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I'm from Brooklyn, New York. I ride the NYC trains in all Eagle gear often. I love it when we beat the Giants. I get to roam the city and smirk at all the New York fans. I enjoy it immensely. Imagine the anguish of 2007. If I must experience that again, my Birds must win one first!!

(Update: 6/2/13 - Apparently, I went through the same crap again since I wrote the above. Fuck the NY Giants.)

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  • MLB New York Mets
  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles
  • NBA New York Knicks
  • Boxing Mike Tyson
  • NHL Anaheim Ducks
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Look Who I Ran Into In Atlantic City!


So there I was, with my lady, strolling through the catacombs of the Tropicana Casino. I go upstairs to this nightclub and stand at the balcony entrance. The bouncer says to me, "Hey, do you see that guy in the black tank top"? I look down and spy a pretty solidly built African American. I say, "Yeah, I see him". He looks me right in my face and says, "That's Lesean McCoy. He just left here". After accusing the poor bouncer of all sorts of lies, I rush back down the steps, grab my girl, and update her of what I was just told. I only need to travel a few feet to realize the bouncer wasn't jerking me around. Standing right next to me is the NFL's leading rusher and our beloved tailback, Shady McCoy. First, I said "Oh Shit"! Then I told him that he's Lesean McCoy, (HA)! He gave me a pound and I proceeded to inform him that I am from Brooklyn. He told me he has "peoples up there" as well. I told him how much I hate the Giants, and he agreed. Then he was gracious enough to take this photo with me and my wife. Shady is a true class act, and actually quite humble. And built like a mini tank; his size on T.V. is quite misleading. Truly a great experience and one I couldn't wait to share with you guys on BGN.

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