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User Blog

Faces of MCC: April 2014

Every now and then it gets brought up in a thread that it's been too long since we've all seen each other's faces. When that happens, someone takes it upon themselves to make a thread to that end....


McCoven Awards VII: Winners

This has been put off until literally the last night of the year, but now it's time to announce the winners of these seventh annual McCoven Awards. Here's a link to the original nomination thread,...


McCoven Awards VII: Best FanPost

Remember when FanPosts were a thing that people would make, and other people would read and comment on them? Nowadays I just splatter all my thoughts all over whatever Grant most recently churned...


McCoven Awards VII: Best GIF

Vote on your favorite animated GIF. I don't really have anything new or interesting to say here, except to list the nominees, but the SB Nation software requires me to put in some filler here to...


McCoven Awards VII: Best Image

Vote on your favorite still image. This category is a fun one; it seems like the McCoven's collective dereliction of duty with regard to videos was only because they were creating so many great...


McCoven Awards VII: Most Amusing

Gee whiz, these McCovey Chronicles sure are an amusing place, aren't they? Because our days are filled with merriment and mirth, we had so many nominees that they couldn't all fit. There's always...


McCoven Awards VII: Most Informative

We have a full crop of five nominees for this award, which is a pretty self-explanatory one. Vote for whichever commenter you think has been most informative. Voting will close at 12:30 PM on...


McCoven Awards VII

As wonderful as it is to have two world championships in three years (I can't believe it, either), it's nice to know that some things never change: the McCoven Awards, for instance. As the name...


OT: Breaking Bad discussion (now with spoilers)

Breaking Bad discussion with spoilers


Bruce Bochy is not good at making lineups

In 128 games, the leadoff hitter has been the center fielder 120 times, the shortstop four times, the left fielder three times, and the second baseman once. The second hitter has been the second...

Who is Baseball's Ron Swanson?


The McCoven ought to enjoy this one.

Duane Kuiper to be on next Poscast


Ken Tremendous, Bill James, and now Duane Kuiper. Joe Posnanski is a god among sportswriters. Along with that announcement, there is also an excellent article that gives a cogent argument with which I agree entirely. It also manages to combine two of my favorite things: baseball and Robert Caro.

Thankfully for Nationals fans, F.P. Santangelo isn’t Rob Dibble


There's been a lot of love for Frank-Paul in Washington so far, which I suppose makes sense considering what he's replacing.

Giants farm system least successful in baseball between 1990 and 2003


Relevant information in the last chart, but really the whole thing is worth reading.

What is this


Dick Tidrow was traded from the Yankees to the Cubs on May 23, 1979, yet on May 10 he pitched in a game for Chicago. Can somebody explain this? EDIT: Explained successfully!

Jonathan Sanchez gets eaten by a dragon.


Jonathan Sanchez gets eaten by a dragon.


Jonathan Sanchez's performance in bad situations

This is in reply to a comment by Goofus in the (highly recommended) Diary "2010 Jonathon Sanchez: BABIP fluke or a real step forward? Pitch F/X reveals some insight." For those who don't feel like...

The Giants should wear a version of these for at least one game next year.


The Giants should wear a version of these for at least one game next year.


Olden postseason systems

The Wild Card, while it may or may not have been good for the game, has made many pennant races less interesting. In this diary, we take a look at the standings at the end of September 9, and see...


Fourth out

As we well know, the play that ended the sixth inning of today's Giants-Dodgers game, on which a run scored, was the result of a bad call, but more interestingly, it was that rarest of baseball...

Giants least patient team in baseball


Nothing unexpected, but this may not go well once hitters start cooling down. On a more alarming note, the Giants have grounded into twice as many double plays as any other team in the league and a fifth of the total double plays in the NL so far.

If the Giants had the offense of each of the above teams, where would they be according to the...


If the Giants had the offense of each of the above teams, where would they be according to the Pythagorean Theorem? W-L is for the end of the season.



This is the most soul-crushing defeat I've ever faced. For three straight days, my heart's been broken. This is worse than the second-to-last game of 2004. It's almost as bad as that dream I had...


I'm back!

Remember me?


Radio Pregame Show

Am I the only one out there who listens to the radio pregame show? I, personally, tune in every day, and enjoy the whole hour (except maybe the broken English of Felipe Alou, but that's gone now)....



Today, I got to thinking about how overrated the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is. I usually try not to do that, since it usually results in my getting extremely worked up over almost nothing. Today...

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