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Ducks Gameday -- Desert-ers!


A look at Anaheim's scoring leaders for 20 games under Coach Kirby. Cartoon!

Ducks Gameday -- Fryday the 13th


Cartoon and not much else -- ah, whatever. :)

Ducks Gameday -- We're Leading the League in Something!


The Anaheim Ducks lead the NHL in GWW. Cartoon!

Ducks Gameday -- The Pacific Division Lives!


Eight panels in today's cartoon, plus some appreciation for Jason Blake.

Ducks Gameday -- Battle of the Worsts!


The Anaheim Ducks can pass the Columbus Blue Jackets in the Fail For Nail projected standings with a regulation loss today. Cartoon!

Ducks Gameday -- "Fail For Nail" Projections


Using prorated home and road records to calculate draft lottery standings. Cartoon!

BoC Gameday -- Look Out, Duck!


It's 2012, so here's a twelve-panel cartoon! Oh wait, I half-assed it. Six panels. :)

Ducks Gameday -- A Cartoonist's 2011


A look back at Sleektoons from the past year. Happy New Year!

Ducks Gameday -- Nuckcracker Suite


How is my New Year's Resolution to become a better blogger going to pan out if I don't set a solid baseline of mediocrity now? :)

BoC Gameday -- If not for the Sharks...


In a miserable season, at least the Ducks are 2-0-0 against San Jose.

BoC Gameday -- Curses: A Cautionary Tale


The story doesn't really make sense, but whatever -- 5 cartoons! :)

AC's Secret Santa: The Blog Crossover Edition


Earl Sleek draws a cartoon as part of Anaheim Calling's gift exchange.

Ducks Gameday -- Stars of Wonder, Stars of Light


Lazy cartoon for another game I'll be DVRing -- hooray!

Ducks Gameday -- Winnipeg vs. Loseaheim


My DVR saved me from last night's mess -- go Teemu!

Ducks Gameday -- Hawks the Herald Angels Sing


In the six games that Kirby has coached, 13 different Ducks have scored goals. Cartoon!

Ducks Gameday -- Back of the Pack


Anaheim Ducks now have the fewest standings points in the league -- time to revive a classic!

Ducks Gameday -- Kirby Your Enthusiasm


A lazy rant about my cable box's channel restructuring. Plus a fun picture of Coach Kirby!

BoC Gameday -- The Cartoonist's Realignment Test


A trial cartoon for the 8 teams in next year's West Conference, according to realignment reports. Sleek-approved!

Ducks Gameday -- Once in a Wild


I over-procrastinated watching the recording of Bruce Boudreau's Anaheim coaching debut, thus a hasty post this morning. Fire Sleek. :)

Ducks Gameday -- Intreau to Boudreau


Idle speculation: Why was Bobby Ryan on the trading block this week? Also, and Intreau to Boudreau, courtesy of Japers' Rink.

Ducks Lossday -- Let's talk about "Fire Carlyle"


In the opening 8 minutes of periods, the Anaheim Ducks have scored 16 goals and allowed 40. Fire Carlyle.

Ducks Lossday -- Leaf us alone!


My relatives have finally all departed; one last rushed post vaguely about today's game.

Ducks Lossday -- I guess I'm watching this one.


I'll be in Row B today, probably booing a lot. Fire Carlyle.

Ducks Lossday -- Another game I probably won't watch


There used to be a time I'd put effort into posts. There used to be a time when I'd watch Ducks games, too.

Ducks Gameday -- Uncle Sleek is busy!


My nephew won't let me spend any time on this post -- sorry!

BoC Gameday -- The Final Five are revealed!


For the Kings' and Ducks' home-and-home series, Rudy Kelly and I finish off our "Ten best players to play for both Los Angeles and Anaheim" series -- the final five are revealed!

Ducks Gameday -- Sorry, Hiller. It's the only way.


A dumb solution to Anaheim's on-ice problems so far this season. Save me, Bird Jesus!

Fire Carlyle


Yes, I've been drinking, but some of it is Honda Center alcohol. WANTED: A coach that can get his team to show up for a game they have every fucking motivation in the world to win. ALSO WANTED: A...

Ducks Gameday -- Did somebody order a lucky green shirt appearance?


I'll be in attendance at tonight's Preds/Ducks game, thanks to the mystical magic of fire cupping!

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