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There's this guy from SMU...


Discussed in this article. Margus Hunt? If there's any way it could possibly be pulled off, I'd like us to draft this guy when he comes out. That dude is a monster.

Jerry Jones celebrating the win


This was pretty cool. On the short side, but still.


Winning and Losing

At 8:20 PM on Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets played a hard-fought, injury plagued game which saw the Cowboys try to play defense with two corners at times. This game, which...


The Big "D" in Big D

The most exciting part of the offseason has come and gone. All we have left is to wait for a bunch of rich folk to duke it out in the courts. When will there be minicamps for the rookies? How about...

Following our favorite players


Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Mr. Potential and Sir Upside

In years past, many a fan has fallen in love with a player over stats, over combine performance, over the hype-machine that is ESPN, NFLN, etc. Blazing fast forty times, which unless you've...


The Race to 9th Place

It's neck and neck and we're in the final stretch. But, wait! What's that! Someone's taking the lead coming around the corner! It's...


All-FA-hole-filler Team of 2011 (Defense)

  Thanks to greedy million/billion/trillionaires, the football season is in serious doubt, trades cannot be completed, free agents are left in limbo, and fans across America are gnashing their...


Mocking the Unmockable 1st Edition

Good evening/morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today we'll be taking a trip through the insanity-filled world of pre-draft projections. Players will rise and they will fall as mockers, mediots, and...


The Decision: 2011

In a year where the Cowboys make everyone they play against look like hall-of-famers, in a year where there doesn't seem to be enough intelligence or emotion on the field, in a year where if we...


Whoever kidnapped the Dallas Cowboys, please return them...

We, as fans, appreciate that you also replaced them with a group of guys that were determined to win, but it just doesn't feel right to watch these unfamiliar people making plays against a team...


Cowboys Win, 14-13!

Last night, I watched one of the best comeback drives ever. Romo to Dez and Miles? Money. Everyone was playing as hard as they could to march about seventy yards down the field. After that huge...

As much as we want to qualify how bad this outing was (yes, we're all aware that's it's just the...


As much as we want to qualify how bad this outing was (yes, we're all aware that's it's just the preseason), there's no way to excuse something like this. You may be thinking to yourself "but the Lions went 4-0 before going 0-16 a few years ago." Certainly a valid point. Look at how the Colts don't have a great preseason record. Again, a valid point to make. Now, take a look at how bad this team played in this game. The starters. They looked horrible. They looked like a bunch of high school third teamers trying to play an All-Pro NFL team. The reason that the preseason record doesn't matter is, of course, because fringe players play most of the games. You can't draw much from the overall stats or scores. But what we can do is look at how the starters perform while on the field. We can see when they don't look sharp. We can tell who's playing hard and who shouldn't even be on the field. Look at those starters for our Dallas Cowboys, making the Texans look like the '07 Pats, and tell me that there isn't something wrong there and that it's just a preseason game. It's just a continuation of what we've seen them do all preseason, only this time the defense got in on the fun. So what we can gather from this is that the Texans are poised to set the world on fire or that the Cowboys might not be anywhere near as good as the hype would indicate.

The NFL's scariest secondary?


We're certainly not a team desperate for cornerbacks at this point in time and I'm willing to admit that there's all of 0% chance of it happening... But what if the Jets decide to trade Darrelle Revis because he won't lower his apparently outrageous demands? It's always fun to imagine what could be, though. Terence Newman, Darrelle Revis, and Mike Jenkins as the top three corners on our team? Yes please. Edit: NFL Network's take.

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