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From the greatest sports town in the world, Chicago. I do not hate the Miami Heat, or Boston Celtics, but my heart belongs to the San Antonio Spurs. Any season in which the LA Lakers and Dallas Mavs fail in the playoffs is a sucessful one. Needless to say, the 2011, 2010 and 2009 NBA Finals were dissapointing.

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Espn: Suns release Michael Beasley

I gotta put it out there. Should the Spurs make a call? Yes, no? Sound off below!


Thursday.11.08.12 TNT Double Header Loser Thread

Good evening friends! It's been awhile since I've Loser'd it up with you fellow Spurs fans, and I must admit, I miss it! Forget about last night's slam dunk contest,and watch some action from...

PBT | Hawks waive Jordan Williams, expect some team to grab him

Williams started out last season slowly (and not in great shape) but played his way into shape and due to injuries got more run as the season wore on. And he showed potential in those minutes — he didn’t score a lot (4.7 per game and he has no shooting range to speak of) but rebounded pretty well on both ends of the floor and played within himself. He’s no lock for a long NBA career, but you can see potential in him. For teams looking for another big, most would rather have a young player with potential than a veteran on the down side of their career. It’s why he will be off the market pretty quickly. He's available.

Video: Comedian Will Ferrell trash talks with Spurs' Patty Mills Ferrell interviewed Mills while...

Video: Comedian Will Ferrell trash talks with Spurs' Patty Mills Ferrell interviewed Mills while a guest on Australian show "The Project." Mills weighed in on why Team USA is beatable when the comedy ensued. Check it out at the 13:00 minute point.

nba.com | Magic Want To Be the Spurs

If it’s not the Spurs, teams want to emulate the Oklahoma City Thunder model, which, of course, was put together by another guy — Sam Presti — who was hired out of San Antonio years ago. The problem with those plans is that there is only one Tim Duncan. There is only one Kevin Durant. And really, there is only one Gregg Popovich.

PBT | It’s official, Wizards amnesty Andray Blatche. Any takers?

We told you before this was coming — the Washington Wizards have decided to amnesty big man Andray Blatche, who was owed $23 million over the next three years, first reported by Michael Lee at the Washington Post and since confirmed by Wizards owner Ted Leonsis on his blog. "Andray’s time in D.C. didn’t unfold as any of us had envisioned, and we felt it was best for the Wizards – and for Andray too – if we parted ways" Leonsis wrote. "I briefly got to know Andray, and I like him and wish him well, but he needs a fresh start somewhere, and we need to move forward with our current core group of players." Blatche was the only last-minute addition to the waiver wire. Chris Anderson will return to the Nuggets. Blatche now goes on the amnesty waiver wire — teams under the salary cap can bid to pick up a portion of his salary, the team with the highest bid gets him. It will be interesting to see if anyone bids. This move was about locker room culture in Washington almost as much as money. Blatche is a talented 6’11" who has never seemed to take the game seriously. He’s had good years — Blatche averaged 16 and 8 two years ago with a PER of 16.9. But he was inconsistent and his defense was unimpressive. He slumped last year due to injury. The Wizards have now moved out Blatche, JaVale McGee and Nick Young in favor of players they think will be more professional to put around John Wall. Guys like Nene, Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza. In the end, how well the Wizards do really comes down to Wall living up to his potential, but at least now he has a fighting chance.

Yahoo | Woj | Heat gave Ray Allen reason to again feel wanted

Kevin Garnett recruited Allen harder in the final weeks than Paul Pierce did, sources said, but both made it clear: Our run isn’t over, Ray. Come on back where you belong, and let’s get back to work. The Celtics were bringing back Jeff Green, had signed Jason Terry, drafted Jared Sullinger, and the franchise was selling Allen a scenario where the curtain hadn’t dropped on its championship aspirations. This wasn’t Steve Nash leaving a losing lottery operation in Phoenix that didn’t want him back anyway. This was Ray Allen leaving the Celtics in the middle of a full reload, the bolstering of a roster to make run at the Heat again. This was Ray Allen offered more money, not less. And yet for those in New England daring to call it treason, well, Ray Allen will call it something else: My turn.

ProjectSpurs | Report: Spurs have shot at landing Kaman

WRITTEN BY PAUL GARCIA | 05 JULY 2012 According to ESPN's Ric Bucher, the San Antonio Spurs still have a possible shot at landing New Orleans Hornets center Chris Kaman. Bucher tweeted the Spurs, along with the Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, and Utah Jazz are all still in contention to land Kaman. Thus far, the only team to meet with Kaman has been the Pacers when they learned free agent Roy Hibbert was offered a max deal with the Portland Trailblazers. The Pacers haven't decided if they'll match the Blazers' deal on July 11, which means Kaman would be their plan B if they lose Hibbert. Bucher didn't specify what kind of deal Kaman is looking for, but he could definitely get more minutes with the Mavericks, Pacers, and Spurs. If you recall, Kaman was allowed to play with Dirk Nowitzki and Germany recently, so he has the Dallas connection, but the Mavs look like a lottery roster right now with their three best players being Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, and Vince Carter. The Spurs are currently in process of re-signing Tim Duncan, and they too have some room on their roster if they can't re-sign Boris Diaw, can't bring in Erazem Lorbek, or if they find a trade partner for DeJuan Blair or Matt Bonner. If you recall, the Spurs were one team rumored to want to pursue Kaman when word came out in March that the Hornets were thinking of buying out his contract. The Kings and Jazz look to have log jams in their front courts with the Jazz having Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, plus Derrick Favors. The Kings have DeMarcus Cousins, presuming Jason Thompson, and rookie Thomas Robinson, but they might have more money to throw at Kaman than say the Spurs. The rumors re-surface for the 3rd 4th season in a row.

ProjectSpurs | Report: Lewis on Spurs' radar

"A source told The Post Tuesday the Knicks were on Lewis’ short list, along with Miami, the Lakers, San Antonio and Atlanta." Uhh...hmm.

Sat.06.09.12 Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 Loser Thread

Good evening PTR. I know things have been a bit somber around here lately, but there are better times ahead. At least we've got each other, right? :-) Exactly. There's still some great basketball...

Y! | BDL | Stephen Jackson explains why the Thunder beat the Spurs

"It sucks," Jackson said after the media crowd around him dispersed, not quite believing that his near-perfect evening didn't do more to stop the young-no-more Thunder from closing out the Western Conference finals. "But those mother------s," Jackson quickly conceded, "were just better than us."

Mon.05.28.2012 Memorial Day / ECF Game 1 Thread

Gooood day PTR! Happy Memorial Day to everyone, and an extra special thanks to all of our Vets out there. Your service in keeping our country safe and free is more appreciated than you know. Here's...

grantland | Tyson and Eddy

The divergent careers of two former prep phenoms. Krause wanted to rebuild from the inside out. He did not know much about Yao Ming, who arrived to the league the next year. He was told not to look at a young Spaniard named Pau Gasol. "This is not to demean anybody, but we were told not to see Gasol," Krause said recently. "Whoever was in charge of that thing kept saying, 'Don't see him.' We said OK. Was that a mistake? Probably yes. We should have seen him. We didn't." In Chandler and Curry, Krause thought he "might have cornered the best big people for a long time." The situation reminded Krause of when he landed Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant in the 1987 draft. "There were a lot of people who said we were nuts, and we took those kids in the same year."3 I saw this on Grantland and thought it was an excellent read.

Tue.05.01.12 NBA-TV / TNT Game Thread

Good evening PTR! Pop is Coach of the Year, and it is much deserved! Congrats to him - he earned it. The Spurs have the night off, but there are other games in store tonight. TNT and NBA-TV have us...


Mon.04.30.12 TNT / NBA-TV Playoff Game Thread

Good evening PTR! What a weekend, eh? Most importantly, our guys won a Game 1! I've been a member of this blog for 4 seasons now, and that's certainly a first! I'm happy. TNT and NBA-TV have us...


Tue.04.24.12 TNT / LP Game Thread

Good evening PTR! Biiiig night in 'playoff play' tonight. First off, let's give our guys a hand for wrapping up the number 1 seed in the West for the second year in a row. Last year they proved...


Sat.04.21.12 ESPN / LP Game Thread

Good evening PTR! Our Spurs kicked some Laker butt last night. Tonight they get a well deserved night off. ESPN has us covered tonight. Who loses? Saturday, April 21 RESULT WINNER HIGH LOSER HIGH ...

grantland | Mike Brown Uses an Old Spurs Action to get Kobe a Look

Before he became the Lakers’ coach, Mike Brown worked under Gregg Popovich with the San Antonio Spurs. During his first season in Los Angeles, Brown hasn't used many sets that came from the Spurs — until last night, that is. Tied 93-all against the New Orleans Hornets with 2.1 seconds left, everyone expected Kobe Bryant to get the ball in isolation. You know the drill: He runs to the ball and fires up a tough jumper. But last night, Brown used the threat of Bryant’s standard one-on-one last shot to set up a much easier, wide-open look for Bryant, and the play came almost straight out of the Popovich playbook. [cont'd]

probasketballtalk | Video: “Melo (Is It Three You’re Looking For?)” parody

probasketballtalk | Video: “Melo (Is It Three You’re Looking For?)” parody

Thursday 04.19.12 TNT / LP Game Thread

Good evening PTR. Good few days for our Spurs. TNT has as us covered tonight. The Bulls travel to South Beach, and the Clips lob into the desert. Who loses? Thursday, April 19 MATCHUP TIME (ET) A...

Game Preview: Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs

Join our gamethread as the Spurs host the Lakers at the AT&T Center tonight!


Tue.04.10.12 ESPN Game Thread

Tough one last night. Shake it off. The Spurs' bench gave a great effort and nearly won without the Big 3. ESPN's got us covered tonight, while our guys take the night off and return home to face...


04.07.12 Saturday Night ESPN / LP Game Thread

Good evening PTR! Tops in the West our Spurs currently sit. I mean, we still might not make the playoffs, but hey, the Heat, Thunder Mavs and Lakers lost last night - best believe everyone knew...


Thursday Night 04.05.12 TNT / LP Game Thread

Good evening PTR! That was a close one in Beantown last night, eh??! A win is a win. Get it where you can. Our guys have the night off, but the C's travel to my Windy City tonight. There are 4...

Game Preview: San Antonio Spurs at Cleveland Cavaliers

Watch the Spurs face the Cavs, and join our gamethread on www.poundingtherock.com !


Mon.03.26.12 NBA-TV / LP Game Thread

Good evening PTR! 3 for 3 this weekend. Our Spurs stomped the Mavs on Friday, edged the Nooch on Saturday, and showed the 76ers their brand of Brotherly Love last night. Tonight is a well deserved...


Tue.03.20.12 NBA-TV / LP Game Thread

Good evening PTR! Our guys conclude what is probably their longest break of the year tonight? Fear not, we've still got plenty of action for you Rockers with cable and/or League Pass. Although the...


Mon.03.19.12 TNT Game Thread

Good evening PTR. My apologies for the tardiness of this thread. Our Spurs are off tonight, but we've got plenty of action around the league, including two games on TNT. Philadelphia 105,...

Game Preview: San Antonio Spurs vs. Washington Wizards

Game Preview: Washington Wizards at San Antonio Spurs


Thur.03.08.12 TNT Game Thread

Good evening PTR. Pardon my delay, once more. We've got two games on TNT tonight. Let's see who loses, shall we? Thursday, March 8 MATCHUP TIME (ET) AWAY TV HOME TV NAT TV Orlando at Chicago 8:00...

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