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Weekend gamethread

It's football time! the 2013 football season has kicked off tonight, and this is where we can comment on which games we're watching, and what we're seeing in the games. Some highlights: Thursday U...

Top Locker Rooms in College Football


Boise State hasn't made it yet, but the "Future Boise State Concept Locker Room" is listed.

Boise State in top ten of Paul Myerberg's countdown.


Nebraska's #11, and Boise State still hasn't shown up, so they're in the top 10.

Stewart Mandel compares Boise State football to Gonzaga basketball in his latest mailbag


"I will go to my grave believing that 2010 team with Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, Austin Pettis, Titus Young, Shea McClellin and company could have won the national championship. Subsequent draft numbers bore out that there were more pros on that Boise team than either Auburn or Oregon, and its one loss came on a missed field goal to a Nevada team quarterbacked by Colin Kaepernick."


Congrats to Johnny Manziel

for beating the Oklahoma Sooners in the Cotton Bowl to finish his freshman, Heisman-winning season at 11-2. Now all he has to do is average 13 wins a season over the next three seasons to tie...

USA Today's top images


The first one is of the Broncos in Black coming out onto the field before the game. (And on the left side, somebody has faceplanted.)


Archrival vs archrival

My undergrad degree was from NC State. Our archrival is UNC.

Pre-Snap Read has BSU at 13


Tune in tomorrow for PSR's preseason prognostication of Boise State.

Pre-Snap Read's top 25


Pre-snap read's annual preseason preview has now reached the top 25. (#26: Ohio) Boise State still hasn't been featured, so they're in his top 25. Read along if you're interested in some of the most in-depth previewing of college football teams found on the web.

Tyler Shoemaker joins Doug Martin on the Bucs


Tampa Bay signed Tyler Shoemaker as a free agent.

Pre-Snap Read's Countdown is back with No. 124: UTSA


Pre-Snap Read's Countdown is back. You know what that means, right? Football season is right around the corner. If it feels a bit early for the Countdown, well, there are 4 new DIA teams, one of which is the first he profiles--University of Texas-San Antonio. And already, at No. 122, he's got one of or conference non-rivals, New Mexico.

A deeper look at conference rankings


Paul Myerberg of Pre-Snap Read has his own ranking, and ranks the conferences based on that ranking after the conclusion of every week's games. This week, he went a little deeper into his conference rankings, evaluating the divisions in the bigger conferences, and also the top and bottom of the conferences. The MWC, as a whole, is the top mid-major conference, after the PAC-12 and independents. But, when split into the top and bottom half, a different picture emerges. The top half of the MWC isn't that far off from BCS conferences. The bottom half is among the worst in the country. But we all knew that. (And this is why the MWC would have trouble getting that AQ spot.) Ranking the top half of the conferences 1. Big 12 (12.2) 2. SEC (13.7) 3. Big Ten (16.8) 4. Pac-12 (22.8) 5. A.C.C. (25.3) 6. Mountain West (34.0) 7. Big East (37.8) 8. Conference USA (44.7) 9. MAC (58.8) 10. Sun Belt (72.8) 11. WAC (73.3) Ranking the bottom half: 1. Big 12 (52.7) 2. Big Ten (55.8) 3. SEC (65.7) 4. Big East (68.3) 5. A.C.C. (71.3) 6. Pac-12 (86.3) 7. MAC (98.4) 8. WAC (100.3) 9. Conference USA (101.0) 10. Mountain West (102.3) 11. Sun Belt (103.8)

We are data


I love that this article uses an OBNUG poll in talking about the realignment decision. I'm not sure the author is correct in saying we'd lose Petersen if we didn't jump to the BE.


Topsy Turvy Top 25

Ohio State is unranked, the first time since Nov. 20, 2004 that they've been unranked, a stretch of 103 straight polls. With tOSU dropping out of the top 25, the school with the longest current...

Can We Put This to Bed?


One of three recent posts about Boise State on Pre-Snap Read. I wanted to highlight a comment from an independent observer (a Texas fan): "Last year during this endless debate, we gave Boise the Mississippi State schedule and asked how would they do ? If we go through that exercise again, I see three possible losses – at Arky, Bama in Boise and LSU in Boise. Sure they could lose to some others but those would be the toughest games. After what I saw this weekend, I think all three of those games are winnable. Funny thing is, put them in the SEC East and you have to like their chances to get to the SEC championship game. Not saying they are Bama, but this team could compete for a championship in the SEC. And their coach is a threat to Rockne’s all time winning percentage if they stay in the MWC."

Pre-snap Read talks about the Georgia game


After nearly nailing the Georgia game in his preview, Paul reviews the game. "As long as the Broncos maintain the sense of composure that allowed them to weather an early storm, there’s no reason to think this team can’t make a run towards a national title. And as long as Moore is under center, there’s no reason to think this team won’t keep its cool."

The sequel to the sandwich


An Atlanta Journal-Constitution blogger talks about the game, and Moore's protection: "He could’ve had a Baracalounger in the backfield to recline before some of his throws." Maybe he's making sandwiches in the Baracalounger.

No "Blue Turf" for you


Boise State tells a Michigan high school that they can have a blue football field (a Navy shade of blue, not BSU colors), just so long as they don't call it Blue Turf, which is trademarked.


NCAA Wrestling

While you're watching basketball this weekend, don't forget that there's another NCAA championship going on, and one in which Boise State athletes are participating.


Comment thread: Auburn - Alabama and Arizona - Oregon

Happy Friday gamethread. Plenty of interesting games on, including No. 1 and No. 2 in action. Check the jump for others, and leave your comments as you're watching.

Kellen Moore back as Pre-Snap Read's #1 Heisman spot


Cam Newton's potential ineligibility drops him, and Moore's consistency edges him over LaMichael James.

Akey votes Boise State #1


This is odd. Akey thinks that Boise State's the best team in the country, but Petersen doesn't. (The article says that Petersen didn't vote Boise State last week. I'm unclear if that's the most recent poll, or the one before that, so I'm not sure if Coach Pete voted Boise State #1.)

Stewart Mandel trusts the team with the dominant defense


He also suggests that if Boise State reaches #1 in the polls, they'll probably stay there if they remain undefeated. While poll voters might vault a team over a #2 team, they're less likely to demote a #1 team that continues to win.

The NY Times wants your tailgating photos (via pre-snap read)


Chrissy, this link's for you. Want to get a picture published on the New York Times? :)

Building a non-AQ college town looks a lot like Boise


Andrea Adelson picked Gene Bleymaier to run the program, and was impressed with our Game Day atmosphere for the game day. She picked Patterson to coach it, which I can't quibble with too much, since she does have to spread the love around to other schools. Notre Dame also got two mentions (for facilities--can't quibble too much--and stadium).

Forde's Dash has three Boise State mentions


Our #1 fan at ESPN's article this week was inspired by trick plays this weekend. And so of course we got mentioned. No mention of the Riddler last year, but he held up Coach Pete as a guru, cited Kellen Moore as the master of the play-action pass, and had a rundown on Boise State's season so far (much better than last week).

ESPN power rankings


I didn't notice it last week when it happened, but the guy who seems to be our #1 fan and defender on ESPN, Pat Forde, dropped Boise State from his #1 position after the second week of the season.


Released from jury duty to attend a Bronco game

I was summoned for jury duty this week.  I reported today, and the case I was there for was predicted to last 3 days, until Friday.  When asked if this would pose an undue burden on anybody, one...

Doug Lesmerises explains his AP vote; gets raked over the coals in comments


I guess Ohioans don't understand the concept of "onfield results."

LA Times' Chris Dufresne says BSU has a harder road than any other team


He argues that Boise State's performance against schools like Hawaii, Utah State and San Jose State will be held to a higher standard than, say, USC, Oklahoma or Alabama.

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