!

Hi,  As most of you may have missed my orignal thread with all of the first pre-season game stuff going on. This is the second year of : The Phinsider Fantasy Football Jersey & Prize League. First...


The Phinsider Fantasy "Jersey League" - Year 2 - Winner(s) Get Choice of Marino or Csonka Jersey! *Updated*

*NOTE* Added 20 teams, extra points, 2 keepers for next year -  2 Jerseys will be given out just like last year. In the event that I should win, the jerseys go to the next 2 people in line. Your...


What is with giving Mosul a hard time?

I was just reading some comments on the home page, where as we all know, Mosul_Dolphan has taken over the day to day operations of our beloved site, The Phinsider. Some of the "fans" here are...

I`m Sorry about yesterday! I needed to vent, haven`t vented since last season but didn`t mean to...


I`m Sorry about yesterday! I needed to vent, haven`t vented since last season but didn`t mean to take it out on people I considered "friends". I hope you accept, if not, well it is the internet & nothing that I can do, but again, I am sorry!


Thanks to Everyone that entered the fantasy league - The Beast That Is The Dolphins!

First I would like to say Thank You to everyone that joined. I know it was very last minute and I hope we can have a very good league next season. I am wanting to have a baseball league to play...


WTF? You all giving up as Dolphin Fans because we suck??!! Fair Weather!! Get The F Away From Here!

This has been going on for weeks, im tired of it. Its one thing to debate "Hating" on players and coaches, but the Franchise? I was in the open game thread, over 20+ people, more like 30 some!! I...


Can we PLEASE not have anymore Henne threads this week? We have 52 Other Players

seriously? WE WON.. let me say that slowly . W E  BEAT THE JEST! Everyone already knows how everyone feels about our QB. Some love him, some hate him, some love to hate him, etc; We do have 52 more...


To The HENNE Lovers

Hate sooo much to tell you.. I Told You So... There went our season and we were getting a few losses we needed.. I said last week, hype him up all week, just to sadly see this thread, this...


Virginia and North Carolina - Miami Dolphins Fan Club? Anyone Interested?

Just think of all the fun that Big Griff has with the Toledo Dolphin Fan Club - We could do this. There are many smart people here! Ok, So I have an idea and wanted to run it across some other...


Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  It is also a thing to note that our very own, Miami Dolphins, have successfully completed the largest Thanksgiving Meal Giveaway! Here is an exert from the...


We Need A Real "Field General"!

  First Off, I would like to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone on this site!   “May God Have Mercy On My Enemies, Because I WILL NOT!” – George S. Patton This is a thread about what we...


Ronnie Brown – The True Definition of a Team Player

*NOTE* This is a very long post, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you, the fans of The Miami Dophins!   It is no secret that Ronnie Brown has not done much...


Hard To Drive

When there is sugar in the tank and the tires slashed... I am still driving my wagon, I will say that some things I had hoped for didnt work out, but when The Beast drops easy balls, everyone on...


Since I Am The Driver Of The Tyler Thigpen Bandwagon – Some Things To Look For In Him

    (AP) Quarterback Tyler Thigpen took practice snaps running the Miami Dolphins' offense for the first time this season Tuesday. (Notice he doesn't "pat the ball like Henne", and is no robot!) ...


Lets Support Tyler Thigpen!

  Hello Fellow Fin Fans!        It is no secret that I have been in favor of starting Tyler Thigpen over Chad Henne since we acquired “Thiggy”. He started off rusty, but had a very impressive...


Chad Henne Is Who We Thought He Was - A Real Fans View

  How many of you remember criticizing our second round pick of Chad Henne? How many remember that John Beck, our second round pick the year before, was our future? How many of you were happy that...


Henne Stared Down A Safety - Or A FEW!

  Well, I got what I have been asking for since Chad Henne got the starting job for our beloved Dolphins! I am happy but also upset at the same time. I hated the call, but it seems to be the way...


Game Planning For Green Bay – Plans To Win and Injuries

    Miami Dolphins Sun, 10/17 at 12:00 PM CDT Home: Lambeau Field TV: CBS WFRV-5 Radio: WTMJ 620 AM DirecTV: 704 Sirius: 123 We now know, that the huge TE's for the...


Why Did "The Tuna" Step Down - And Why Is He Looking For A New Job?

   Let me start by saying that, I am a Miami Dolphin fan first! I see everyone getting bashed, people calling for the bench, blaming our coaches - But, who is Blaming Bill Parcells? No one...


Heads Should Roll & Henne Needs To Be Thought How To Stare Down A Safety!

  First off let me start by saying that, anyone that has ever read any of my post know I am a die-hard fan. I defend my team no matter what. That being said. I am tired of this crap! We are not...


The "Wolf Pack" Shows Up Big Again! First 2-0 Road Win Start Since 1979

 My main conclusion is the "Alpha-D", for our nick-name untill we have a better one! Seems we have found one & I think this is the first person to mention it, they are in this thread - p...


What Happened To This Place That I Call My Second Home?

Man,   What happened to this great community that we had? I remember when it was a yahoo blog (I think it was yahoo), we had Matty, Nicky, Rzayo, Lefty, Neo, Mosul, Alpha, W NY Fins Fan, Finsx,...


Any Phinsiders Want To Play Fantasy H2H From ESPN? Champ Wins A Throwback Jersey!!

*Updated* The winner will recieve a Mitchell & Ness Throwback & runner up will recieve a replica reebok jersey. Draft is at 10pm EST Sat Sept. 11'th 2010 - free to join! need players! Hello All, ...


Tyler Thigpen Looked Good Last Night

After viewing the game last night and again today, one of the things that stood out to me, was the play of Tyler Thigpen. I think he will be our backup and I honestly think we got a good player for...

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