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New Sleektoon!


I drew a cartoon not for any real assignment and here it is. :)


TRH Pacific War Room 12.13.13, Anaheim entry

Since I focus on all three BoC teams in this week's Ducks update, I'm re-posting my entry here, too. Yay recycling!

Ducks Gameday: Old Pacific vs. New Pacific


The Old Pacific (Sharks, Ducks, Kings, and Coyotes) collectively are having an easier time beating the New Pacific teams (Canucks, Oilers, and Flames) than they are beating the Buffalo Sabres this season.


Sorry, Tampa (Part 2, Apparently)

I went back in time to draw this offensive graphic.


TRH Pacific War Room 11.01.13, Anaheim entry

Hooray for post recycling!


TRH Pacific War Room 10.25.13, Anaheim entry

Earl recaps the past week of Ducks action for The Royal Half, then re-posts his entry here!


Better Late Than Never!

And it's not even really that late...


By Popular Demand

Uh oh. The Nashville Predators lost three consecutive games in California. That can only mean one thing...


Your Participation is Appreciated

A follow-up note from overseas thanking BoC for participating in their lockout study.


Last Season's Final 48 Games Standings

A look at how NHL standings would look using each team's final 48 regular season games from last year.

Sleekageddon: A Blogger Retires


You win, Mayas. And you win, lockout. A lot of thanks on my last day hockey blogging.

Earl's Top Ten: Multi-Panel or Multi-Post


Boy, I procrastinated on this thing -- wait, I'm retiring in how many days? A look back at ten Sleektoon projects that I'm proud to have created.

The hills we choose to die on


For the NHL, term limits on contracts are "the hill they will die on", meaning that negotiating on that topic is futile -- they will not budge. But they're not the only ones who have that kind of topical stubbornness...

Players/Owners CBA Negotiations -- Advanced Stats!


Eighteen players and six owners met behind closed doors over the last couple of days, and all we've gotten are vague updates as to their progress. But what really has been happening in these meetings, and which participants are driving results?

One Lockout Solution Nobody's Talking About.


Let's relocate the Toronto Maple Leafs!

We Bloody Made It, Blokes!


Battle of California gets recognised in Britain, somehow!

A New Feature on SB Nation United: Galleries!


My second top-ten list isn't ready to publish yet, but here's a new feature that will be incorporated. Lots of cartoons!

Sleektooned Star Wars Trilogy Gallery

Just the Cartoons -- you'll have to read the posts to get the rest of the story.

Sleektooned Hockey Blog Logos: The Gallery Edition

All the hockey blog logo designs I drew in the late summer of 2011, now easier to peruse than ever!

BoC's New Ducks Writer -- An Intro-Duck-tion


Meet Jer, Battle of California's new Ducks writer who will be taking over the Anaheim duties at BoC after Earl Sleek retires at the end of the year. Welcome, Jer!

Surveying the Lockout: Your Input is Requested!


How could I possibly turn down a request from overseas?

Earl's Top 10: Single-Panel Tribute Cartoons


On his way towards blogger retirement, Earl Sleek counts down his ten favorite tribute Sleektoons -- ones in which he's copying somebody's drawing style who is more famous than he is.

How I Became a Multi-Sport Blog Cartoonist


The roller coaster ride in designing a cartoon for a legitimate SB Nation blog.

Vote in Sleek's Annual Poll: Who Would You Trade?


You are the Anaheim GM, and for whatever reason you are forced to trade one of Getzlaf, Perry, or Ryan. Who would you trade?

Battle of California's SBN United Day 2 Cover


Today's cover is displayed on the main page, but a look at yesterday's cover for those who missed it.

It turns out the Mayas were 2/3 right.


(Note: this post is going to start with some stuff I learned copied about Mayans Mayas from this site, but there is big blog news ahead, I promise!) The Maya calendar comes to an end on December...

Good Grief(ance)!


Months ago, Lubomir Visnovsky filed a grievance to void a trade from the Anaheim Ducks to the New York Islanders, yet apparently has had a change of heart since then. Nobody now wants the trade revoked, and yet the best they could do is a coin flip?

BoC United!


SB Nation United is coming soon, and as an exciting first step, they are unveiling 300+ new blog logos today. Check out Battle of California's soon-to-be-logo!

Sure, I'll promote a website!


A friend of a friend of mine has started a new website! It's still in development, but I'm promoting it nevertheless!

(Guest) Cartoon Explosion - The Legend of the Seal


Sal Barry of Puck Junk was so inspired by an old post of mine that he penned a prequel. The Legend of the Seal -- some hockey history with a lot of cartoons!

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