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I am an animal acupressure and massage therapist/ woodworker. I play all sports my favorite is hockey. I was born a Bronco fan. I will always love my Broncos. I really like our new direction.

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  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Colorado Buffaloes
  • NCAAB Colorado Buffaloes
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MHR idea. How about a section

For people just selling Broncos stuff like a Craigslist. I have a bunch of old school Broncos cards and what better place to try and sell old Bronco memorabilia. But to Bronco fans. Just a thought....


What is up with the Mobile version of this site, any one know?

It is always changing and one time was actually working well. Still hard to navigate and not getting all the same stories on the laptop. I know everyone is annoyed with my bitching about...


Is the mobile site on MHR going to be fixed?

Or is this what we get. No response from SB nation. Still no fanshots at all and can only see comments 3 times before I can't again. Hard to navigate and plain frustrating. Please fix. I'm so jones...

Yahoo sports says Tebow will be playing some snaps


This will bum out Fantasy teams starting Orton. I don't know how to get a link but it was on Tebow's update for fantasy players. If this is true I am super pumped.

Steve Breaston feeling for the fans.


I know It's not Broncos but I live here in Phx and this guy is a pretty cool cat. He seems to really feel for the fans. take a listen.

Since the PSN has been down, got me thinking..


What if and a BIG what if.....THe NFL had something to do with this. So this is how a conspiracy theory begins. No football no Nuggets playoffs and my favorite, no Call of Duty. Speaking of COD got me wondering the random. Could the NFL and SONY along with XBOX been in Kahoots to shut down the network and use it as leverage against them, the players.. But wait Weber, Xbox is still up and running. Good point, that is because Xbox sucks and double crossed them both to look great amongst the world. Rat bastards Xbox, anyway with so many young players and nothing to do like play PS3 ( and Xbox if they didn't welch on the deal). They would be Itchy to get back and play ball for whatever price......Just sayin...

Von miller to wear #58


Von miller to wear #58

I can't anywhere find if any of the other rookies picked numbers yet. If anyone has a link to this would be appreciated or knows what they are?

Retired players to announce their teams 2nd rd pick.

http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/04/21/retired-players-will-announce-second-round-draft-picks/. I kinda would have like to have TD or  Atwater announce for us and Lynch to me is a Bronco....


Keep Sheft and move him to WR

I really like Tony and was a huge fan from day 1. I would love to see him stay maybe as a Wr. Draft a TE and maybe a deep threat later. Tony has great hands along with being a big target in the end...


Football Helmets

via www.greenglare.com   via blog.pennlive.com Football helmets   ION 4D by Schutt( thanks to Newby for the info)   Ok I know this doesn't pertain to Broncos but I can not seem to find any...

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