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Proof positive that NFL news outside of Blogging the boys is a waste of time

Checkout this claim by Deon Sanders: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dc-sports-bog/post/deion-rex-grossman-may-be-nfc-easts-best-qb/2011/10/10/gIQAUiY3ZL_blog.html


Just the facts: Cowboys still control their destiny

Well.. I'm still pissed off. Am questioning why I let this team hurt me so much. But I do and it does and that's that. So I'm moving onto facts. (and btw., we're approaching the 24 hour...


Let's get a cheap shot on Cooley this week... oh wait... he doesn't play anymore

We all know what that sometimes TE from the redskins said about Romo a few weeks ago...  He thinks Rex Grossman is better than Romo... he delights in seeing Romo fail...  Loved the collapse at...


Eagles have plenty of time in salary cap hell to consider how bad they suck

From the ESPN NFC East Blog: "With Jackson watching on TV at home, Vick threw two interceptions, had one overturned on replay and another called back for holding. He averaged 3.8 yards per pass...


With the first pick of the 2011 draft Dallas selects Andrew Luck, Stanford

Here's a clip you don't expect from the QB who threw 20/24 for 285yds (83.3% completion) with 3 TDs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF9PFJI_t5I Romo is our leader.  I don't doubt it.  But we need...


Our next coach

Fans, assuming there is a season next year ive three reasons as to why John gruden will be our coach. Please add your comments. 1) I think Jerry ants to go offensive. 2) he's a discipline first...


Important notice to Cowboys Fans in the SF South Bay

SF South bay Cowboy fans:  we have an order for you—join us.  We have a solid group of 10+ Cowboys fans who meet every Sunday to watch the best football team in the world.  Our meeting spot is in...


Dallas Cowboys Draft Grade

Since everyone always says you don't grade the draft until at least 2 years later... I thought I'd get mine out there 24 hours later.  My grade is a B.I think we netted a significant player in Dez...


Cowboys vs. Raiders - preseason

This is for the fans in the SF bay area... Sorry for the geographically centered nature to this post. Anyone know where the Cowboys will be staying while playing the Raiders?  And/or where they...


Questions and answers about the supplemental draft

I saw on DC.com fan questions and comments about the recent supplemental draft.  Several comments weren't correct so I thought to start a post clarifying some of the facts.  I'll start things off...


Marvin Harrison rumor — Really? Again?

ESPN has got to let this one die.  This rumor has no legs now now, it has never had legs and it will never. But, then again, the jerk-offs at the 4-letter-word of a network are igniting the rumor...


Are you growing tired of Mickey Spagnola?

Don't know if the "blogging the boys" boys will allow commentary here about the competition, but I can't imagine anyone on this blog doesn't already read the Cowboys site... So, here goes: Is...


DT: Seawright signing

I didn't find anything written on the blog about the Seawright signing.  Perhaps its so uninspired that no one commented?  Or perhaps I just missed it.  Either way - my comments:  why are we in...

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