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Dane's opinions, otherwise known as 'facts'


Ndamukong Suh deserves the Heisman. Derrick Morgan is one of the finest linemen I've ever seen play. He is outstanding, and is a legit NFL player still in the college game. I watched him strafe the...

Profiles in Rivalry: Rock bottom, brought to you by georgia


The Great War saw terrible affronts against the goodness of mankind. Trench warfare was the MO. Chemical warfare was born, and too many of the world's young were punished by mankind's new weaponry....

Regarding mascots


What are you supposed to do when your mascot dies? We don't know, ours has never missed a home game.

I'm not sure why, but I nearly cried from laughing so hard at this picture. If you don't already,...


I'm not sure why, but I nearly cried from laughing so hard at this picture. If you don't already, make Block-C ( a regular stop on your blogging tour. They find some pretty absurd stuff, and this is no different.

An update to the lesson


I'm in the library and am not leaving in the forseeable future. Advanced Stochastics is a terrible thing, but from what I understand it will make me a engineering superstar not unlike Tony Stark. J...

A lesson for freshmen from some old guy


Old Man Dane gives out some words of wisdom to young fans of Georgia Tech. Soak it up, enjoy athletic success and ROADTRIP.

Today is Veterans Day


That's right. Put aside any political leanings you may have just for a little while and thank a veteran today. We may lionize our players and our coaches, but the people with the real brass are our...



We do not have the best defense in the nation. Ok, we've got that out of the way. Despite the giant dump that many sportscasters, opponents and fans have taken on our defense this year, there are...


1*smile* *stifled laughter, chortling* ...

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept


Do you feel that? That's right, it is a new era in Georgia Tech football. That buzz from last year has settled in as the norm. The anticipation surrounding this game is incredible. I've never seen...

The Bottom Line


The following was taken from the 1990s Georgia Southern Eagles Option Offense Playbook. The section about quarterbacks begins with the title: The Bottom Line.

This Is No Longer Football. It Is War.


Hokies. Yes, it's a stupid name for a stupid team with a stupid fanbase that has stupid faces. And stupid moms. (Burn.) You need to tell them that. You need to tell them that over and over again....

Famous Ignorant Tactical Miscalculations In History


Goliath: One of them want to fight me?Philistine: Yes, Goliath.Goliath: Well, how big is he?Philistine: Not much bigger than 5 feet. He's like... a kid or something.Goliath: Are there any others?P...

At least we still don't have to play on blue turf


The Champs Sports Bowl officially contracted for the #3 choice of ACC teams yesterday, bringing the total amount of New Year's Day Bowls to.... zero. To make matters worse,  the game is now and...

Ok, I'm gonna say it


We don't suck, but that's all we know. Yes, we crushed UNC like we should have last year. It was almost a complete domination. Our passing game looked alive, our running game like it should, and...

Roundtable Part 2 - Tecate Party for Winfield's Birthday


Winfield finally turned 22 today, and that means it's time to drink a whole lot of beer. Come celebrate Winfield not dying for another year by helping us fill an entire tabletop with $2 Tecates at...

Blog Poll Rough Draft: Week 3


Edit: Oops, jumped the gun. They need to move those draft and publish buttons farther away from each other. So here's a quick rundown of our blog poll rough draft: Bird: I guess I'm like the...

Just so we are all clear


I want to destroy Miami. Actually, this is how I feel about Miami  - just replace "Flaming Dragon" with "Miami Hurricanes".     I have been a Georgia Tech fan a much shorter time than most, but I...

Party in the city where the heat is on


I've got a quiz and then we hit the road. Miami time, everyone. Check back tomorrow for Bird's worthwhile game preview, my not so worthwhile tirade, and Winfield will cap it off with the open...

Guest Blogger: Canes edition


We'd like to welcome 86cane from Canespace, a blog that once again proves that substance abuse and delusions of grandeur do not preclude one from blogging about college football (in fact, it...

The Reply link is your friend - Open Thread Week 2 cont'd


Pretty crazy first round of games.   Now we are watching ND/Michigian, BYU/Tulane, and BC/Kent on 360. Thank god for multiple flatscreens.   We'll recap the nooner games, but start discussing the...

The O'Keefe Effect makes the press


If you've never been to a GT Volleyball home game, you are missing out. A reporter made it to the GT/uga season opener, and was knocked on her ass by the crowd. Read here: h...

It pays to be prescient - Miami/FSU and polltalk cont'd


Edit: I've attached my newest Top 25 after the jump for your reference. That's right, I called it. They laughed. Eh, what can you do other than rank 'em and see what happens? Scary things are...

Dane's Top 25 - Week 1


Yes, we haven't played all the football that needs to be played this weekend. We still have to submit our ballot today, and this is what I'm submitting. Remember, we don't have enough data for...

A quick look at the secondary


Well, how about that. Bird knocked out the whole offense in one day. I'm not that productive, so here is a preview of a part of our defense. Jacket fans that have been around a while remember the...

I'll never makes my livin's off the radio...


Cocknfire from Team Speed Kills invited us to be a part of his podcast/internet radio/whatever the kids are calling it these days epsiode last night, and lucky me, I got to be the guinea pig. B...

Winfield calls BS - The case for VPI over USC


Yesterday's post generated a lot of discussion, and Winfield continued it last night. Basically, he thinks that having VPI ranked above USC at this point is just wrong. I don't want to pretend like...

Dane's Quick Preseason Thoughts


  So we here at FTRS have put on our polling hats, and this is what I have come up with for my preaseason Top 25. It should be noted that this poll can definitely change, and that I hold no...

Vince Dooley says: FABULOUS!


Vince Dooley, fashion expert, comes over to tell us all about Joe Cox's style.

On Being a Tech Fan


  As the last few minutes of my shift slowed to a snails pace Tuesday night, I was talking to one of my coworkers. I told him that I would be heading back to school soon, and that I couldn't wait....

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