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Evaluating the OLine: Part 1

via www.the700level.com As it usually happens, this post started with completely different intentions. Originally this was supposed to a piece on the positives that could be taken form the...


I'd agree to fire Juan if...

Marty goes with him. For most of the day... no, for most of the year we've been hearing calls for Juan's head. Trust me, I completely understand. But lets look at the big picture for a minute....


The chicken or the egg

For anyone who didn't get a chance to read it, there was an article a little while back asking the question "Jackson or Cruz?" The article itself wasn't what inspired this post. The comment...

Vick is 4th most accurate passer in NFL


With PFF using their adjusted completion percentage scale, Vick comes in at #4. They also credited the receivers with 22 drops so far.


This is not how you build a defense

I feel like this is already known, but I just wanted to elaborate on it. Last year parts of our defense was terrible. By the end of the season it was determined that heads needed to roll. I think...

Alex Smith played with a concussion on Sunday


Figured this may be relevant as he was cleared to practice today.


The Offensive line: A picture story

    The loss last night hurt.... bad. I decided to get over it the best way I know how, by trying to make sense of it. One of the things that really caught my eye was the fact that it just seemed...


Eagles enjoy the spotlight, being away from home?

  via www.nflseasonschedules.com Tomorrow night the Vick led eagles are traveling down I95 to face the Atlanta Falcons in a Sunday night, primetime showdown. This game has all the fixings to...


Does Michael Vick Have Accuracy Issues?

[Note by JasonB, 09/14/11 11:52 AM EDT ] Did you know that there are more ways to learn about a QB's accuracy other than completion percentage? Most national did not know this, fortunately...

My Mike Vick cartoon


Just got a little bored and had this idea in my head for awhile. Enjoy.


The time is now Mike

         The Eagles are in a prime position to go all the way this year, but the question remains is Michael Vick the guy that can lead this team to the promised land. I would like to give my...

" the owners saw blood in the water"


For every player behind the scenes hoping that a deal just gets done , there are also players that are willing to ride it out. For the first time someone on that side of the fence has left a taste in my mouth worse than D Smith, and it isn't the first time that he has spoken words that make me wonder how far some of the players are willing to go.

Michael Vick speaks out on Osama's death.


Although this is what most people want to hear, I have a feeling he may feel some backlash because of this..

Great news for Marcus Canon


Everyone can now breath a collective sigh of relief.

What we can look forward to next season...


Came across this video. If you coudn't really remember how Vick developed as a pocket passer this last season, this video is a well done reminder. Lets hope he builds off of last years performance.

Vick gets first endorsement deal


The Philadelphia Eagles' Pro Bowl quarterback signed a two-year contract with Unequal Technologies, a provider of the football pads that Vick wore most of this past season. It's his first endorsement contract since his release from prison two years ago.


Run vs Pass... with stats!

There was another post that sorta dealt with this topic that I wanted to address. I started typing, and thinking, then more typing. Next thing i know I basically have a post of my own, so here it...


Will Michael Vicks redemption ever become complete?

via i162.photobucket.com   After spending some time reading a few redemption stories around the web, and the more recent news of possible contract talks, I can't help but wonder something. Will M...

Eagles deflated after Michael Vick injury


I think some of the quotes in the article are telling in the sense of who has the locker room.

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