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Please Post Links Here To Full Games Played By Our Draft Picks!

I'm desperate to get my mind off the Clayton Stoner FUDFKFMKCKCKK FUCKF HYCKFUCK FUCKFUY FIUCKKKJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! signing, but I've already watched all the Nick Ritchie highlight videos on youtube...


Is Mathieu Perreault UFA or RFA?

Everyone here on Anaheim Calling keeps referring to him as RFA. I listened to the most recent Anaheim Calling podcast and they referred to him as RFA. When analyzing the Kesler deal and losing...


Where the heck is Sami Vatanen?

To everyone reading, please forgive the next few paragraphs because I have to boast about something. I am by nature a modest person, or try to be, and one with many faults where many, many things...


How is Bob Murray so darn incompetent? Or did ownership not allow him to trade?

Two 1st round picks. Tons of prospects. Plenty of cap space. The #1 seed in the west. With everyone saying, "the Ducks are in the best position to add a player of any team." And he does...


The Truth About The Bobby Ryan Trade Finally Comes Out

When I found out about the Bobby Ryan trade, I was very frustrated with the fact we traded a star on a great contract, and our best trade chip, without addressing either of our two glaring needs,...


Frustrated With The Incompetence of NHL GMs

I wanted to write this the moment I saw the lineup card for our first game of the season, then we lost and I wanted to write it even more, but didn't get around to it. We've since won our last two...


Can We Get a Brunner? Can We Pleeeeese? I Promise He'll Score Lots of Goals!

Spector's Hockey cited George Malik citing some article from Switzerland, and apparently one of those three sources mentions the Ducks as a possible destination for Damien Brunner. Read here:...


Conflicted Feelings On The Bobby Ryan Trade

When I first heard the Bobby Ryan trade announced, I had a slight grimace on my face as I was trying to tell myself we got a pretty good collection of assets back, while also feeling frustrated and...


Why The Ducks SHOULD Be The Next NHL Dynasty If Bob Murray Does His Job At the NHL Level, Too

Hi all, I just joined AC after lurking here for awhile in order to post the two fan posts I wrote with word earlier. This is the second one, so if you haven't read the first one yet, you can read...


Why I Think Some Ducks Fans Are Undervaluing Peter Holland and Kyle Palmieri Due To Our Awesome Prospect Depth

Hi all, new to AC but been a lurker here for awhile, and I've written two fan posts on microsoft word (in case my browser crashed) that I'm posting here now to share with other Ducks fans. Here is...


Why Do Showtime and HBO Have Weeks Off Of Boxing?

Having a contest once a week, by the standard of most professional sports, is not very often. Only the NFL operates this infrequently of the major sports leagues in the United States (and maybe MMA...


Nazeem Richardson: Canelo can't fight 3 minutes of a round because of making weight (at 154)

The other night when Mayweather - Canelo got announced, I tempered my excitement because of the 152 catch weight, and I was complaining a lot about it in the comments of the article, which seemed...


My Take On Whether We've Given Mayweather A Fair Shake

David Em D recently wrote a great fanpost titled "Have we ever gave Mayweather a fair shake?" that you can read here...

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