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Reke's big 7

For those that haven't been paying attention, since Kevin Martin left the lineup, Reke has been on a 7 game tear (I am in no way claiming cause and effect, and really believe the two of them will...


What has PW done to our Kings?

The Kings are 7th in RPG differential with 4.25 per game after playing the Redacted who are 3rd with 5.75 and Portland twice who are 4th with 5.0.  Damn!    FG % defense finds them 12th at .433 and...


Fate of Expo Arena/Kings could be decided this month

Jim Crandel did a nice report on the Expo Arena on Fox 40 tonight.  He basically said the key dates are July 20th and 21st when builders from thruout the nation will gather at Expo and voice their...


Let's talk Diogu

  Now that the draft is over, thank God I only inflicted a surface wound, it is obvious we need veteran big man help.  Petrie himself said that he would be addressing this in free agency.  Looking...


Experts and others...I need your help

This really doesn't qualify as either a fanpost or a fanshot.  Its really just a question I wanted your help on.  I thought of the 75 word minimum but then realized I didn't have to know 75...


AP Report...did I miss a trade and a whole season?

Kevin Martin and George Karl Form Bond Posted: 5/2/2009 5:52:00 AMSource: Associated Press (George) Karl and (Kevin) Martin have even patched up their differences to the point where they've...


I think I need to go #2

We all know Griffin is the first pick ...and he should be , I won't argue,  But he reminds me of the girl your suppose to marry.  Sure she's hot...but you've seen hotter.  She has everyhing on the...


Four on the floor - Thabeet or not Thabeet

Of the top 4 possible picks that we want to get on the Arco floor, 3 of them I could get excited about. Griffin is everybodys choice, and I could get behind the 3 big rotation of young big men and...


Tonight our Balls are decided

With Washington having a reasonable chance of beating Toronto, and the Kings having a reasonable chance of giving the Clippers a win ...our balls could be clinched tonight...a reverse of the above...


4 way race for 250 ping pong ball combos

The Kings stand at 15 win with only 5 games left that they have a reasonable (still underdogs) chance of winning,Grizzlies, @Warriors,Warriors,@Clippers and @ T-wolves..The Wizards.unless Arenas...


Ultimate Trading

I was bored waiting to head to Volleyball and I was wondering if The Kings could swap entire rosters what team's Roster WOULDN'T you want?  To make this a legit fantasy exclude The Knicks Mavericks...


I need Beno enlightenment

I think I can speak for most King's fans when I say that I thought Beno was pretty capable last year, maybe/maybe not a NBA starter.  This year, like most fans, I think he blows. My problem, is...


Dreaming (But it all works under cap rules)

Salmons Moore and Douby to Portland for LaFrentz and Bayless Miller and Thompson to Miami for Matrix...will accept to NYK for Marbury and cut him immediately. Udrih and Williams to Dallas for...

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