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Player's Union Has Watchful Eye On Rickett$


Not gonna comment on Rickett$, but the last line of this article speaks volumes: "For now, it puts the union in the same position as Cubs fans: waiting to see when this big-market club will start to act like one again."

OT: Remembering Larry Lujack 1940 - 2013


Growing up in the LaSalle County area, we could get both WLS - AM and WCFL - AM. Disc jockey Larry Lujack was all that. Animal Stories was hilarious, with Little Tommy Edwards each day. Super Jock was what he was called...and the title fit. One of the best.


Your Choices Of The Top 3 Moments In Wrigley Field History.

After reading Al's front page article titled Cubs Reveal Full Plan For Wrigley's 100th Anniversary, and how they are going to do a "Wrigley Field's 100 Greatest Moments", I was wondering what the...


Your Most Cherished Sports Memorabilia

Do you have the "Cardinals In The Damn World Series Again Blues"? I thought I'd try something here. It may have been done before, but I can't recall if it has. Just something to shoot the breeze...

Umpire Wally Bell Dead Of Heart Attack At 48


Sounds like he was a umpire who was actually liked by the players, but one with some serious health issues. Too young.

20 Longest Bombs Of 2013


Yes, Anthony Rizzo makes an appearance and unfortunately, so does Shark. Listening to the amazement of some of the announcers is priceless.

GQ Article: Cubs Third Worst Sports Franchise


After 105 years, we still can't crack the top spot?

Hey Starlin, Take A Seat For A Game Or 2


Why is it that Sveum is about the only living creature on the planet, that doesn't see that this poor guy is in DIRE need of a day or 2 off? Also, could it be that the reason he seems so out of it at the plate, is because there's THREE different hitting coaches (Deer, Sveum and Whatshisname) telling him what to do...and probably at the same time?

Earl Weaver 1930 - 2013


One of the greatest managers AND "characters" of all time in baseball. "Small ball" had no place in the Weaver baseball philosophy. Lived and died by the 3 run homer.

International Free Agent Potential...


Japanese high school pitcher Shohei Otani, 18, a 6-foot-4 right-hander who has thrown a fastball between 99 and 100 mph. Waves and waves, right Epstein?

Clemente Joins 3000 Hit Club 40 years Ago Today.


I was just 14 when he died in a plane crash 3 months after this hit. I remember this hit and the fact he was one of the best players I've ever seen play...or probably ever will. The very definition of the "5 tool player".


When Do They Shut Jeff Samardzija Down?

He's now at 165.2 innings pitched for the year. He's been one of the very few bright spots on this 2012's team. I'd hate to see a late season injury derail the start of his 2013 season. One more...

Peoria Journal Star Writer Starts Email Drive To Try To Keep Cubs Affiliation


It may not be a big deal to the brass OR to the ordinary Chicago area Cubs' fan, but it is a BIG deal in Central IL. I know Ricketts/Epstein could NOT give a s**t one way or another about the response to this, but Peoria will try anyway.

Rizzo Bomb On Sunday...In Case You Missed It.


His 20th homer was a line drive that was still going when it hit at least 40 feet high against the scoreboard. "I hit that one well," said the usually unimpressed Rizzo, who had his fifth two-homer game of the season. "I don't know if I've hit many balls harder than that one." I'm ready for this guy to come to Wrigley

Theo Speaks


He says pretty much what you'd expect, tho.

Angel Guzman Suspended 50 Games


This guy has had a rough 3 years.


A Cubs Fan's More Mellow Approach To Blown Leads

There I was, sitting in my La-Z-Boy recliner, cussing, screaming, getting totally pissed off at yet another blown game by the Cubs' bullpen. My girlfriend (who absolutely despises any kind of...

Chipper Says 2012 Will Be His Last

In his career, through the 2011 season, Jones is a .304 hitter with 454 home runs, 1,455 walks, and 1,561 RBI in 2,387 games. He is behind only Eddie Murray on the all-time switch hitters career RBI list. He is considered one of the game's best all-around hitters, and one of the best switch hitters in the history of the game. He is the only switch hitter in Major League Baseball history to have a .300+ career (.304 at the end of the 2011 season) batting average and 400 or more home runs. What I find surprising is that there's NO Gold Gloves? Definitely a 1st ballot Hall inductee, tho.

An Argument Gone Too Far


I'm not sure what MLB can do about actions involving a player playing in Venezuela - probably nothing - but, hopefully Yorvit Torrealba gets to sit out for the first 2 or 3 weeks (or longer) next season.

Another Zambrano Story


I put this up just for this Guillen quote... Ozzie Guillen said he has a bet with a friend – he wouldn’t say who or for how much – that Carlos Zambrano will win more than 14 games for the Cubs in 2012. I hope Zambrano is gone, but, if he isn't, then I hope Guillen wins his bet.

Is The DH In The NL Now? Thome To The Phillies.


I know this isn't Cubs news, but... WOW!!!...I'm not sure how to take this. I know Howard is out for about 9 months, but, does Thome even own a glove nowadays? Great guy. First ballot Hall of Famer, for sure...but...really? This can't be anything else BUT sentiment, can it?

In Case You Need A Bit More Epstein News


The man would be like a rock star if he came least for a little while anyway...see Piniella, Lou. Yeah, I know...blah, blah, blah. Hey, it's a slow day.

MacPhail Leaving Orioles


Uh oh! Don't even think about it, Tom.


BoSox Collapse May Be Good News To Us BCBers

I just got done watching the Braves finish the worst collapse I've ever seen...that is until Longoria just made the Red Sox's collapse the worst I've ever seen. This may work out in the Cubs favor...

Ford Frick Award ... Vote Early - Vote Often


Remember to give Pat Hughes some love starting Thursday on Facebook. Link is in article. The only ones on there I see even giving Pat a run are Ken Harrelson and Joe Morgan...and you do know that was sarcasm...I hope.

Brewers Snag Mets Closer Francisco Rodriguez


I, for one, would really like to see the Pirates do it , but, I still think the Cardinals win the Central (damn, that hurts to type that). It appears the Brewers are gonna give it everything they got, though. Rodriguez's contract is up after this year and it sounds like the Mets paid some cash to get rid of him. Also, there's this... "Rodriguez has a contract clause that guarantees him US$17.5 million in 2012 if he finishes 55 games this year. The right-hander has currently finished 34 and is on pace to achieve the mark, though he may not get ample chances to do that with the Brewers." I'm thinkin' he won't be closin' very many games the rest of the way. The Mets probably had no choice due to their financial troubles. It looks like the wheelin' and dealin' has begun...already. Should be an interesting 18 days coming up.

Marlins' First Year Manager Quits


Wonder if Brenly would be interested? Should Quade do the same? Would it really make a difference? Or, how 'bout this...Quade quits the Cubs, goes manages the Marlins, then Brenly takes over the Cubs and the 2 teams meet in the NLCS? Or .....

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