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In Case You Thought that UCI Commission Was Serious


...we find WADA, and quite possibly others, saying they want no part of it. And so, the sweeping under the rug begins.

Armstrong's Suit vs. USADA Dismissed


And that is, hopefully, that. (Edit: Twitter is alive with little 140 character zingers Sparks aimed at pretty much everyone involved. You'd almost think he wrote the decision with social media in mind. Have fun digging for your more.)

McQuaid's August 3rd Letter to the USADA

50 has managed to get hold of a copy of Pat McQuaid's most recent salvo in the escalating fight between the UCI and the USADA over who has jurisdiction in the Armstrong, et al. case. I won't bother to reproduce @UCI_Overlord's brief preface there -- you can read it for yourselves -- but suffice it to say that this is a rather remarkable document for those interested in such things. On the suggestion of several folks in a previous thread, I'm putting up this fanshot to enable a separate discussion of it. Editing to add: Thanks to andrewp in the comments, we can now add the July 26th letter that McQuaid's lawyers are responding to in the above. Edit 2: And thanks to pippita, we now have the full collection. Two letters from the UCI dated July 13th. Edit 3: Thanks to bvl, we now have news from WADA that they sent a letter to the UCI in support of the USADA. Hopefully the letter itself will show up.


JV's Personal History Tour

So over on Twitter today, JV decided to ask his followers a question: @Vaughters: I wonder if anyone is curious as to why I quit racing at 29, and walked away from the last 2 yrs of a pretty phat...

Deja Vu


Fascinating to see this conversation taking place outside of cycling, and apparently outside of any consistent, year-long testing regime.

Lance Armstrong Provisionally Banned from Competition...

433 triathlons. By all means, react to this in the comments.

No Testing at the Tour of Med


Per CN's Daniel Benson. Discuss.


Tour of Utah: St 5 to Snowbird LIVE

This is the biggie, the queen stage that also decides the race, ending in a mountaintop finish at Snowbird. Best thing, we're getting video of the entire stage, including the early attacks. ...


Biopassport Follies

Yesterday, Gerard Vroomen used his blog to raise some questions about the BioPassport (here, and with follow up here).  Specifically, Vroomen is worried that *he* hasn't heard of any testing being...

Zomes out at the Giro


The gnomes have tuttobici suggesting that it's been decided and will likely be finalized when he returns from vacation.


Another Day, Another... Italian Doping Raid?

According to Shane Stokes at Velonation, there has apparently been a massive raid in Italy, involving among other things the offices of one UCI ProTeam, rumored to be Katuysha.  The linked story is...

Pro Conti riders wins don't count toward WC qualification?


"Voeckler’s exploits at Paris-Nice as well as FDJ’s Jérémy Roy and Rémi Pauriol’s second places on stages will also not help France to qualify for the world championship via the world rankings this year. Until last year, Pro Continental teams and riders were still taken into account for the world rankings." Can this possibly be right?

Joe Lindsey on the UCI's new frame & fork rules


Best thing I've seen on it, by far. Explains everything that's wrong, with plenty of examples.

Remember the Cav-Haussler crash, and the debate...


...about what had happened with Cav's wheel. Here's the wheel.


US Cross Nationals Live

Since nobody seems to be making a thread for this, I'll step up.  The women go off at 12:30 PST (about 35 minutes from now) and the men at 2:30.   Even better one can watch these things online here....

Big CN piece on Cav / HTC


One of the better more comprehensive things I've read about both, and certainly seems as if it would be fun to discuss (unless you don't like speculation during the long, cold offseason).

Wiggo to Sky done deal (says CN)


The real question: does anyone actually have any feelings about this at all any more? [Chris here] Like I said, not a day goes by that Wiggo doesn't transfer to Sky. However, this one has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow morning. Might it end differently than the other Wiggo-to-Sky pieces? Or will Wiggo, JV and Brailsford all just stand up there saying nothing? [Update] CN now has confirmation, as does CyclingWeekly. CW also has a collection of choice bits from the press conference here. I have yet to see any explanation of what Garmin got in return.


The Astana Breakup Thread

I had an Astana breakup question to ask, but one that's not necessarily related to Team Radio Shack, and realized that, in fact, there is no terribly appropriate place to ask such a question right...


When is it appropriate to be suspicious of a rider's performance?

Given that it's Tour de France time, and the recent history of the race almost naturally leads people to wonder about almost any rider who's doing well, it seems appropriate to try to lay out some...

BMC's John Lelangue trying to convince the UCI to let them race NE races in the States


Long, interesting interview. My thought, where the hell is Vaughters on this? Lelangue keeps mentioning that he thinks McQuaid gets what's wrong--and it's eloquently and clearly explained here--but if I recall correctly Vaughters was involved the first time this happened, at Gila. I'm a bit puzzled why he's not still involved, as his position as the head of the prof teams organization seems to make him the ideal person to sit the UCI down and explain exactly why enforcing this rule is *killing* US cycling right now.


UCI to inform Teams of suspicious BioPassport Results

According to this cyclingnews story the UCI is going to inform teams of suspicious results next week and leave it up to them whether to take action.   Relevant section: "The riders will be...

Times of London article on Victoria Pendleton


Nice long article, published last weekend.


Why we love Dave Z

The article in the New York Times today on the time trial and everyone's relative position is one of those masterpieces of current journalism where the title is all about LA even though he's not...

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