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BECW S6:E4 - UFC on Fuel - Nogueira v Werdum

Hello everyone, I missed this event because of my 1st wedding anniversary so I have no idea what happened other than the final results and how they happened via Zombie Prophet's .gifs. I was...


BECW S6:E3 Recap - UFC 160

Hello and welcome to the latest installment of the BECW recap saga. Much like the title aspirations of Gray Maynard & Mark Hunt, scores here in the Civil War came crashing back down to Earth...


BECW S6:E2 Recap - UFC on FX Belfort v Rockhold

In the Season 5 Awards post that was made by the BEST CAPTAIN IN THE GAME, I said this in regards to the award handed out for the top scoring performance of the season: I feel it wont be my...


BECW5 Quarterfinals/Bland Prix Round 1 Recap

Hello everyone! I have been given the keys to the BECW Recap War-mobile and I intend to make this as smooth of a transition as humanly possible from our beloved Zater. May he rest in peace. U...


#RallyForMarkHunt Shirts & Sign

Hello friends, On Twitter the other day I said this: Well, it happened and I am keeping true to my word. I have a Paypal and I will make these shirts for anyone who sends me money. The fight...


The Bloody Elbow Dictionary

So, after a discussion with TACO COW team captain gxc, we decided that there needs to be a source online for all things related to BE. A glossary type place where people could go when...


Let us power up The Super Samoan - #RallyForMarkHunt is back!

So while reading through the UFC 160 Heavyweight fight comment section I noticed a genius comment by one RobtWeaver that explained how the #RallyForMarkHunt had seemingly woke up a sleeping...


Finding Comfort in MMA

Hi everyone. I am up late doing laundry, still watching the news and still reeling from what happened in Connecticut yesterday morning. The only time that I have spent away from the news or...


The Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 Contest: Tenure & Earning It

I have been a member of BloodyElbow since October 11, 2009 (Never Forget). Many folks have come and gone (some multiple times, I'm looking at you BVandDietPepsi) and yet I'm still here. I'm still...

Pebbles reading Bloody Elbow


Pebbles reading Bloody Elbow

Our own thisredengine made the Failblog's ugliest tattoos list. Congrats!


Our own thisredengine made the Failblog's ugliest tattoos list. Congrats!


The Best Fights In History Will Probably Happen Friday June 8th......

but I will not be around to watch them. I learned one lesson from Farthammer in my life and that is that if you want to ensure a card's awesomeness, you come into the fanposts and tell everyone...


To Diabolically Hate Or Not To Diabolically Hate....

My friends (sorry, I wanted to start out my fanpost ala John McCain) as we all have discovered, HeadKickLegend has been murdered in it's sleep by Kid Nate. I personally blame Chris90210 but...

I just thought this was a funny typo.


I just thought this was a funny typo.


BE NCAA Tournament Gauntlet Of Death

Here is the deal. I created a group on for the NCAA Tournament. In this place you can submit a bracket and compete for ultimate supremacy amongst the Bloody Elbow community. If you want...


What Is The Greatest Combat Sports Moment You Witnessed Live?

We have all seen spectacular moments in combat sports on television that have embedded themselves in our minds forever. I will never forget which stool I was sitting in when Anderson Silva...


What Would Sakuraba Do?

After his fight against the no good, dick piercing nicknamed John Albert, Ivan Menjivar was asked about how he survived the onslaught of "Prince" and responded with what really should be an age old...


Thank you, Brock Lesnar

I came into the MMA world because Brock Lesnar came into the MMA world. I have not been around since UFC 1 and I am not even a TUF noob. I came over to the land of mixed martial arts to see Brock...



I just wanted to let everyone know that Krcampbell has stepped up like a real man with a pair of testicles and has taken the BROCKLESNAR!!!!! sign to Las Vegas with him for the weigh in and the...


BROCKLESNAR!!!!! Needs Sign Power! You Can Help Because I Cannot!

Okay friends, this is our last chance to do the right thing and give Brock Lesnar the strength and power to overcome The Reem. Someone in our midst is going to be at UFC 141 and they have the...


This Week In Bloody Elbow Comments

Since the very awesome and super cool Brian Hemminger (classic BE mod/staff asskissery!) rumbles his way over to BE on a weekly basis, I figured I would take it upon myself to do a similar thing...


Blue Mountain State Hate Thread: ONE HOUR Season Finale

So after I pumped faked everyone last week, this is the week that it is for really going to happen. Not only is this season's finale an hour long episode, it is also the last time ever that we will...


Blue Mountain State Hate Thread: Season (and please, series) Finale

One more episode to go, brave men and woman. Just one more insufferable, spray fart on our brains. I know we have come a long way and shared a laugh (seriously, just one. the Antonio Cromartie joke...


UFC 139: My Thoughts From The Arena

I just got done browsing the live thread from the event and I figures I could just give my perspective since I was lucky enough to be in attendance. There were a pretty good amount of people there...


Blue Mountain State Hate Thread: Week Six

Words are what goes here. These are words. Daniel Tosh is coming to Lake Tahoe soon and I am not going. DMX the hip hop rapster is coming to my town and I don't know if I will go. Disneyland for...


BElitist UFC 139 Pre-Game Planning Thread

So here is the deal. I have been blathering about a tailgate party before UFC 139. HP Pavilion does not allow tailgating so thanks a lot, powers that be. Crappy decision making by you! I was...


We Still Love You, Ben Saunders!

I just got home from an out of state day trip and dove directly into my dvr. Junior Dos Santos won and that made me happy. Ben Saunders lost and that made me sad.


Blue Mountain State Hate Thread: Week Cinco de Mayo

I don't know how many more new episodes there are of this river of human turds called BMS but I hope it is going to be over soon. I mean, come on. Forrest Griffin writes better jokes than the...


Why The Complaints About UFC 138 Are Legitimate

So much like I predicted in the Main Card comments, everyone is coming out of the woodwork and shouting from the rooftops about how entertaining the card was and how everyone should  have just shut...


Blue Mountain State Hate Thread: Week 4

Ok. As of last week I officially felt bad that I started this. Last weeks episode was so substandard, even for BMS's alleged standards that I considered going to confession to release the guilt and...

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